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2 Broke Girls s01e08 "And Hoarder Culture"

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Written by : published Saturday 12th November 2011

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Reminder: The one with the hoarders and Johnny's secret.


Caroline hopes to get a little extra money by helping people organize their homes, and her first job is for a hoarder named Douglas (who we never see because he's hidden somewhere in his mess). She negotiates $100 a day, and they get to work. Max loves it--he's got all sorts of crazy stuff in that house, including, somewhere, his own mother, and since Hoarders is her favorite show, it's like her birthday.

Meanwhile, Johnny asks Max to go tagging with him after his lookout got sent to rehab. While they're up on the billboard, things get romantical, but he turns away, and she starts thinking she'd done something wrong or misinterpreted. Caroline convinces her that she's overreacting, and if he won't kiss her, she should just kiss him the next time she sees him. Which happens to be while they're cleaning out the Hoarder's place. So she does--and finds that the skinny, hot, English black girl with him is his girlfriend. He goes to explain, and she's upset: they've known each other for over six months and he never once said anything about a girlfriend. He says that he didn't want to mess up what they had, and that he didn't act on his feelings for her because he doesn't know where he stands with his girlfriend. Max takes it badly anyway, because that's what she does every episode, but Caroline insists that it was actually pretty upstanding--he didn't get involved with her, despite feelings for her, because he didn't want to be that guy. Which means he's a good guy, and he really does care about her. Max still isn't buying it, but when they come out of work, he's decorated the billboard closest to the diner with a big picture that looks like him kissing her the way he couldn't in real life, even though  he wanted to.


Oh, Jonny, Johnny, Johnny! I knew that things were moving too smoothly there. But at least this is a good reason for why he's been acting so evasive and / or oblivious to her attraction. And it complicates things up nicely. I'm willing to bet that a big part of the rest of the season is him figuring out what to do about his girlfriend, and probably choosing to stay with her to draw it out some, and maybe her getting to know Max so it's that much harder to take. It'll also be Max not trusting him and him having to win back that trust. If they decide to get together, he'll have to convince her that he's trustworthy again, most likely.

Does Johnny live there in Manhattan? Is he just slumming it in the Bronx? And what does it mean if that's how it is?

Also, didn't I just say last episode that Caroline was supposed to get a second job, too? And look! Here they are! Caroline does well with stuff like this, and it's great that they can expand the world a little as she goes on organizational missions into the homes of strange New Yorkers. The foibles of that city should be comedy gold, as far as that goes. And maybe even a little drama--there are some scary people out there, too, and that offers chances to bond and to develop fears and to extend storylines.

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