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How I Met Your Mother s07e09 "Disaster Averted"

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Written by : published Saturday 12th November 2011

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Reminder: The one with Hurricane Irene.


In trying to tell Kevin why the bar has a sign about no boogie boarding, everyone flashes back to the day Hurricane Irene went through New York. Ted is convinced they all need to get to safety, and since he used to be a Boy Scout, he's prepared with an emergency pack. Robin keeps telling everyone that there's nothing to be worried about; in Canada, this is practically a summer day, it's house-painting weather, it's golf weather. Barney isn't feeling it and wants to hang out at his house and have a hurricane party. And Marshall is in a two-week gap between his old insurance and his new and is convinced that something terrible is going to happen to him and so Lilly has to stay with him at all times. He keeps positing a situation where she's not there and he gets killed by a bear. By the end, he says he's tired of avoiding danger and goes boogie boarding in the rain, and that's why there's that sign.

Also, Lilly and Marshall made their baby in Barney's bathroom.

Meanwhile, back in today, Barney is trying to get out of wearing the Ducky Tie and keeps coming up with ways it could be removed and lost. Lilly and Marshall say he can take it off--if they're allowed to extend the slap-bet by three--in addition to the one they had remaining already. Marshall uses two of them to really get Barney, whose been trying to make him mad all night, and they still have two left.

It turns out that after the hurricane passed, Barney told Robin that any day when he doesn't talk to her is just no good (and he can't understand why her dad wouldn't have called her because of that fact) and they almost kiss, but then her dad does call and interrupts them. On the way home after the story is done, they both admit that they never told anyone about that day, and then while they're goofing about how dumb it would have been, they wind up making out in the back of the cab in what is probably the best kiss on TV in ages.


It's that last scene that makes this episode phenomenal. Before that, it was sweet, and it was exactly what's best about this show--as I've mentioned before, it's best when everyone is being themselves. At it's basic level, this show is really a sort of comedy of manners set in modern (semi-mythical) New York. Everyone has their own way of doing things and the cleverness and the fun comes from watching them all bouncing off of each other. The Irene thing was that entirely. And then there was that last scene, and it was perfect. I'd been afraid that they sort of missed out on the whole story of Robin still liking Barney, or that they'd let it fall by the wayside, but this not only proves that it's still there despite Kevin, but that it's also still returned, despite Nora.

And it's full of opportunity for conflict, which is the other thing this show does really well. How will Kevin react? How will Nora? What happens after the cab, and what do they tell their significant others and their friends? If they're getting back together, how can they avoid the vicious spiral that made them break up before?

Oh, the possibilities!

On a side note, this episode showed how great it is to play someone whose pregnant without actually being pregnant yourself--Lilly could be her usual svelt and skinny self in the flashback because Allyson Hannigan isn't actually having a baby herself this time.

And we get an extension of the slap-bet. Just last episode's review (linked below), I was wondering how that was going to go, and here we have it: two slaps here, and two more slaps at some undetermined place in the future. Brilliant.

And that kiss! Niel Patrick Harris is probably one of the most out gay actors around, but he sure can sell a passionate kiss with a lady, can't he?

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