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Two and Half Men

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Written by : published Wednesday 16th February 2011

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Alan continues his Ponzi scheme, collecting money from everyone but pretending that he can give back 20%. He tells everyone he is doing well with his chiropractic business. Alan visits a Catholic church, asking how it works. The priest says he has to give the money back and do a penance. Alan doesn't like that and says he'll be going to the Temple to see if they have a better deal. Alan is dismayed to find that Berta and Evelyn want in on the scheme.

Charlie meanwhile is enjoying the splendors of Rose. Her scheme to make Charlie believe she is married works and they have wonderful interludes. She stashes her husband "Manny Quinn" in the closet and tells Charlie he's at work. But Charlie wants to go away for the weekend, and she tells him Manny is at a conference. She is joyous that finally she has Charlie where she wants him.
Meanwhile Alan and his video screen superego egg him on to more pyramid building and money borrowing. Rose finds out his scheme and says she'll tell Charlie if he doesn't give all the money back. But Alan's vid-screen supeego says he has something on Rose. She's cheating on her husband. Alan goes to Rose's apartment to blackmail her but she shines him on. He threatens to tell her husband and she says fine he's on the deck. Alan sees that the mannequin is the man she is married to.

Rose offers to write Alan a check to cover his pyramid debts if he won't tell. Alan pays off Berta, who suddenly needs the money back. Alan is depressed that he has no spending green left after paying everybody back. His screen alter ego is full of ideas. Jake comes to Alan with an ask for money, but the convoluted story makes him smell a rat. Jake realizes his oversold it.
Meanwhile before they leave for a trip, Charlie and Rose pack up. Rose has hidden the husband in the closet. Charlie asks where he is and she says a clothing conference in New York. He says is it stuff he might be interested in, and she says more Alan's style. Charlie says Oh, tacky. Charlie really feels like his relationship with Rose is positive.

Alan is on the brink of telling Charlie but then he insults his brother saying how well his relationship with Rose is going and Alan shuts up. Then Rose forgets herself and tells Charlie she forgot her raincoat and he goes to the bedroom closet to get it. Rose says she is a goner. Charlie opens the closet door and sees the mannequin, saying that her husband brings his work home with him. They go off on the trip.

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