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NCIS: Los Angeles - Greed - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 10th November 2011

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In Mexico, a man jumps from a parachute into a motorcycle, landing on the ground and suddenly falling as a shot sounds out. Another man comes up, tracking his body and then freeing and clutching the mysterious box. He crows in triumph and hauls the heavy box across the sand. He is shot and killed. A person with red boots comes riding up, and gets the very heavy box, leaving two bodies behind.

At the boathouse, Callen and Hanna watch Deaks and Kenzi walz to a record Hetty has put on. Deaks and Kenzi pair up. Kenzi is wearing high heels and Deaks steps on her feet. Kenzi complains the heels hurt. Hetty asks Callen and Hanna to step up and do the walz, and they protest. But Hetty insists. She is serious.

Eric interrupts in the nick of time. Two bodies in Mexico await their expertise. As they go wheels up with their Go bags, Hetty leaves, and Eric says they owe him big time. Hanna and Callen agree. Hanna and Callen trade winks over Nell having a bouquet of flowers on her desk that brings Eric up short.

In Mexico, the Mexican police show them the bodies in the desert. Callen recognizes one of the dead men as a British arms dealer. They see a remote kill with a custom shell was the final kill.

They track a heavy object dragged away and find tracks from the border. Deaks makes friends with a pig and Kenzi says they are the same species. They spot a truck that ramped the motorcycle and find security camera footage lading into the United States.

Callen and Hanna visit the arms dealer’s widow, who says there was gold in the box. She says because her husband was dishonorably discharged she doesn’t even get a pension. he man intended to steal it an support his wife and a coming baby. Nell calculates the box might have contained eight million dollars worth of gold.

The truck matching the Mexican sand tracks leads them to a Los Angeles auto garage. Callen and Hanna get into a gunfight with the uncooperative gang members there who don’t bow to Federal agents without a warrant. Hanna knows there are guns and drugs on the premises and they are risking a lot.

A gunfight breaks out while the lead members get away. Callen and Hanna are trapped behind heavy gunfire. Hanna starts a personless Mustang running, and the car distracts and rushes the automatic machine gun gunner and Hanna shoots him. Callen and Hanna find a cooperative mechanic hidden under a car who tells them everything at the boathouse.

The man says the box is filled with brown heroin. Jaime says a slick operator who is half Indian with red boots ran th truck and got the box. Hanna and Callen realize everyone is being told something different to move the box into the country.

They profile the red-boot-wearing hustler. Jaime says he wore some badass red dragon wrist bands. Deaks says this is the work of certain local tattoo accessories shop. Eric tracks the Internet orders of the shop website through a quick low level de-encryption and finds only one local red dragon wrist band order with an address in downtown Los Angeles.

Nell sees that Eric receives a bouquet of flowers. Eric asks if Nell is in a relationship that requires flowers and she confesses she sent the flowers to herself.

Kenzi and Deaks join Hanna and Callen exploring the penthouse downtown. The man with red boots and dragon wristbands is dead, trying to snort powder of what was in the box. The wireless devices don’t work there. Hanna and Callen go to check out the security cameras but they see via live feed someone returning to the penthouse.

Hanna tries to call and warn Kenzi but the coms are out because so much metal is in the building. The Indian man comes in. He pulls a gun on Kenzi just as Deaks starts babbling about the art in the place. Deaks babbles about guns and girls in art and how the world needs more of it. The man thinks Deaks doesn’t know he is there.

The man tells Kenzi not to move but Deaks lands a gun on him, breaking his patter to say if he harms her is he over.

Hanna and Callen come in, threatening the intruder, but Sam recognizes the man. He is a CIA deep cover man who Hanna has been working with for the last year. He has been undercover in the Sudan. These are the mysterious trips Hanna has been taking every weekend, the team is interested to learn.

He says there is really uranium in the box, a deep secret and the destination is a dirty bomb or other terrorist act for Los Angeles. He tells Hanna his cover is blown and there is an Agency leak. Hanna is not CIA so his cover is not blown.

Hanna asks for clues and the man says he can ‘t return to the Sudan again. This means Sam’s mission is now a solo undercover one. But Sala says it means the world to his wife and family that he is home and safe and not working abroad undercover. Sam agrees.

The box is gone and Kenzi sees Dolly marks to the elevator. Someone got the box away. A van moved away from the scene. They break into the destination, a factory, at gunpoint. They profile the men in the camera and find they are working as air conditioner employees. The surprised workers blurt out that they just fix old air conditioning systems.

The CIA man calls this a real estate acquisition and Callen says it is an attack like 9/11 without blowing up buildings. They can spread the powder of uranium inside the buildings making them uninhabitable for decades. People breathing it will be killed.

Eric and Nell track where the mystery employees went for the day. Samir Abbas and another man Mala work at Anderson and Kirk technical services. Two of them were found on a real jobsite and one is missing. They track another man who is unaccounted for.

They track his van and stop him on the street. He keeps quiet and knowingly smirks, and denies any knowledge of any attack or uranium. The CIA man says it will be somewhere public. Deaks demands to know the target. But the GPS shows the van was out on a job at the Los Angeles Convention center. Kenzi radios in the target.

Eric says there are 30,000 people in it right then. There is Game World Expo happening. Callen and Hanna arrives when the alarms tell Convention center people to exit the building and remain calm. Eric tells Callen to navigate the Convention Center to the main lobby.

Alarms sound in the Convention Center and the people are herded out quickly. Sirens sound. They evacuate the Convention center and find the air panels the powder was meant to ruin. Callen finds the maintenance area and sees the staff working the air conditioning ducts. Hanna gets the drop on the man hunting Callen. The CIA man Sala comes with them.

One of the men brandishes the powder and tells Hanna and Callen to stay back. Sam sees his undercover friend Sala closing in and he gets in contact with the dust. They get the man but Sala is covered with the nuclear material.

He is suffering from uranium damage and Hanna sends for an ambulance and a radiological decon team. Sam feels guilty when the man escapes. They track him on camera from the security footage back at the boathouse.

Sam says he should have stayed with him. Hetty reports the CIA will take care of Sala the best they could. Nell says that with the uranium damage he has a few months left. He has a wife and a seven month old baby, Sam says. The CIA made sure he was decontaminated.

Sam starts that Sala was returned to the Sudan to continue working for the CIA. But Sam says he will die there. Hetty says it doesn’t matter anymore. Sam says he is going in too.

Hetty says of course he is and there is a Gulfstream 5 fueling up right now. Hetty has transport arranged further on as well. Sam leaves. Callen tells Hetty he should go too. Hetty says that for now it is a CIA task force.

But Hettys says to Callen, “I know I don’t have to tell you to be ready”.

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