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Castle Heartbreak Hotel recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 9th November 2011

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Beckett calls Castle, who is telling his daughter Alexis she need to have her friends over to get over dumping her boyfriend. Castle is firm, reading Jane Austen is no good, it is time for  girl’s night in/out.

Castle is called by Beckett to the scene of  a corpse left for dead. The body is Mr. Segel, the co-owner of the Sapphire hotel in Atlantic City. A huge company car stands nearby. They talk about the bachelor party.  Why is such a rich man dead below the hotel Hummer?
The Navigation system shows a stop before the dock in Manhattan.

The victim is lying out of the car. Muzzle flash burned his shirt and gave him a bloody lip. An abandoned delivery dock is the place of the body dump. A driver with a huge casino usually had a driver but he came with a 357 and drove alone.

The address on the GPS  is an ex-wife and neighbors say they saw him leave the night before yelling. The wife talks to Beckett. He wanted her to sign over a Queens investment property and needed her help. He offered her $1.5 million and said his life depended on it. Nathan questions why she said no.

She said she couldn’t sign anything without her lawyer. The ex-wife says she was in her apartment for the rest of the night.The real estate agent says they sold it for cash and Segal bought a year ago. The price Segal offered his ex-wife was worth the entire price.

The Sapphire HR report says there was a driver named Ralph Marino who didn’t show up for work that day. Marino’s background shows racketeering and assault charges. The chief sends the detective to Atlantic City to check out the Sapphire.

Castle plugs to go to boardwalk empire and the boss says yes. He jumps gleefully in the elevator. Castle says he has learned not to let a little thing like murder get in his way. He calls shotgun.

Castle starts talking about spending the night and may consider the Sapphire a bachelor party venue and will look for other places to have a sampler. But there is bad news- He had to ask Jenny’s half brother Nelson to be the best man. Sixteen and braces and he is a mathlete. Castle is bummed not to be the Best Man.

Cattle calls an impromptu bachelor party while on a case. He smells Atlantic City,  no clocks, no windows, and no judgments. They go to the Sapphire hotel. Nadine the concierge was Segal’s most trusted assistant. Charlie Turner the business partner is who they want to meet.

Castle ask who is playing on the main stage and it is Elvis impersonator night with Carrot Top headlining.

The Chief counsels Beckett not to be so insecure solving the case without Castle. She says she is a good cop but she might be better if she minimizes the distractions.

Charlie Turner is a smart man, a real shark. Turner says he and Sam built this place from the ground up. They ask about Ralph Marino. Turner produces the personnel file. Turner says after what happened between them he doesn’t know why Sam Segal kept Marino driving for him. There was an incident.

Trner shows the cops and Cste how the hotel security follows people. The facial recognition got  hit on a card counter. In comes Security tech Daniel Sullivan. They track low life hustlers and card counters and the man detected says to Turner he wants his luck to change.

The cops look through Marino’s file. Ralph’s emergency contact is eight blocks from the New York dead body crime scene. Beckett ambushes him there with a 9 millimeter. They remove his gun and bring him in. Marino pleads innocent of wrongdoing but stayed at his cousin’s that night because Segal wanted to be rid of him for a meet.

He said there was someone he needed to meet and Sam gave him $500 bucks. He heard what happened on the radio.With his record he couldn’t face being blamed. he says before he left he saw a a black SUV drive up to the dock. She says ballistics is checking the 9 millimeter.

Castle scores tickets to the burlesque show but the others report that they couldn’t find where Sam got punched in the mouth. Castle buddies up to the security guy who runs the footage of Segal before leaving the hotel. They see he had a bloody mouth before leaving the hotel in the afternoon.

They were told that Sam came back to the hotel with a bloody lip and was frantic to get the property but the cameras show different. They scan the cameras for yesterday at 2 pm. They see he has a fat lip before he leaves the hotel. In New York, Beckett finds out why Segal was wanted dead. He bought a Queens apartment building and was kicking out the tenants.

The chief runs background and finds the Queens property tenants. They find that Segal  wired ten million out of the Sapphire Hotel business accounts to an offshore account in the Cayman Islands.

Castle and the cops see Turner bust Segal in the law when meeting him on the casino floor. Sam Segal was embezzling from the hotel and Charlie laid down the law. Sam had an hour massage. They ask if he had any visitors.

Turner says he hit him but because he found out he’d stolen the money. According to him, he’s been on the casino floor the whole night.If he wanted to kill Segal for the money then he would have the money but it’s still gone.

Castle checks out where Segal was during the online transfers. The masseuse is very explicit, that Segal was not hands-on with any device during their session. Nadine in particular, confirmed the appointment with the masseuse. The chief flips the  investigation with one piece of news: Nadine Espinosa is the last name of one of the Queens property tenants.

They find out Nadine was making calls to Sullivan around the money transfer. Castle runs to get a meet with Nadine but she is kidnapped right before their eyes. She drops her purse. It has her laptop on it. They find her web activity on it.

Nadine’s online browser logged in with Sam’s account information. Castle posits that whoever is after Nadine wants the money. Castle investigates Turner. The Sapphire have a fleet of SUV’s for high rollers. But when they ask he says “We are done here”. They have no jurisdiction and no warrant and they have no right to be there. Castle wonders if he can do that.

Beckett says Nadine that called Daniel Sullivan. Castle’s daughter gets a mentioned on Facebook and she has a lot of friends over and soon the whole place is a party madhouse scene. Alexis wants them to leave when she sees them tearing up the place.

In Atlantic City, Castle says he can get them into the hotel while circumventing the facial recognition software.

Castle and the pair dress up as Elvis and take a power walk through the lobby as guests of the hotel in the Elvis impersonation show. They get to the security office and question Daniel about why she called him after the money transfer.

He says he does not know who was in the SUV. They were using it a leverage to get Sam to them to hand over the building in Queens. Sam wouldn’t let her go and Nadine got hit on and Sam bought her parents’ building. He threatened to evict her parents unless Nadine came across sexually. And since Segal owned the hotel she couldn’t complain to anyone.

Sullivan wanted startup money for a new future. Then Nadine would be free. They wanted him to sign the quitclaim deed then she would be free and her parents would be safe.

Something about the money being stolen made Sam crazy. When they found out the money was gone he told Daniel they’d all be dead. But then the executives come they have to get out. Castle and the men are separated.

The boss brandishes a bat and he wants his money. He wants to knows  what Castle knows. He says he knows it is not his money. He tells the security goons to leave. He says he put the pieces together. Castle says “The money Nadine stole from you  wasn’t yours”.

Castle asks the hotelier how he could be so stupid as to borrow money from the mob. Turner says the banks weren’t lending. They needed a cash infusion to keep the Sapphire open and if he cant pay it back you can’t default on a loan from the Mob. Castle wonders how they found out about Nadine.

Turner says there is a Sapphire gambler client who owes money and he would tell the mob who lent the money about the Segal mess because it would settle the Sapphire loan. They show Castle a picture of the man, the same man who hinted before he needed his luck to change.

Tommy Moretti made a hard money loan to the Sapphire. He told Charlie he needed his luck to change. He wants his money and so he took Nadine because she has the ten million dollars from Segal. Sullivan calls Moretti with a deal for Nadine.

In the setup, the hotelier says that Moretti owns half the town’s payroll. Armed goons escort Nadine in tow. Sullivan demands Nadine and then he will password over the money. Sullivan works the computer and then they let Nadine go. Then Beckett comes to ask him about Sam’s murder.

Moretti is jovial now he has his money back. Beckett says the night of Sam’s murder he had chicken parmigiana a mile away. Sam called him and he had trouble repaying the roll. He knew all about the blackmail.  His ex-wife had sign over the property in Queens, so he had no motive to kill the man his money was coming.

Beckett investigates the ex-wife again in a questioning. Beckett says they did not find the paperwork on Sam’s body as it was. The uniforms searching ex-Mrs. Segal’s place found the signature on the paper thrown in the trash.

The woman says her husband was a brutal jerk who wanted her signature. He took out his gun and said he would paint his wall with her blood unless she signed it.” With a man like Sam you’re never really out.” When he told her someone wanted him dead, she followed through with it.

Segal made a call from her phone about the meeting that took place . She got out the .38 he gave her for their second anniversary. She hunted him down like the vicious animal he was.

At the station, Beckett and her superior confer. They will offer her a plea for mitigating circumstances. The chief and Beckett discuss the relative worth of Castle. Beckett says he is vauable because he is not  cop and does not think like one.

A very tired and hung over Castle arrives home just as Alexis is cleaning up the last of the party mess. He notices a little dog statue is gone and she say her grandmother has it for a set dressing for one of her stage plays. He sits down and passes out and she sighs in relief.

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