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The Cape -The Lich Part 1 -recap

The Cape (2010) poster

Written by : published Wednesday 16th February 2011

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The Lich is a toxin mixed with zombie dust, and one man visits a truck rental place using a deceased license. The tall man is Preston Holloway, deceased. The woman gets dusted and dosed. Meanwhile Rollo asks Vince to check out the grave of a friend as a cop. She dug her way out of the grave. Max Rollo and Vince are stumped. They find her like a zombie muttering about the Lich and doing his will. She talks about a parade and the dead will rise. It's the truck shop woman.

Meanwhile Fleming wants to buy the Palm City port for billions. The Mayor says yes but the Commissioner Portman says no. He calls Orwell for help. She meets the Commissioner and finds out a missing Chandler heir  who really owns chain of title to the port. Portman finds a birth certificate of Conrad Chandler and gives it to Orwell. He thinks if Orwell can find the missing heir they will put a stop to Fleming and Ark security.

Orwell watches the cams while Faraday is off with the carnies. Orwell goes to a hospital where a tip says Conrad was admitted. It's really like a prison. The home is called the Orchard. The nurse is surprised that Orwell is a woman. Orwell lies and says she is named Carrie, there for Orwell. She shows Orwell the patient's admission form. The admitted patient is named Ronald Rechhan. he seems normal, white male, age between thirty and forty.

Ronald Rechhan is an anagram. The listed physician is Holloway, the man who dusted the truck rental lady. But the Cape and Orwell have been playing phone tag. Orwell finds a man sitting in a wheelchair. The breeze is unfamiliar and he is sweating. He says his legs don't work. He has pictures of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping on the wall. He obsesses about having 20 months with that people that love you. He doesn't like his things disturbed.

Dana Faraday goes for drinks with the office friends and gets too close with the boss. Out of guilt she returns home and has a crisis of faith in Vince's memory. She says she feels him around her watching her. Vincent comes to Chief Voyt and shows him the proof, harking back to the proof of the Lich from the police days. Voyt warns Fleming, who flips out because the Cape is the source. When Voyt leaves, Chess appears and says 'kill them all".

Meanwhile Orwell is having a weird interval with the patient/prisoner. He says he makes plans and then makes more plans. He stares at her because she is not broken like everyone else. The Chandler heir says that Fleming had wrecked Palm City and of the ports under Fleming they will be an international portal for drugs and guns. He has blueprints of huge amazing buildings.  He says he has spinal degeneration from the beatings. And other issues he says, one of which is that to be an heir he has to be born according to the law.

He quotes Tolstoy about a passage on a train when Orwell gives him his gift certificate. She thinks she is saving him. Rollo spreads sage incense as Vincent Faraday tracks the killer and lawyer for the Chandler estate. The mind reader has to go deep into the zomby woman's mind to get the truth about the gas lair in the trolley station. The Cape, Orwell, and Max find the trolley lair with voodoo symbols and plans for the gas attack.

The Founders Day parade is targeted. ARK security is involved When Voyt tells the Cape they found the tank truck, he goes but it's a trap. When Police Chief Voyt tries to take him to Fleming, Faraday figures it out and tells Voyt the trap is still set for the parade. They go to where the balloons are blown up and find the tanks.

Orwell still is with the prisoner. He says kidnappers didn't bring him to this place. He says his mother brought him to the Orchard sanitarium at birth. Morgellan's Lich is a disease called the skin of the dead. The Chandler heir was taken into the convalescent home at birth and abused by orderlies. The medical director, Preston Holloway, is the man responsible for Rollo's girlfriend. Just then at the tank place with the balloons Holloway appears. He smiles to Voyt and the Cape, blowing dust and saying the dead has risen.

Back at the Orchard Orwell realizes things have gone wrong, but she delivered the birth certificate to him. The deadly heir then reveals his deformity to Orwell, who is horrified but held captive by the nurse. He says he has accessed the drugs and made potions, and then blows the dust on her. Chandler says when his mother gave birth to him she didn't stop screaming for two days. As Orwell sinks into unconsciousness, he wonders how long she will scream.

Watch the Lich Part 1 online Here

Stay Tuned for the Lich Part 2- Clip

In the clip Chandler tells the Cape not to look for Orwell, "She's mine".

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