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Gossip Girl - I am Number 9 - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 8th November 2011

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Nate wants to go public with Diana but she gives him a list of tablet computers to deliver to guests at the launch party that night. Princess-to-be Blair tells Louis she needs a day off from his scrutiny while she vets her minions. Dorota says Queen B needs a last hurrah. She says he doesn’t have the scheme gene.

In the limousine Dr. Barnes gets into an argument with scheming Prince Louis. He wants her to turn Chuck into the monster he used to be. Barnes presses Chuck he is in denial about Blair. Chuck is challenged that he lost Blair and that he didn’t let her go.

Chuck narrates his dreams to Dr. Barnes. There is a recurring dream of a skyscraper he can’t get into. Dr. Barnes says there is something he is holding back. He produces the ring from Harry Winston he never gave Blair. He gives the ring to Dr. Barnes and tells her to take it away.

But Chuck later sees Dr. Barnes giving back the cash to Prince Louis in the park. He realizes a transaction is taking place.

Diana meets Serena at work because she knows Jane from Los Angeles. Diana wants Serena to do a Gossip Girl type blog. Serena says she could never be part of anything like the Gossip Girl blog scene.

Dan is number 9 on the bestseller list and wants to go up. Dan’s movie project starts heating up and Serena’s promise to take care of Dan’s property goes up in smoke when Jane wants to Zuckerberg the film for notoriety. Jane wants to exploit Dan’s story.

Serena persuades Dan to waive his right to write it and get to work on his next novel. She mentions Akiva Goldsman as a possible writer. Serena gives Dan her word.

Nate delivers the party invitation to Keith Gesson who has been going out with Diana for two months. The assistant says “I thought you worked in media?” Nate realizes why Diana is not going public with their romance. Nate is upset and calls Diana, saying he needs to rethink the whole relationship.

Diana is surprised, and she calls Charlie about not delivering that tablet herself. Charlie is in hot water.

Serena and Dan want to marshal the novel “Inside" together. They want to make the project around Dan’s characters but Jane comes to the development meeting saying she wants musical numbers and rewriting the main character. Jane alienates Dan.  He walks out and wants to write it his way.

Serena tells Dan he is too close to the project and Jane can get an Oscar winner to get the movie made. Dan agrees that would be best for his vision. But Jane later says the project will be a Zuckerberg movie like the Social Network and Dan will thank her in Cannes on the dais.

Later Serena learns Sorkin was waiting for a week to close the deal and that figures out that Jane planned it that way. She had Aaron Sorkin lined up to be the screenwriter all along.

Blair contests her bridesmaids from minions and Charlie gets sucked in and tells her boss she might get to cover the Royal wedding if she wins. Blair unveils her challenge. The first girl to get a kiss from Nate Archibald at the launch party is in as a bridesmaid. Charlie groans.

Serena’s mother and father know the truth about Diana, although even Charlie didn’t notice the photo in the files. At the launch party, Chuck meets Diana and says he thinks they have met before. Diane nervously parries and moves on.

Dan shows up and Jane realizes Serena is trying to guilt trip her into changing her mind. Jane tells Dan that Aaron Sorkin has been hired to write the screenplay. Jane says the Zuckerberg story is the better movie. Dan is impressed and goes to call his agent.

Blair watches her bridesmaids try to get at Nate but they can’t. Charlie lies to one of them and pulls the top of the other one’s dress down. Chuck and Nate watch when one of them throws herself at Nate and falls into the arms of a butler.

Blair watches in amusement and Louis watches her in wry puzzlement.

Jane turns on Serena and gets angry at Serena and says she is taking Serena off the project because she is ( like Dan) too close to it. Diana makes another try at hiring Serena for the Spectator and learns of the problem.

Chuck sees Blair at the party and she blows by him and Louis does too, laughing.

Diana brags about having something on Jane and goes to make the problem go away. Dan finds out from a furious Jane that the movie project is dead and he has Serena to thank.

Charlie realizes that the woman in Nate’s life wants him to be jealous and she arranges for Nate and she to appear together.

Dan confronts Serena about her plan to quash the movie from the get-go.

Diana gives a speech. Charlie and Nate kiss and make her jealous. While she gives her launch talk she sees them kiss and gets stuck for words. She vows to only print the facts. She says “If you did it you deserve to get caught”. She will need proof.

Chuck steps forward and say he has a story for her. Chuck says his shrink was taking money to reveal confidential information about him. Blair steps up and then he says if she doesn’t believe him Louis was the one who paid for it. Blair runs down the stairs.

Dr. Eliza Barnes admits to it and Blair argues with Prince Louis. Blair and Louis talk at the bottom of the stairs.

Blair learns Louis pieced together the paternity test. She said she wanted both of them to have peace of mind. But Louis said some part of her thought she might still have a choice to make. Louis knows she and Chuck will never be right.

Blair says finally that Chuck and she can never work. He’ll never change. Chuck destroys everything. Blair says that what scares her is that Louis is changing into him. Louis is dashed as Blair walks out on him.

Afterward Dan asks if Serena just killed his movie. Dan challenges Serena about killing the project killed because of her vanity but serena explodes it was because Jane was going to do a hatchet job on the book. Now she's lost her job.

Diana runs up to Charlie and says the kiss was great work. Nate is appalled. Diana mocks him that Charlie won the Blair’s bridesmaid’s contest for the Spectator. Diane implies she is involved with Nate and Charlie realizes she has alienated her boss in the process.

Chuck chides Dr. Barnes. He says she did wonders with his trust issues. Barnes tells Chuck more, that Louis wanted Chuck to be driven into a rage. Louis is so threatened by him still he wanted to remind Blair what a psycho Chuck was. She says he can change.

Diana comes back to Serena at the party, knowing she has been fired.  Diana says making Gossip Girl irrelevant would become her achievement if Serena wants her own voice.

Diana says she wants to stop Gossip Girl. Diana challenges Serena to stop the lies and finally control her own image. Diana says isn’t she tired of swimming in Gossip Girl’s posts?

Blair gets home to find Dorota with a guest to make an apology. It is not Louis but Chuck. He makes a heartfelt apology for not waiting for her at the Empire State Building and not admitting he loved her when he knew. He says he is sorry he gave up on them when she never did.

Blair says thank you. She says she hopes never giving up on people isn’t going to be her downfall. Chuck says that’s why she will make an amazing mother.

Dan’s dad called a literary source with an advance copy of the next week’s bestseller list. His book dropped off the list. The agent said a big movie deal with Aaron Sorkin would have the books flying off the shelves. Dan reports the movie is dead. Dan’s father commiserates with him.

Diana brings Charlie into her office. She says Charlie might be more trouble than she’s worth. Diana shows her the picture posted online of Diana and Nate on the Spectator blog. She says Nate is hers and she would hate to have to tell anyone about who Charlie really is.

Serena tries to writes her own thoughts for the first time in a blog. Blair tells Louis they need some time apart.

Chuck leaves the ring on the doorstep at Harry Winston’s.

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