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The Good Wife- Executive Order 13224 -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 8th November 2011

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In 2007 an American translator was waterboarded and tortured, which the government denied. Diane introduces the case and Glenn Childs shows up as an supervising ASA. The man is suing the USA for $6 million. At Camp Whitcomb Danny  Morwhat was put into stress positions and punched and kicked. Corroborating evidence cant be released because it is secret.

Florrick rejects all cases that are not about drugs or Homeland Security. Dana Losh says it is a RICO investigation into corrupt practices. Dana said they got a tip froma walk-in. Blake Calimar said that one of the partners took $45,000 to pay off a bad bet. He said Will took it from a client's account.

Calimar was tasked with covering it up. This is fifteen years old. The crime is from Will’s first law firm in Baltimore and Dana says it points to a pattern of neglect. Carey says if Will Gardner were anybody else they would go forward. Carey says there is no drugs and no Homeland security. But Florrick says they can use Dana’s case to get Lamont Bishop.

Will and Alicia have a lunch date together in a hotel room and while Will is updating Diane on the phone both Kalinda and Diane hear Alicia’s phone. Will says the government is like poking a bear and it will tunr out bad for them in the long run

Kalinda and Diane recognize the caller message and Diane asks where Will is. They hear Alicia’s cellphone of Grace saying “Mom pick up the phone”. Then Will hangs up and Diane asks

Alicia answers the phone in the next room and Grace tells her she wants to go to a Bible study. Grace listens to the snappy things the charismatic YouTube narrator says against divorce.

Diane eyes Alicia narrowly, knowing she is sleeping with Will. In the case the chefs has to conform for Muslim dietary restrictions. Alicia produces a form for lactose intolerant meal the same day their client was admitted to Camp Whitmore.

Mr. Higgs from Treasury ask very leading and pointed questions about the case. He wants to know about Kalinda Sharma. He wants Alicia to be his eyes and ears inside the case.

Diane gets the reacted testimony but everything has been blanked out. There are mountains of files with testimony crossed out in black ink. They need to find a government official who ordered Danny’s torture.

Florrick’s mother calls Peter to make sure Grace can go to a Bible Study at a nightclub. Florrick says if Grace wants to go it is fine with him. Mrs. Florrick has doubts.

Will tells Diane that Danny will not pay $6 million so why are they going after this. Will says they will not win but Rumsfeld and Cheney are gone. Bob the insurance agent shows up. Diane says they need to re-up the insurance. the workplace amount needs to be raised. lawsuits from employees or co-workers.

The lawyer calls the client Danny to the witness box. They show him speaking with a tribal leader years ago in Afghanistan. This is the Al-Quaeda contact they were looking for. But Alicia spots the name of an expert with twelve letters on interrogation techniques.

The government produces an old photo a week before the arrest. The defense ask who is the man chatting with him and alleges it is Satar Yussef. Diane and Will are furious the client lied.

Satar Yussef is connected to Al Quaida a tribal leader. Danny  says his daughter was dying and he only gave him dysentry medicine. He took it to the home in Bedullah Culp. When Diane and Will blow up at the client he says he went to the man’s home in Bedullah Culp.

Diane acts weird when the client mentions Bedullah Culp. Dane gives Will the high signs and says Alicia needs to leave the room. Diane says that the Monitor asked about Bedullah Culp. They need to tread carefully for a 13224 license to represent the government in the lawsuit.

Alicia says there is a Chinese Wall between Justice and Homeland Security. But Diane agrees that the need for a lawyer is imminent. Will says she poked the bear. Will says that the client did it. Diane says he did it to save the girl’s life. Will says he doesn’t care if he was tortured and he lied to them.

Will gets a call from Carey Agos and Carey says they have an ongoing investigation and they need to have some questions answered. Carey says this tongue in cheek and Will jokes he is not under indictment.

The monitor talks about cupcakes. Mr. Higgs talks about more monitoring. He tries to get Alicia to sit down. Justice has brought criminal justice charges against the client. He says she should not get an attorney when he wants to know about Bedullah Culp. Alicia says she wants a lawyer.

Diane and Will worry about coming after the firm. Nick Katella is the big lawyer Diane and Will want to hire. Alicia surprises them about thinking about her representation. Elspbeth Tasioni is the attorney she hires. The monitor threatens Alicia with penalties and fines.

Alicia finds a daffy  redhead lawyer who is quirky but knows how to delay Treasury apartment official Mr. Higgs. She won’t let Alicia testify further without an immunity grant. Diane asks where is attorney client privilege.

Dana Losh accompanies Carey to the questioning of Will Gardner. She supposedly is leaving the State’s attorney’s office. Carey tries to play it straight but Dana bursts right in. Dana accuses Will outright of taking the money.

Will asks where is she getting her information. Will brings in Caitlin to witness the ASA’s trying to intimidate him using a legal case. Dana says this is a reminder with teeth about his responsibility to inform the State’s attorney about Lamont Bishop’s illegitimate activities.

Mr. Morwat is the client and Alicia invokes her right to consult a lawyer. Diane moves to drop the suit and Mr. Childs moves to take up the criminal case. Childs says that new information has arisen from the indictment and they file conspiracy to aid and abet a terrorist.

Will confronts Peter about the money charges and alleges it is about their personal grief and Alicia. Peter says it is not about the personal business. Will says he sees it all now, and they are trying to audit them and go for RICO and go after the money.

Peter denies he is going “there". Peter says if he steals $45,000 you go to jail. Will says there are two of them there and only one of them has seen the inside of a cell.

Mr. Higgs tries to get to know about Bedullah Culp. Mr. Higgs produces a grant of limited transactional immunity. Elspeth insists on reading it. Elspeth brings Alicia a ton of paperwork for a case she needs help with.

David Lee’‘s niece Caitlin goes over the torture testimony and notices the redaction of an adjective that might be a name. She researches the name and shows it to Diane. Lt. Matthew Curt of the intelligence of the army is produced as a witness to the terrorism case. He hides behind the official secrets act.

Elspeth continues to advise Mrs. Florrick not to answer the questions Mr. Higgs asks. There is a conflict of interest to Mrs. Florrick’s representation. She represents Northgard Insurance who underwrites the security firm in Afghanistan. Alicia now has a conflict of interest.

Mr. Morwhat’s questions about Aghanistan conflict with Northgard Insurance. Ms. Tasioni brought her the client because she needed the on the case because she was overwhelmed with all this paper. Higgs is furious and leaves.

Diane asks the court for Lt. Curt of Army intelligence to describe how he got Danny’s testimony and his inadmissible interrogation. Curt won’t answer the questions under the Classified Information act. The judge dismisses the charges without a basis for testimony.

Grace asks Florrick if he is getting divorced. Peter says it is not just up to him. He says he does not know what her mother wants. Grace says she just wants to be happy. Peter says so does he. He says he wants to do the right thing and it is hard to know what the right thing is. Grace says she should just ask her. Florrick laughs.

Dana discovers she was hired by the big firm only to get another attorney to want the job. Carey tries to make her feel better. Carey and Dana have become close and Carey almost gets in a clinch with her.

Peter comes in suddenly and asks if he is interrupting something. Florrick says he is officially distancing himself from the case. Carey wonders why he has to report to a special prosecutor. Dana says she will get right on it. Dana says she is staying and she is angry and Peter is pleased because it will make her a better lawyer.

Will and Alicia watch a sexual harassment video stone faced in front of the rest of the firm. Will says he has had a weird couple of days.

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