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Fringe-Novation -recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 8th November 2011

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Peter comes up in the lake. Broyles is nervous about how much he knows. Peter recognizes Olivia, who has no idea who he is but confesses to Agent Lee she has seen Peter’s face in her dreams. She asks how is that possible if he is a fake?

Peter is brought with a very secure escort to the Fringe Division, where he expresses no surprise at the various security and procedural steps along the way.

Olivia come to Walter’s lab and finds him strapped to a chair with a syringe of sleep medicine and a syringe timed with adrenaline to wake up. Walter is upset and anxious and can’t get rest with all the uncertainties. Walter asks how is it going and Olivia says his name is Peter Bishop and he claims to be his son. Walter is astonished.

A woman arrives at her home and her husband comes is surprised she is home. He says it looks like a cyclone went through the place and he says she is wearing sweater she hates and she can’t find the electric bill. She is Karen but also a shapeshifter.

The man is the boyfriend, Donald Pellen. But she does not know that and thinks he is he scientist. She kills the man and morphs into the Asian woman from the subway.

Walter arrives with Broyles escort and gets an IV probability of 99 per cent being related to Walter.  Broyles says he possesses a lot of information about their division. This could implicate the Fringe division and Broyles gives him a list of questions.

Walter comes into the questioning room and can barely look. He is heartbroken to see the face before him as Peter’s the man he has been seeing in the TV all along. Olivia, Astrid, Broyles and Lee listen in. Peter is amazed that Walter is not the same man he knew.

Peter says he needs to find out why no one remembers him. Walter says he will try to help. Peter explains the two universes. Olivia questions how he knows all this. Walter denies he built the machine and does not know his agenda.

Walter relates how he failed to bring the second Peter back. Peter questions that the Observer didn’t pull them out of the lake that night. They fell through the ice and Walter lost the second universe Peter that night. Astrid asks “What is an Observor?”

Peter says he was supposed to die in both universes that night. Peter blurts “How am I  back? Something’s gone wrong, Something has gone wrong , something has happened”. Walter runs away.

For the two worlds to be healed he had to be deleted. Peter question why is there and whence comes the paradoxical anomaly. Walter gets upset and leaves the room, opening the door.

He sees Dunham. But she gets a call from Lee about another shapeshifter.

Olivia goes to the house. Lee says he took the form of the wife. Dr. Malcolm Truss who worked at Massive Dynamics and left the company ten years ago. There is grease under his fingernails. This is Donald, the boyfriend, (which the shapeshifter didn’t know at first)  Truss is somewhere else.

Karen looks for his research files while he is in the shower. He comes out and says Karen what are you doing. Her bones show through. He says “What the hell are you”

Her voice morphs electronically and says “I’m only going to ask this once. “Where are the files?” The man screams in fear as she rips him up. She changes from Karen into the Asian shapeshifter.

The Asian shapeshifter appears in the backyard of Dr. Malcolm Truss with a gun and demands his help. She says there are people willing to pay for his research who need his help.

Lee and Dunham wait in Nina’s office. Olivia is questioned as the girl in the picture on Nina’s desk with the riding ribbon.

Lee asks “Why does Nina Sharp have your photo in her office?” Nina pulled some strings and they went to live with her. Lee says “So the acting CEO of one of the richest companies in the word was your nanny?” Olivia smiles.

Nina Sharp introduces herself to Agent Lincoln Lee. Nina asks how Walter is handling the so-called Peter Bishop. Dunham asks Nina about Malcolm Truss. Graduated MIT 1982 he left Massive Dynamics in 2001. Lee asks about his projects.

Malcolm  was working with cellular replication. it copied the genetic data of the damaged cells. It did not work because William Bell shut the project down citing ethical concerns. The project was based on copying human tissue.

Dunham advises Broyles about Truss’ cellular search. Lee puts a bolo out of Truss’ car. Peter interjects about the memory disks as they talk about shapeshifters. They can take any identity they’ve ever had. They replicate to the molecular level.

The Asian says they will pay him to continue his research. He asks does she always bring a gun t a business proposal. She says she was Stage 4 and the cancer went into complete remission. it was a miracle for a while. The cells they aren’t stable. She is still dying.

He says to Nadine there are no files it is all up in his head.” Just so you know I don’t do my best work at gunpoint.” He agrees to help her.

The trainyard shapeshifters were flawed. Dr. Truss is needed to fix the medical supplies and Voyles is told about local cars and equipment they will need.

Peter says he knows quite a bit about the disk because he has dissected the trying to figure out how they work. He voices his opinions after altering the electronic sound amplification through the speakers. Broyles is amazed to see what Peter rigged up.

Broyles asks about the new shapeshifters and Peter says what are you talking about. Broyles says that the human shapeshifters have developed into the prototypes of the new human hybrids. Peter relates the technology is composed of memory disks in three divisions.

Biochemical functions. Mission objectives are part of the disk technology. Voyles is upset Peter knows so much but Lincoln Lee is willing to work with him because the technical staff cant make headway. Voyles tries to take back the lead on the command decisions.

Olivia asks Peter what doe she want. Pter says he needs to find out what he needs to know and only she and Walter can help. He needs to speak with Walter again. But Olivia says he will see what she can do.

Walter meanwhile unlocks a box of mementos of Peter as a boy. These are a shell from the beach and old Super-8 movie tapes. Nina visits Walter and he says he blamed her for Pter’s loss. But he knew he had crossed the line and destroyed two worlds.

Walter came to terms with the loss of Peter to save the ethical balance of two universes. He came to terms with the fact he deserved to suffer. Nina says that he is not that man anymore.

Walter says he saw the eyes of the man Peter in the eyes of his boy as he floated away. Walter says he doesn’t deserve joy. Nina says maybe he has been given a second chance.

Truss and his new accomplice arrive at Vermont gas station. Truss tells Nadine she is bleeding and that she should wash up. Nadine shows Truss a picture of her daughter Hayley.

Malcom recalls his marriage to Karen might work out. (Karen has been taken over by the shapeshifter at their home). The shapeshifter makes up a story to explain the photo. The man Truss sees the local shreriff’s car but no person.

As they leave the gas station, the shapeshifter smiles but the sherriff’s deputy is dead hidden under his car.  Dunham and Lee review the tape of the gas stop and see that Truss buying gas and not held at gunpoint, and theorize he is a willing accomplice. The sherriff’s report mentioned truss’ car.

Truss is shown the lab and is very impressed and works quickly on the Asian shapeshifter doing a cellullar examination under a microscope. Truss wishes Bell was alive so he could see her. He fixes her blood arrays and says that just her skin grafts are a miracle.

Truss says Bell shut down the project and said “Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things are God’s. William Bell shut down the project. Your genome isn’t propagating through the process. He can fix it. Truss works up a serum.

Nina comes to Walter. he is in the lab. He is making Peter’s favorite dessert. Walter says making custard calms him. Nina wonders why Walter isn’t embracing the opportunity of getting to know his son. Walter says she does not deserve it.

At the lab, the woman appears to be Truss’ former wife and he freaks out. He demands an explanation. The Asian shapeshifter says “One man shouldn’t stand in the way of progress, not even William Bell. “

Peter tells Broyles the shapeshifter are the perfect infiltrators. They can transforms their DNA. They can replace any one of them. Short of performing surgery there is no way to know who is a shapeshifter and who is not. Broyles is shocked.

Peter reports to Broyles that Peter says he can’t break the high grade encryption. He needs a bigger computer. Peter finds the coordinates and the agents leave when the other coordinates are on the move. He works from the main room.

Peter reviews a map of the United States and says what do luxury vehicles and shapeshifters have in common. Peter says the network has  lojack system to keep track of its shapeshifters.

Truss tries to make time. He says has found the source of the cellular degeneration. Truss sees the Asian woman morph into his wife. Malcolm freaks out. He questions why does she look like his wife. He is shocked.

She said he let go of Karen long ago for a greater purpose. His legacy is what William Bell took from him. He says it may be possible to alter the compound to accommodate the genome change.

Truss tries to fake her out. He says he is making a serum that makes a state of permanent replication adding a bonding agent. She catches on and says she knows enough about the biology that the restriction enzymes would fragment her DNA and trigger a massive internal hemorrage. She says to finish what he started and she won’t ask again.

Olivia’s agents close in. Truss works the centrifuge under gunpoint from the Asian shapeshifter.
They break in and the shapeshifter looses her gunfire on the agents. She flees and throws Dr. Truss to the floor after grabbing th serum from him.

At the Fringe Division, Walter comes into Peter’s cell. He says he must connect with why he is deleted form all their lives. But Walter touches his face and says he has imagined so any times what his son might look like as a man. But he rejects Peter as an aberration and leaves.

Dunham and the other agents chase the shapeshifter to the roof. She finds Agent Warrick barely alive. He says the shapeshifter jumped. The agent says the thing jumped and she sees a morass of mess. There is a body.

But the dive team finds the body of Agent Warrick. By the side of the road they get an empty ambulance. The shapeshifter has flown the coop.

Olivia tries to get a statement from Truss. He questions that Karen is dead. He ruefully quotes Bell about not tampering with some things. He says he understands now.

At the Fringe Division, Olivia tries to find some closure. She asks Agent Lee to go out but he declines. Broyles has all the paperwork. Dunham vows they will find her. Two different women who look exactly the same give her the same report, to Olivia’s deja vu like in the Matrix. Olivia wonders at the repeat conversation.

In Boston , Massachusetts the Asian shapeshifter hides in a bus station and wears the sherriff’s uniform. She hurries  and runs into bathroom and inserts the syringe the doctor made. It makes her whole and she goes to a locker. She opens a locker with a typewriter in it.

She writes a report about the serum. She smiles and then starts typing without using her fingers. She says to “send the others”. Preparations are being made.

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