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Merlin- A Servant of Two Masters-recap

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Written by : published Sunday 6th November 2011

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Riding in the forest to a secret treaty, Arthur and his men are set upon. It is supposed to be a secret riding into the Valley of the Lost Kings. Crowds of mercenaries rush out of the shrubbery. Clearly a traitor betrayed them.

Merlin saves Arthur but then Merlin is knocked out. Arthur tries to hide them both. Merlin is injured and too many men are about. After a while of hiding Merlin sees Arthur cannot continue. Morgana’s men rush into the rocks to gte them but Merlins splits them up and says magic words. A rockfall fills in the rocks, blocking Arthur from Morgana’s men.

Agrivain leads the men, and brings Merlin back to his niece. Morgana says that he has not done well and Agrivain says he cannot be held responsible for causing the rockslide. Merlin is unconscious. Agrivain goes to kill Merlin but Morgana says Arthur is oddly fond of Merlin and that will serve her.

Morgana teases Merlin while he is tied up, and he talks to her about loyalty. She says magic words and enchants a tamarind snake, an eight headed worm and sets it under his skin. Merlin passes out and then wakes up in the forest.

Merlin climbs from the bog with his slimy tamarind worm under his skin. Meanwhile Arthur has been sending people to search for Merlin.

Merlin jokes with one of the guards he needs a crossbow to kill Arthur. “Driving you mad, is he”? they ask. Merlin poses with the bow while Arthur babbles.

Another servant presents himself in Merlin’s absence. He is perfect and lays a huge spread on but Arthur will have none of it. Arthur tries to ride out with Percifal but Guinevere nags him about the missing Merlin. They find Merlin struggling out of the mud.

Merlin acts oddly when back at Camelot. He is rude to gaius and questions whim about the old man’s poisons. Gaius asks why.

He says you never know when you might need to kill someone. Gaius is struck by his change in manner. Merlin sneers at Guenevere. Arthur and Guinevere are both shocked and surprised.

Merlin also insults Gaius and acts weird. Perciful wants some of the food but Merlin nicks it rudely out of his way. They put it down to tiredness and nerves. Gaius finds wolfsbane on Arthur’s’ food. Guinevere says that Merlin was very upset when  Arthur wouldn’t eat the food.

He throws out the food to the pigs and tries to kill Arthur with the sword. Guinevere and Gaius figure it out. They run in and bash Merlin with a pitcher. Merlin falls on the floor. Gaius cuts out the worm.

Arthur worries about the traitor. He comes to Agrivain about the secret of the route. Agrivain blames Gaius for the betrayal. Arthur struggles to believe it.

Merlin wakes up to his old self and Gaius is thrilled. But another worm grows in his neck. Gaius runs to where Merlin went and he and Guinevere prevent Arthur from taking a poisonous bath. gaius runs up to see Merlin smilingly melt a steel sword in the acid bath, steaming just before Arthur disrobes to jump in.

Arthur strangely obeys them from taking the bath while Gaius holds Merlin tightly. Gaius examines Merlin and finds another worm has grown in its place. Merlin tries to remember. He remembers Morgana conjuring the snake. Gaius looks up the secret.

Gaius says they have to kill the mother beast, the creature that lives in Morgana’s hut. Merlin turns into the old wizard by the aging spell and runs into the knights in the forest and beats them up laughing all the way. The knights are stunned the old man insults them knowingly and knock them about.

Agrivain rides to Morgana saying he has an advantage now. Morgana gets angry at Agrivain that although Arthur is suspicious of Gaius he is not so much as hurt. Agrivain must do better.

Merlin transforms into the old man wizard and creeps up. He sees Agrivain leave Morgana’s hut. He goes inside. Morgana sees him and thinks he is her destiny to condemnation. Morgana squares off against old Merlin, demanding to know who he is.

He cursed her before saying he would be her doom. She pleads with him. Merlin advances but Morgana says more magic words and flings him in the air. She throws him aside and yet runs away with the worms. Merlin sends her up in a whirl of mist and gets the worms and kills them.

Merlin returns and Arthur is not killed. Agrivain rides to Morgana’s to see what is wrong but he finds her hut ruined with a tornado and her lying in the forest. He carries her off.

Gaius and Guinevere are glad Merlin is back and whole but Arthur says he spent two whole days in the tavern. Arthur brings on George who will teach Merlin his duties. Merlin asks why Arthur didn’t just hire George? Arthur says George is so boring he makes jokes about brass.

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