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Supernatural- The Mentalists-recap

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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During a seance, a fake medium performs stale tricks. Then a real ghost is felt and the effects freak the medium out and her Ouija board planche kills her in the neck. This is the second such death and it makes the news as they really should have seen it coming. Lilydale is a place for a festival of clairvoyance.

Dean and Sam both meet at a restaurant in Lilydale, a known haven for psychics. The place is full of cheesy ghost and supernatural claims to fame. The tacky bogusness of the place annoys Dean. He sees Sam also dressed in FBI wear at breakfast in Lilydale.

Despite their fight, Dean plows in as if they are pooling resources and investigating together as always. They review the crime scenes and compare notes. They are recognized as the crime spree Winchesters but put down the fears as a coincidence. They meet a psychic spoonbender named Nikolai who says he is world famous. Later both Sam and Dean look curiously at their suddenly bent coffee spoons.

Sam and Dean look for Grandma Goldy’s effects. The niece reads their body language and interprets their relationship, Sam’s anger and Dean’s stress. She makes a living as a small time psychic (like the Mentalist) reading body language but doesn’t claim to be the real deal.

The dead psychics are profiled. Pictures show their careers as small time psychics. A necklace passed between the two dead mediums. The niece says to check out the Emporium. The emporium owner gives them the necklace. Soon Dean and Sam as agents of the the FBI have the orb of Thessaly

The Emporium owner asks for money and Sam and Dean open fake badges. They say “We’ll be taking the State’s Evidence discount. “ Sam and Dean garner the necklace despite an offer for  private energetic readings and Sam thoughtfully pockets the card.

Dean teases him when they leave that he went a little “mentalist” on him. They notice there are way too many crystal balls in the town to control outflow of energy randomly from the supernatural.

Across town, in his room, the Russian spoon bender heaps spoons on a table. Some he rejects as too hard. But then the lights shine and his breath goes cold and he gets skewered. The strange whispers come in and out and lights flicker. The man gets forked repeatedly.

The sherriff grumpily greets Sam and Dean when they arrive. The tipline lit up with over forty complaints about spirit monkeys about a Russian ogre. The dead man claimed he had a vision of his own death earlier, cutlery and all.

Dean says being sherriff of Lilydale must be fun and he says it was either there or Los Angeles., and Dean smirks.

Melanie Golden calls them back. She says she checked her landline, her Grandma was always calling with a crazy dream she was sure was a sign. She also had a vision of her own death cong in the manner it happened.

Nikolai had a real vision of his death. Grandma Golden had a vision. She said she was in a seance and the room got cold. Sam realizes this was a real manifestation of a ghost. Ms. Golden is incredulous they really believe in the ghosts.

Dean says there is a fake woo-woo crap and real woo-woo crap. The niece finds out they are not FBI agents. She says she needs a drink. Deans says he supports that.

Dean says this spirit is boogying all over town. The saturation of mediums in the town could explain the strength of the power need to kill. Dean says every storefront in town must be packed with enough woo-woo equipment to be contacts.

Sam says most of the people in Lilydale are talented just enough and probably got enough juice. Sam wants to split up and Dean isn’t surprised.

Elsewhere in Lilydale, a seance takes place. The medium hosts it in her storefront, a bone reader who dumps out her bones during a client seance and makes oo-aa noises.

The clients ask questions. She responds with semi-phony responses. “His curse will drag you down”. Folks do turn jail into a habit.” Rasta music plays. Sister Thibideaux says to thank the spirits. Will that be cash or credit?

But ater she runs to Melanie Golden. She reports to the niece’s house. Sam and ean are called there. They listen to her story. She felt something else was there and it started breaking her bones. She had the vision of her own death when she was by the cash box.

Dean reviews the footage from the security camera and sees the manifestation in the camera. Melanie ad the medium also see th ghost, a woman with dark hair who comes up behind the medium. Both Melanie and the medium are freaked out, but Dean takes it in stride.

The closed circuit has a picture of the woman. Melanie says she has seen the woman in a museum picture. Sam and Dean attend the local clairvoyant’s Museum tour. The elderly gentleman reverently discusses the local talent encompassed by the period portraits.

Many quasi-famous clairvoyants have lived in Lilydale. Sam and Dean hold their tongues in check.

The guide says it never ended well for the siblings. The Winchesters learn partnerships might be a cover for the alternative lifestyles. They cough nervously.

The Campbells got along famously. Kate Fox was among the founders of Lilydale. Sad to be able to foretell one’s death. Her sister Margaret was less talented, which Dean interprets to mean “full of crap” and looked after Kate. The guide suggests that sometimes one’s true gift is taking care of others. They are buried in the cemetery.

The guide says to Dean someone named Eleanor has a message to tell Sam how bad it is or ‘she will kick his ass “. Dean confronts a surprised Sam outside the Museum.

“We agreed to work together but we did not agree for you to be a dick.” He says regarding Amy he put down a monster who put down four people. Sam was emotionally involved with her and couldn’t see it that way.

Dean says Sam wasn’t objective then or now. That’s why he couldn’ t put her down. Sam says if he learned one thing it was that he might be wrong. Sam couldn’t do it but he did.

At the cemetery they dig the grave, the woman appears and they flick the lighter. She tries to speak but Dean burns her quickly. They call the  niece. She tells the medum they took care of it. The niece offers to her to come stay with her a couple of days. The medium agrees.

At her apartment, the clock rigs two a.m. and the cuckoo rings out. The medium is caught in a prescient vision of impending death. The windows blow out and the candles flicker. They call Dean and Sam, who are driving back. They panic and ask what to do.

They call and Sam says to find salt. She flings it and the woman disappears. Then they say to find iron. Melanie holds a poker from the fire and face back to back with the medium. But the ghost comes after the medium time and again and finally kills her after getting Melanie out of the way.

Dean says it is a classic case of the good-sister bad sister mix up. Kate was just trying to warn people. Margaret was the killer. Dean burned her (Kate’s) bones. He says that’s not good enough. The niece says it was always about Camille and she enjoyed it and she was smiling.

The men dig up the grave of Margaret Fox. The grave is empty. They are unhappy because if someone knows enough to take Margaret’s bones they have binding magic. That mans they have to find the bones and burn them fast.

Dean picks up a festival poster. All the headliner;s are dead. Sam and Dean suspect they are the top dogs in town. Grandma sold a few books and one of them was on TV. They ask who would be next. Melanie says she would be the next person up to replace them.

They go back to the Emporium and look for a shopper trying to by ash wood altars and stuff. Sam sees the Emporium owner again and leaves, thanking him for the tip. They make a salt circle around the niece. Sam will find the bones and burn them.

Sam breaks into a yoga class with the altar and apologizes and holsters his gun and walks out.Dean and the niece see the woman  come for her.

Sam realizes the pawnshop guy sent him on wild goose chase. The windows blows Dean and the niece over. The witch comes in and taunts Dean.

Sam finds the Emporium owner from his business card. He says she helps me because she wants to. Sometimes the real thing isn’t pretty enough. He can’t pay his rent. Dean knocks him out and then he finds the bones in the bed.

Sam says they don’t deserve to die. The Emporium owner is livid about his torrid lifestyle. he says Margaret wants to hurt the victims. He says he lives in squalor because he can’t put on a pretty show like them. Dean bats him aside and goes for the bones.

At the apartment, Dean guards Melanie the best he can. She breaks the circle by splitting the wood of the floor. She taunts Dean, calling him “handsome”. Ultimately Sam gets to the bones seconds before Dean is knocked to the floor and before Margaret can strangle Melanie.

At the restaurant, Dean sees the niece coming and Sam jumps up and invents something to do. (There is chemistry between Dean and her). She holds his hand and pretends to read his fortune. She knows he isn’t coming back soon. She says things between him and Sam are better nevertheless.

After saying goodbye to the niece, Dean finds Sam stowing his stuff in the one car.

Sam says to Dean that he was right about Amy. He says he will never know. Sam says something is bothering Dean and he wants to know why. Sam says Dean isn’t sleeping and is drinking to much. is that the actions of a man with nothing on his conscience?

Dean says he knows he isn’t fine. Dean says he went with his gut. But he has a hard time trusting anybody. As far as how he has been acting, he doesn’t like lying to Sam. He has been climbing walls. He is anxious to leave Lilydale.

They see the Museum as they leave. The  hall of crazy is what drives Dean nuts. He says grading on a  curve is what has got him this far. Sam agrees it’s a low bar. But Sam wonders how Nikolai bent his spoon. Dean says:

“Forget it Sam. It’s Lilydale”.

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