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Suburgatory s01e06 "Charity Case"

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Recap: Tessa wants to get people to see that there are needy people outside the bubble.


Tessa sees how much food is going to waste in the school and suggests that they have a food drive for the needy or something. The Counsellor takes this to mean she's offering to head it up, and during the assembly, it becomes about how horrible it is to live in Orlando because it's so humid it ruins your hair and your skin. This isn't what Tessa meant, so she tries to make her point better by introducing everyone to Gladys, her transvestite homeless friend from back home, to show that there are people who don't have what they have. Everyone makes the wrong connections again, and they start sending things to Tessa, assuming that's what she meant--that she was underpriveledged.

She sends everything to Galdys, who sells it and makes her own life a little better.

Meanwhile, George gets hired to put a skylight into Noah's huge and extravagant bathroom. When he's done cutting the hole, he decides to take a shower in that massive bathroom, startles the maid, slips and falls, and cracks his tooth. Noah fixes it, but charges him full price, which leads to a fight between them. It comes out that Noah always wanted to be as cool and liked as George, but now they're in the opposite position, and they agree not to compete and not to make assumptions, and they're friends again.


Continuity is still a little lax--where's Malik and the Chatterer during all this? Why isn't Tessa using her position on the editorial staff to help her cause?--but even with that, the show remains cute and sweet. Lisa's total ignorance of what it means to be a man who dresses and lives like a woman was charming, and almost entirely free of her edge of meanness. Tessa trying to explain to her was adorable. Gladys was fun without being too much of a stereotype. And in the end, George was right: for a moment, Tessa got them to care about someone other than themselves. It's a baby step, but it's a step, and she should be proud of herself.

It was kind of great watching Dahlia get choked up about how terrible it is to live in Orlando. Having lived there, I can attest to  how gross it is.

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