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2 Broke Girls s01e07 "And the Pretty Problem"

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Recap: The one where Max takes a cupcake decorating class.


Some upper-class people love Max's cupcakes and suggest that she should sell them at the new coffee shop that just opened in their building, but when she and Caroline go to meet the owner, she says they aren't pretty enough. Max takes this hard, as always, but Caroline sees it as a challenge and finds them a decorating class with a couple of girls who look like they should be on Jersey Shore or something. The girls are awful, and Max gets very frustrated, but in the end, she figures out what they want her to know, and takes the time to be insulting--which gives Caroline the idea that thay need to play to Max's stregths. They're going to make  insult cupcakes.

Two of their classmates, a cute gay couple who are getting ready for their wedding, say they'll pay them to cater the reception, and they want to be insulted good because it'll be funny.

Meanwhile, Johnny is trying to set up his friend with Caroline, and he and Max have a steamy moment while he's explaining to her what's going on. Caroline is not interested, but the guy is cute and has a literature degree, and hopefully we'll get more of him. Caroline swears that she's not intersted in finding a man, but she redecorates her bed all in pink in a way that Max points out 'looks like a vagina'. My, we're having an anatomical week this week, aren't we?


A cute episode. It's sad that the Johnny-and-his-friend part got sidelined, because he's the best current way to break through Max's hard shell, but the main plot with the decorating class was funny enough that the show wasn't really lacking anything. Still, I called it that Caroline was going to meet a local boy, and it should be fun, even if it doesn't last.

The idea of making insulting cupcakes is great fun, and the fact that their first clients are going to be a gay wedding should give them all sorts of publicity. Also, it was great that Max made the point that she used to love making cupcakes, and now she's thinking of it as work--because that's exactly what happens when you try to make something you love doing into a business venture.

All in all, we're moving along nicely, and even if the jokes were on the crass side this week, they were still funny and snappy!

This week's total: $383.25 (They really need to start making money again! And what happened to Caroline also getting a second job?)

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