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The New Girl s01e04 "Naked"

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Reminder: The one where Jess sees Nick's peepee.


Nick has a date with the girl at work, and he's excited, but nervous--he's been out of the dating world since Caroline, and he doesn't want to mess this up. A comment makes him selfconscious, so he goes to see what he looks like naked...and Jess walks in on him. Being Jess, she sort of laugh-screams, and that makes it worse for him, and he spends the rest of the episode horrified and really mad at her. His nerves ruin his date, and that makes him even more mad at her. She decides that the only way to make it better is to make it even, so she sneaks naked into him room, unaware that he'd made up with the girl and was bringing her home. So now she sees him naked again, he sees her naked, and she sees the girl mostly naked.

But it seems to work, because they're back on speaking terms at the end.

Meanwhile, Schmidt learns that he's the only one who hasn't seen Nick naked, and it hurts him, since they're supposed to be best friends. And Winston is trying to get a job outside of basketball and learns that he's missed three years of pop culture, so he crash-courses on it. And then forgets to brush up on why he'd need or want a job.


Jess is frequently intentionally annoying, like she's stunted to the level of the kids she teaches or something, and this episode doesn't quite manage to make up for that the way it usually does. The best part was when Nick was trying to get her to say 'penis' and she couldn't say it, offering up all sorts of childish alternatives. The very end, where they make up, was sweet in the way that this show usually is, but it didn't seem as connected to the story as it really should have, and it was very short. Also, 'gumbopot'? Eew.

Mostly, this episode sort of came across as heading off any budding attaction between Nick and Jess. If the girl from the bar, who is so ironic that she doesn't make any sense and is actually pretty funny, sticks around, this'll be confirmed.

And poor Winston. It was nice seeing the guys having guy-time that had nothing to do with Jess, though.

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