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Blue Bloods- Black and Blue- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Danny and Jackie bust the subway turnstilers and get maximum sentences (Consulting producer Shaun Cassidy). The TV reporter interviews the Rev. Darnell that such profiling would not happen in white neighborhoods and the policy of checking turnstile fare offenders is racial. Darnell is black.

Erin gets a job offer from one of her former downtown lawyers. Erin says he only has scuzzball clients. While Erin says that two A1 felonies do not swap for a C felony the drug dealer want s a deal. Erin plays hardball and the accused will not deal. Erin wants the sources of the drugs the man was caught dealing.

A robbery call goes out while Jamie and the Sergeant do a traffic stop. This is at the sensitive location list. Jamie and his fellow officer go in but get pushed down the stairs doing their duty. Jamie calls for a bus.

Darnell says the church is a house of worship a sea of blue. More officers arrive. They argue about the unconfirmed reports assaulted police response was warranted. Darnell says there will be no negotiations until there is a removal of the sea of blue. Reagan says to get his men ready.

Reverend Darnell sayson TV that the turnstile program is oppressive and Commissioner does not practice it in the white neighborhoods. Henry says Frank Reagan is being called a racist and Henry takes it seriously. Reagan says that Darnell is a camera hog and Reagan won't go down there and make his day.

Jamie Reagan gets a lucky hit with the sergeant. They are not seirously harmed. All police inquiries go through Reverend’s Potter's office.

The sanctuary is the location of a called in robbery. Thurgood Marshall was the guy with the earring. They refuse to give their names and escape. The man says someone pushed him from behind and the whole thing was police provocation. Darnell elusively evades Danny's questioning about what is going on in the church.

The men call them provocateurs.

Danny gets to the church and sees a motley crew of men in suits blocking the entrance. One man accosts Danny and it is Darnell. Black men in suits stand in aline across the entrance. The Reverend Darnell screams that this is not justice. “You see what they are doing to my church”. He screams ‘hell no!”

Reagan says to use minimum force. The captain says it was not a bible that threw two men down the stairs. The mayor arrives. The crowd roars and Reagan says the Mayor is campaigning.

Jamie goes inside and says the men are released because the he idenitfied are not in the building anymore. Danny and Jamie listen to the 911 tapes. The whispers say he ran in the back.

The call came from a pay phone in Washington Heights. They say it is a bogus call. They want to see why they would relay it to a prayer service.

The Mayor calls Reagan into his office and to says that he should check the attitude at the door. Darnell appears and Frank realizes he has been trapped in a summit meeting.

A bunch of white cops attacked his church-and Reagan says the cops were Latino, female, Hispanic and white. Darnell says that the mayor must be removed if Reagan won't be removed. It was a close elction weith a minority candidate. Both Potter and Mayor Pool started out in the same poverty programs.

Darnell screams at a press conference that this is an insult to the community. He demands that the Mayor remove Frank Reagan as police commissioner. He makes the crowd chant “Reagan must go”.

The Mayor learns rank isn't backing down. He is told that they are getting a warrant to search his church and his property. He is withholding evidence and it will be the most polite search  in NYPD history.

The 911 call says "There is a man with a gun robbing people at 122 Lenox. He is a badass. I just ran out of there” This the 911 call . They quote the talk to a source on the drug area from the pay phone.

The caller is a simple teenager who did it for his uncle Otto. His phony phone call caused a riot. A misdemeanor is the charge says uncle Otto, who arrives lawyered up. he says his nephew Wendell is a juvenile and Danny alleges says he made him make the phone call to cause problems with the church and Rev. Darnell.

Danny arrives with the search warrant for the church. Darnell says “Have you people no shame.” Danny says that as a practicing Catholic he has a healthy sense of shame. It is his understanding the police proceeding was legal.

Darnell is furious that Jamie recognises the men who pushed him and the other cop down the stairs. Darnell starts talking about his man in the picture is defensible because the photo is of a retreat, Harriet Tubman’s retreat.

The picture has the guy with the earring Sean Hunter and Nathan Bradford. Jamie identifies them in  the picture on the wall. Legally idendified Darnell must admit who they are.

The Maor is furious about the warrant. Frank says sometimes we all need a push to do the right thing. The Mayor says Frank is a pain in the ass and he says he will take that as a compliment. Frank also points out financial ireguarities at Darnell's organization that might embarrass the Mayor later on.

At the Sunday dinner at the Reagans, color and race are discussed. But the color of Blue seems to be ever present. One decent person at a time. Henry and Frank comment on everyone being equal. Reagan says black on black the Mayor can’t get rid of Darnell without getting the white cop to take care of it.

Erin and Danny discuss it. Erin recalls the name of Otto, the drug dealing buddy of Darnell. This is from her plea negotiations with the dirty dealer. Erin says she already said no but Danny said to take one for the team. Why would a drug dealer call for a stunt? Erin makes the deal through clenched teeth.

Danny stops by the hospital to get Jamie from the sergeant’s bedside. Jamie and Danny get the guy with the earring. Before taking them down the stairs Danny pauses and considers some tit for tat. Jamie says it is the wrong century.

Danny preps Otto to frame Darnell with a wire. Potter goes in the store. Danny says let’s get over it again. Danny says it is 20 years in Attica if he screws it up. The man is wired into a confession he was collusive in the 911 call.

Darnell is all over the media as being involved in the 911 call and his riots against Reagan end. He says no comment.

Frank’s media guy talks to him. He says he has a talent for politics. The recording makes its way to every media outlet in town. The mayor distancing himself. Potter says he is out on  spirtual sabbatical.

The flack says that Bernie Williams did an interview won a batting title Golden Glove and Series ring all in the same year. He now plays guitar well enough to play on a major label.

The flack wants Frank for mayor. Frank says that he likes it just fine where he is but the media guy says Gracie Mansion would be  nice place to retire from.

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