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How I Met Your Mother s07e08 "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns"

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Reminder: The one with Katie Holmes.


For years, Ted has been looking for the Slutty Pumpkin, who he met one year at the rooftop Halloween party, but she's never come back. Now, he walks by a shop that rents the costume and he's convinced that it's fate, so he gets her address, and they finally meet. Best of all, she's been hoping to meet the Hot Hanging Chad--him--all this time. Unfortunately, they have no chemistry, but she seems to be digging it and Ted has been looking for her for so long that he's determined to make it work. They hang out some. Ted pulls a Ted and tells her he loves her. They go back to the party where they met--and she breaks up with him, because it's not working out. She was faking it because he seemed so into it.

Meanwhile, Robin finds out that Barney is one quarter Canadian, and because he's spent the entire time they've known each other picking on her for being Canadian, she gives back as good as she got. Barney keeps resisting. She tells him that if he'll go to the party dressed as a Mountie, she'll stop bothering him forever, but he can't do it, so we have a new running gag.

Also meanwhile, Lilly's grandparents are retiring to Florida, and they've gifted Lilly and Marshall with their house in the suburbs. Lilly has always hated the burbs, but because of Pregnancy Brain, she now thinks it's a great idea, and Marshall has to remind her why she hates it, while also trying to keep her from inadvertantly hurting people or herself because she's gone all crazy with hormones.


I do love a new running gag, and here we get two: Barney is Canadian and Lilly is crazy with baby and frequently doesn't make sense. Since the Slap Bet is almost over (we've seen four of the five agreed-upon slaps), we were in need of something new to take it's place, and Lilly can fill in for the short term, while Barney's heritage can come up in the long-term. It could be--dare I say it?--Legendary.

The scenes with Lilly and Marshall in the burbs were hilarious--both sexy and bizarre at the same time, which is really one of the things this show does best. They never quite decided to sell the place, since Lilly never did call the realestate agent, so it would be nice if the house stuck around and fed a few more stories. Didn't Ted already have a house somewhere else? The show's been on for most of a decade, and sooner or later, people start to separate up and move to the suburbs and have babies, don't they?

At least, that's what happens on TV all the time.

All in all, it was a pretty good episode, even if there wasn't a single mention of Kevin, and even if the Slutty Pumpkin turned out to be Katie Holmes looking too skinny and being generally off-putting. Since it was intentional that she be weird, it works. And this was one of those silly eps where everyone is totally madcap and it's mostly about the core group, which is refreshing once in a while.

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