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The Vampire Diaries- Ordinary People- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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The Lockwoods said the vampires  came with the original founders in the 1860‘s. But the Viking Werewolves have been there longer. Damon cannot get in before the end of the cave because of the barrier. Elena gasps at the drawings.

Alaric shows Elena  the runic Viking script. This was before the New World. Elena thinks it is one of Klaus’ fakes. But in the runes the last name is Michael. This proves Klaus couldn’t have faked it because this is the vampire

Damon calls him papa original. Niklaus is one of the ancients. Elijah and Rebekah are all from the same source of ancient native Viking vampires. In flashback we see a young human Rebekah and Niklaus who were siblings avoiding their father’s wrath. Klaus jokes while practicing fighting that she tends to dinner and leaves the blades to the men.

Elena says doesn’t Michael have a weapon to kill all vampires. They have already found him and lost. Elena says all they have to do is find out what the runes mean.

Rebekah breaks off cheer practice and turns cartwheels to talk to Elena. Rebekah fakes the drawings mean nothing but when Elena threatens to wake Michael she reveals knowledge of the rotting body in the  cemenery in Charlotte.

In flashback we see the father Michael disapproving of Klaus and his ways. Eljah and Klaus engage in mock sword play while rebeah watches. Michael says they fight for his survival and challenges Klaus harmfully to best him in battle.

In flashback, rebekah and ester come upon their young sons Elojah and Niklaus mock battling. Michale is enraged. Michael calls his son Klaus foolish and impulsive. Michael treats Klaus harshly and insults him in front of the entire settlement.

Elena says Stefan will have to get over his removal from inhumanity. Damon cautions her on her research with Rebekah into the past. Rebekah is a thousand year old vampire. Elena says it is a mean girl power struggle and the rules are changed. Stefan is annoyed Damon hangs around the dungeon where he is chained and says they can skip the routine visits.

Damon hangs around and says he is not a big fan of the Lexie recovery plan. Damon plans for some bonding. Damon sees that Stefan has really given up. Damon says they could both use a drink and sets Stefan free. Stefan is suscpiious but plays along.

Elena goes to Rebekah again. Rebekah compels her entire cheer squad in fancy dress to pick a homecoming dress. She shows Elena that she can kill at will and bares her vampire fangs.Elena picks the red dress and says they have serious business to talk about.

Bonnie arrives at Alaric’s and give him the necklace that wouldn’t die. Bonnie is disturbed to give it away. Alaric gives Bonnie a nudge and he says Jeremy is an idiot and they learn eventually. Alaric says they saw the symbols on the necklace before.

Elena questions Rebekah, not put off by her defensive attitude. She wants to know why they were European landowners and escaped to the New World. The Vikings had discovered a way to North America with  a witch route to a mystical land where everyone was healthy and  blessed with the gifts of strength.

The werewolves were neighbors living in peace for 20 years. Then the family had more children including Rebekah. Elena says it was normal. Then once a month the family would retreat to a cave and the wolves would run around and kill to appease their appetites.

(In flashback) Ilyana the witch was responsible for banning Rebekah and the standards changed. Klaus and Henryk did a forbidden thing and watched the men transform and the wolves killed him. Ester, their mother, would not accept the boy was gone. The peace was over.

Rebekah snoops through Damon’s stuff while Elena watches. Rebekah says vampires are a predatory species. They don’t have time to care about humans and their silly little lives. Elena points out she picked her homecoming dress. Rebekah says the necklace belonged to the original witch. She’s the witch who turned them into vampires.

In flashback, Michael and Ester plead with Ilyana after Eijah’s death to get to be vampires. Ilyana says it is a crime against nature. They want means to fight the werewolves and win.

Ester says “The spirits can help us find a way to protect our children”.

Elena asks why didn’t they just leave if the werewolves were so scary. Michael wanted to be superior to the wolves. Agility, speech, senses, strength.  Rebekah reveals it was not Ilyana who turned the tide but her own mother.

Elena is shocked. Ester was the original witch, the mother of Klaus and Rebekah.She says a witch is a servant of nature and vampire is a abomination. Rebekah has no witch powers.

The white oak tree is an ancient nature symbol of immortality. This was used to make the spell. They had wine laced with blood and then drove his sword through their hearts. Ester did not turn. (In flashback) Michael brings in a young girl and drink more blood to complete the ritual. Micheal their father harshly compelled the change in them.

The feeling of power was terrible. For every strength there would be a weakness. The sun was the enemy now. Neighbors could bar their entrance to their homes and repel an invitation that stopped them. The flowers of the white oak burned and turned the spell so they burned it to the ground.

The darkest consequence was what the parents never anticipated. Blood had made them reborn and hey craved it above all else. Rebekah recalls instances of frenzies of blood drinking.

At the bar, Damon gets Stefan drunk on alcohol and blood. Stefan says Elena will hate him for breaking the bonds. Damon says he can sit around and be Klaus’ little bitch but he needs to stop being so boring  Michael comes up behind them and greets the Salvator boys, and says maybe he can help with that.

Rebekah continue her narrative to Elena . Ester had had an affair with one of the werewolf villagers. To earn peace with her prideful husband Michael, she turned her back on Elijah. Michael’s greatest weakness as a human was his pride. As a vampire it was magnified. He killed half the village on a rampage and he killed their mother, Ester.

He said she broke his heart so he would break hers. He tore it form her chest as Nicklaus watched.But Elena is told that she (Rebekah)  still loves Klaus. Rebekah says if Elena comes after Klaus she will rip Elena apart and she gets her temper from her father.

The family scattered in a  panic and the settlements died. Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus were left. They stayed and buried Ester and were alone. Then for Rebekah. Elijah, and Klaus they were what was left in the family. Rebekah vowed then with them to stick together as one forever.

Stefan is shocked to see Michael and Damon cracks wise. Michael grabs Damon’s heart in the bar out of is chest and twists it while Damon gasps and Michael threatens to end him.

Damon blurts out that Stefan’s emotions are turned off and he can’t respond. Stefan confesses he can lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls. Michael approves the loophole. Michael says to bring Klaus back to Mystic Falls and if they fail he will drive a stake through them. Damon laughs that Stefan cares after all.

Elena shows Alaric the meaning behind the symbols. Michael killed the vampire by ripping out his heart. But the references also point to something else. Elena brings the photos to Rebekah. She shows how the hybrid symbol is present at the depiction of Ester’s death. Only NiKlaus was there besides Michael.

Elena tells Rebekah that Klaus killed her mother. Klaus killed Ester because he is the hybrid.

Elena says that Ester must have rejected Klaus to bind him to his fate. Her magic would have made him a hybrid. That is the power of the necklace and why Klaus had it all these years.  With the werewolf gene the aggression was heightened. He would have killed her in a  moon cycle rage.

Rebekah almost kills Elena in her fury to know that she has been loyal to her mother’s killer for a thousand years.

Elena says that the stake must have been carved from the white oak tree before they burned it. Elena says that she lost her mom too young and she loves blindly and recklessly even if it consumes her. When all is said and don there is nothing more important than the bond of family.

Elena gets into bed at the mansion, disillusioned for Rebekah and sad at the betrayal. Damon says he was right about Stefan all along. She says Damon will be the one to save him because when all is said and done Damon and Stefan are family.

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