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Grey's Anatomy- Heart In a Box -recap

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Written by : published Saturday 5th November 2011

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Meredith and Shepherd play in bed while debating Zola’s hearing and the judicial statement. Avery leaves early for a run and meets Grey for the lobby walk. Sloane meets Avery and tells him to get pumped. Aprils says to Avery to suck it up.

Polly Preston is a administrative and medical wonder coming to the hospital for a tour. Arizona bumps him from surgeries to show off. Karev is not pleased. Shepherd says that his patient won’t agree to a aneurysm surgery to finish her book. The author wont stop typing to finish her book. There is no family.

Campbell’s AMA form is not signed. Shepherd says if Little Grey can’t get the patient to say yes she can’t jump on one of his complicated surgeries.

The heart transplant wit Altman is stopped because the heart is arrested. Altman says that she can babysit the heart while finishing her wish list. O’Malley’s mom in the hospital makes them remember. They remember him as heart in the elevator guy.

Altman is offering to track down surgeries she wants to perform. Cristina says she has been let loose and wants everything. Weber gets a look at the list and makes some corrections. He says it’s just a heart in a box. Weber says "Hot Diggity”.

The patient writes about Alexander and Nathan and the characters. The book is famous. It is about time travel. Lexie and the patient discuss the patient. She won’t go into an OR until she finishes. Shepherd is not happy about how Lexie is handling the case.

Altman and henry make love in the post OR room and then she says every day should be bring your husband to work day. Henry wants to go back to medical school. Altman is floored.

Bailey has a problem with the endoscopic tubing Bailey wants. Bailey is more irritated by Bailey’s mother being present than any of them. Meredith explains how some tubing was left in Mrs. O’Malley. the woman sees the ring on Callie’s finger and was happy that Callie was remarried. She misses George’s friends. George said she was the best.

Sloan says they are getting to the nerves involved. Avery watches from the gallery. Weber calls him a fool when he should be grafting nerves. Weber says he needs to see heart in a box.

The word O’Malley on the OR board looks weird. Avery sits out Mark;s key surgery. Sloan is upset. Meredith tells Callie that Mrs. O’Malley  knows she is married. Meredith wants Callie there to hold her hand when she wakes up.

Meredith is nervous what to wear to her adoption hearing. Bailey cannot handle the fact of operating on O‘Malley because it reminds her of how both George and Meredith threw away their careers.  Bailey gives fashion advice and tells Meredith to wear a sweater set to the judge’s hearing.

Sloan interrupts Shepherd to tell Derek that Avery is avoiding him and Sloan is afraid to have his heart broken. Both Karev and Derek make high school crush gibes. Hunt will not get involved but wants to talk to Shepherd about the risky high mortality surgeries he is contemplating for the hospital.

The patient says words while Lexie types. The patient that the time traveling mystery is written by is famous. The patient writes an ending that Lexie does not like. Lexie stops typing and says no. Lexie has other issues because her match ending in the book is a lot like Avery and Sloan. picking Nathan is the right thing to do.

Lexie erupts the patient’s aneurysm while arguing with her. Shepherd is paged. During the surgery Lexie talks about how changing th story is what medicine is all about and why Derek is taking the risky cases.

Cristina discusses her wish list. She wants an off-pump coronary bypass. An end block transplant heart and both lungs. The surgery she wants must measure up the heart in a box that never stopped beating. Avery finally gets the heart in a box. He looks at what he is doing with his own career.

Altman has a problem with henry while picking med schools. She says she was nineteen when she picked a med school. The MCAT and the three years of prerequisites. Henry wants a medical education. She says she doesn’t want to spend ten years married to a med student. Henry gets angry and goes home.

Lexie is told by Avery that he will be picking Sloan over her. he says he has been sabotaging his own career way to much. Lexie is stunned and Avery asks if there is any reason he shouldn’t pick Mark’s enthusiasm to teach him about plastics and be a mentor over waiting for her to get over him. Lexie does not answer.

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