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Ringer- Gawd There's Two of Them -recap

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Written by : published Friday 4th November 2011

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The investigators escort both Andrew and Bridget to police headquarters. Andrew cautions that Siobhan is pregnant the priority is protecting the suspect to get Gemma back. The police say they can put Bridget at the murder scene. Andrew says Gemma’s father is one of the most powerful men in New York and the pavilion project that night is important and Henry is going.

The cops talk strategy. Botaway will take care of Bridget if they make it public Bridget Kelly is in New York and the main suspect. Agent Machado sees Bridget, who is greeted as Mrs. Martin by Agent Machado. Brdget/Siobhan claims Martin does not know Bridget Kelly exists. Henry and Martin both say they have never met Bridget. Both Henry and Martin are furious.

Bridget/Siobhan says Bridget is an addict and she was always cleaning up after her. She thought that part of her life was over. She tells Andrew that she was always in trouble and she was always cleaning up her messes. Agent Machado learns she told both Henry and Andrew suddenly know about Bridget. Siobhan says with him around nothing stays secret for very long.

Machado questions Bridget in a inner room. She plays a voice mail (supposedly her sister) and plays Machado the voice mail she told to herself on the other phone in the dressing room. She says she has to leave New York and maybe she went to Europe. Bridget/Siobhan can’t be sure that she as a relationship to Gemma or a role in the architect’s disappearance.

When Machado alludes to the fact that Siobhan and henry were/are lovers Bridget gets up and say “we are done here". Machado is bemused and follows her out to where she sees henry say he just wants t go home. Machado stops Siobhan who is talking to Andrew and he wants to talk about Malcolm Ward. He knows she has been in contact with Mr. Ward

Machado catches on to the fact that Ward was calling Siobhan and she talked to him a few times.
She says he was concerned about Bridget. Machado says Malcolm is missing. He says that news might get her to testify. She tries but cannot call Ward as she exits the police building.

A van pulling down th road has Ward in the back tied up but still breathing. They push more drugs into Malcolm while they take a break. Malcolm senses they are gone and struggles with is bonds.

Andrew is amazed the secret of a twin was kept from him. He sees his daughter make arrangements to take a trip to Connecticut with a schoolmate. Andrew tells his daughter Juliet that Siobhan has a twin sister.  Juliet gawps and says “Gawd, there are two of them?"

On the balcony of their Upper East Side Duplex, Andrew and Siobhan try to resolve the mystery of Bridget’s disappearance. Who is Malcolm Ward, he asks. Bridget says Ward is Bridget’s  AA sponsor. Andrew is angry that Siobhan is telling him all of this too late.

In a flashback we see Malcolm give Bridget a cake for being three months sober. Bridget tries to initiate an intimate relationship with him and he say no they can’t due to AA rules. But then he reaches out and kisses her. Obviously Bridget and Ward were sexually involved.

Ward enters the roadstop bathroom and recognises the boots of the one of the men who traumatized and drugged him. He waits and  knocks him on the floor and steals his gun.

The man laughs even with a gun pointed in his face an says “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?”. They plan on Ward leading them to Bridget no matter what. Ward is tempted to shoot him but doesn’t. He knocks him out and leaves.

Ward gets back to his place in Rock Springs, Wyoming. the cops sniff around. He looks for something.

Bridget calls and asks her new sponsor Charlie for help when they meet a the coffee house. But she says he can’t ask too many questions. He says “Just tell me you didn’t throw back a fifth or hijack your stepdaughter’s bong”.

Siobhan laughs it off and say her best friend is gone and has been missing for two days. Charlie  questions whether she got fed up or foul play was involved. He says maybe she just went to a spa. Charlie says sarcastically says he can’t just walk into a precinct and say they are barking up the wrong tree.

She says she came to him because she doesn’t have anyone else she can trust. Charlie says he doesn’t even know her name yet. She tells him that Siobhan Martin is her name. Charlie works on finding Gemma’s car and Bridget says it is in the airport long term area per Henry.

Juliet gets in a car accident with her friend but calls the English teacher Mr. Carpenter to help her deal with her father. Andrew is furious and takes away her trust fund and credit cards. Andrew confides later to Siobhan he was not best pleased about the baby news but now things are better between them he thinks it is a blessing.

Siobhan spots Malcolm and faints, bringing all of them to the hospital. Andrew waits for the ultra sound while Malcolm goes away without having identified who he is.

Charlie gets to the car at the airport. He is the real killer of Gemma and a flashback shows he is the one working for Siobhan in Paris. He knows who Bridget really is. He waits for Siobhan’s orders what to tell Bridget.

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