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Ringer- The Poor Kids Do It Every Day-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd November 2011

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Henry finds the blood on the wall and cleans it off with bleach and cleans up the red oriental vase and throw the shards in the trash behind the French restaurant. Meanwhile Agent machado teams up with a cop bursting to bust Bridget due to a past beef.

Adam is incensed his daughter is wearing flimsy short shorts on her first day at school. She says the poor kids do it every day. He appeals to Siobhan/Bridget for advice. Bridget says to Juliet this is her first day in the eyes of the other students and she may want to put her best foot forward.

This rings a bell for Juliet who tells her father to bring the car around and she will change into jeans.

Adam says he got a call from Gemma but when he went over there Dan said she was gone. Adam senses foul play. Dan parks her car at the long term airport lot. Gemma’s assistant drops by her apartment and gives her Gemma’s keys, saying nobody has heard from her that morning at all.

Agent Machado and the cop raids the strip club while Bottaway is there. Without a warrant they can only look around but they interrupt the interrogation at a key moment. Later they find fingerprints belonging to tone of Bottaway’s henchmen and come back with a search warrant.

Machado prowls the basement lair and sees the broken bent heroin spoon on the floor and the torture chamber after breaking down the door. Clearly something was going on. Machado wonders who was getting worked over. Malcolm is gone.

When Adam leaves, Juliet hands over her remaining stash of drugs to Bridget to spare her trashing her room searching for them. Bridget thanks her but problems develop with Gemma missing and she is tempted to use the drugs to relax and calls her erstwhile sponsor from the new twelve step club. He meets her at a coffee house and trashes the drugs for her.

Gemma’s husband accuses Siobhan of getting rid of Gemma and reminds her how she said they could get rid of Adam and Gemma for once and for all. He asks what happened and says he cleaned up the blood to protect her. Bridget denies being involved with the blood on the walls and the broken vase and loudly proclaims she doesn’t know him and never did and runs out.

Bridget leads the police to him via an anonymous phone call. She is in fact framing hersself, because her fingerprints she placed on the red broken vase will make authorities look for her “sister” as the guilty party. but “Siobhan” has an alibi, she was with Adam and Juliet all night. Thinking as the real Siobhan is dead, thus “Bridget” did the murder.

In Paris, the real Siobhan gets a call that Gemma has been take care of. The real Siobhan says that she never wanted it to go this far but too bad. In New York, Adam alerts Bridget to the fact that Gemma is missing.

During the questioning Henry can’t believe Siobhan sold him out and the police lead him to believe they are going to be there for a very long time they show him pictures of the evidence he threw out which he pretend not to know anything about. But then suddenly they show him out.

Adam’s daughter was into a public school classroom filled with criminal types. One gangsta girl picks on her and ask her for $5. Ceclia gives her the money and sys “now you and your family can eat for a month.” The crowd hisses and after class the girl throws Juliet into a locker. Wen Juliet fights back the other kids cheer and the authorities break up the fight.

The principal sends for Juliet’s record and throws it at her claiming she started the fight and that she was busted for drugs at her old school and is the problem. When Adam arrives he does not beleive her and she dissolves in ears Only the sensitive teacher notices Juliet is in real pain.

When the principal comes out he makes up a story that he saw the whole thing and Juliet did not start the fight. Adam demands an apology for the principal and goes on his way. Juliet is grateful but notes she saw the teacher come out of his door after the fight began.

He says he has had the other student in his class before and he knows just what kind of student she is. He relates a story from his childhood and his father and says everyone deserves a fresh start.

Bridget meanwhile gets a call from Agent Machado. Bottaway and him have been staring at each other and each smell blood. He can’t really talk because the cop who wants Bridget is in the car with him. He says formally that the fingerprint of her sister has been found on evidence that she’s implicated n a missing woman case.

Bridget calls her sponsor and says she will need ongoing help and he says they have to have a regular thing. She says her schedule is crazy and she will get back to him. She says her life now is protecting what she has.

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