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Unforgettable-Road Block-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd November 2011

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Carrie Wells doesn’t forget a thing. At the nursing home she says the drawing of Jonathan is unexplained. Ironically her mother can’t remember. She remembers the address not quite and his car. A brown station wagon was what she drove.

The UPS woman discovers blood coming from an apartment. They investigate and find a male body, Marshall Smith, dead with brands or burns on him. Carrie looks out of the ashtray. Smith was a single father and is a single father of a infant girl named Bianca. The mother is the primary suspect and they will call it a kidnapping.

The neighbor says Smith was a good guy and loved his daughter. Carrie heads over to children’s services to see if any legitimate complaints were made. One of the operators there says Marshall got childcare vouchers. The woman was in Afghanistan. Marshall has a criminal record.

Carrie remembers something the operator says from a former bust. Another former employee had a problem with Marshal Smith who blew up at him. Chuck has an explosive temper. Chuck has been arrested for battery. Alvarez fought him at work.

A man claiming to be her uncle showed up to be Bianca’s uncle. The teacher asked Marshall if there were any other relatives and he said no. Carrie asks a copy of the video to see his face. They see a tattoo. Marshall and the man at the school had the same tattoo. Marshall’s past caught up with him.

Harris is the wife’s name. In jail for drug dealing, she finds out Smith is dead and her daughter is missing. Her past in the train underpass happening on a big score means the gang came to get even.

In the past Carrie flashes back to when Mike didn’t trust her. But Carrie and her former boyfriend argue about how the young girl was in danger from a predatory boyfriend. He says he will suspend her.

Carrie buys the worker a coffee for the file. Carrie promises to bring Bianca back safe. She almost tells Carrie something but sees a man on the street.Carrie reviews the street camera shots. Carrie says who hires a security company full of convicts.

A man named Eric Logan put it together. One of the men outside Social Services is photographed in the security company pictures. The man’s name is Mike. They check the social worker’s apartment for her safety and find Bianca’s bottle in the sink.

Carrie realizes the social worker Rosario had Bianca the whole time. The woman told her friends Bianca was her niece. The multiple brushes with the system incudes joints when she was sixteen. Mike agrees she was involved but he doesn’t know how.

Logan security owner Aaron Logan may give them a name. Carrie says she is not the type. Mike says it is personal when she cant do her job. Mime says to clear Rosario she has to find her first. (More flashbacks show how work broke up Mike and Carrie).

Logan says he knows nothing about missing kids or anything. Any of his workers has a body ink tattoo. It is easy to identify his boys. Private security. Logan never even asked who the victim was. His other precinct is looking at Logan security for small arms dealing. The cops think Harris’ boyfriend got word to Logan security where he was working.

Marshal Smith works for a delivery company working out of JFK. They posit he got fired so he wouldn’t have to say no to Logan. Rosario was running from them. They find Rosario’s cellphone pinging off a tower. Carrie remembers a location in Dutchess county. Another trace was just run, likely from a private security company. Logan Security.

Carrie say this rings a bell. Rhinebeck fish and tackle was in the photo on Rosario’s desk. They go to the cabin and Carrie finds Rosario and Bianca at the cabin. A man is hunting them.
Carrie bonds with Rosario and gets her to remember what happened in Smith;s apartment.
Rosario remembers it was Logan who came to the apartment and killed Logan, demanding to get Bianca and take her home with him.

The social worker files for custody of Marshall Smith’s daughter. Mike and Carrie reflect on a successful case that ended emotionally well for Carrie. Mike smiles. Carrie’s service in Syracuse was too personal for her to get the same results, Mike observes. Carrie says her headache is gone and Mike says he could get used to having less work.

Carrie relaxes and puts her feet up on the desk, amusing Mike. But then she remembers the patch on Jonathan’s jacket for the first time. The man who killed her sister is in frame. She knows his first name and knows now where he worked.

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