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Sons of Anarchy- KISS- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd November 2011

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Chibs shows Jax the chain marks supposedly caused by Juice clotheslining security chains. Jax is stunned by the suicidal leanings of Juice and Juice says it was the time in Stockton and the Russians and being under pressure. Jax says the Sons will vote Juice out when they find out about his suicide attempt.

Chibs tells Jax about a young constable he saw in Ireland who committed suicide he always regretted the loss. He says he came close to swinging himself. But Jax says the difference between thinking about it and actually doing it is vast. He says they’ll watch him for a while and get him out if he’s really “out”. Chibs says OK.

They agree they gotta get Clay to take him off the mule detail. Juice handles communications for SAMCRO.  Jax learns the Niners have been handing over heroin territory to the Chinese. The Lobos are doing branching out as well. The shifts in the drug trade now affect them and put the Sons right in the middle. The collision course is their fellow suppliers to cartel competitors.

The Sons will drop guns next week and Jax decides to move it up. Romeo’s lieutenant says he will have three dozen men there to back them up. Jax says that this kind of infighting  wipes diplomacy off the table for good. Clay says the relationships are up for grabs then and overrated and the current Sons ties need to be examined and dead meat gone after a cleaned house.

Meanwhile, Gemma tries to call a dead Piney, who lies where Clay left him on  the cabin floor.
At the clubhouse Gemma pours coffee and asks Happy if he has heard from his father. He says no. The complication of the Lobos and the Salvadorans and the Niners is discussed. Clays says Romeo and Luis are helping with the fight.

Jax says Galindo can arrange the meet and send the beef back to the border. Munson says yes, sarcastically, because all the plans have worked out perfectly. Jax attacks him for being non problem solving.

Jax says if he can’t get behind that action then turn in his damned patch. The Irish call and say to Clay that the MPG’s are headline making weapons. They are in a very different war. Clays says to Gaelin they are in a very different war. Gaelin says the Mexicans are heathens.

Clay says they have bought more guns in the last two months than his all other buyers in the last two years. Clay says he will be at the met. Clay says he will make the biggest deal in the history of his organization. Gaelin says no guarantees.

The sherriff does a follow up to the yard as a crime scene and tells Juice he has got to pick up the phone. Juice has supposedly swept the clubhouse for bugs. There are six disposable burners (bugs) in there and he knows Juice is responsible for the club’s communication. Juice says he can’t do this anymore.

The sherriff sees the chain marks. Juice says t an upset Sherriff that the Sons know he wants out.

The hospital administrator asks Tara if she is mad about sharing the threat with the sherriff. She is going to the neonatal conference the next day and she is pleased she can go. She says she has something and if anything happens to her give it to Jax or Piney Winston. This is the letters from John Teller. Tara realizes the letters are gone and only the storage copies are left. (Piney’s copies).

Potter asks about the tapped burners. The sherriff says Juice tried to hang himself and has bruises all over is neck. Potter is thoughtful. The Sheriff says he is unstable and doesn’t care if they kill him. Potter says to let him hear the tape. The Otto Delaney and Munson case is dredged up (This is the crazy man).

The want to get Munson for murder. Georgie Caruso the ponr king he was sothing Otto;s wife and the club finished him off. tara and auto against Munson. Otto Delaney has endured more pain for his organization. he wants more specifics from Juice. The Sheriff doubt she will et it and Elis ays “Let’s see where this magical day takes us”.

Why are we meeting out in the middle of the dead zone. Jax and Clay tell the deal from Galindo and him buying from Lobo puts them at odds. The Galindo men march in. The leader spits in the lieutenant’s face. Jax jumps in the middle and throws a punch to save him and says to make a deal and he will try to get him out there alive.

Lob approached them last month. Clay wants to now what they offer. They offer a  piece of anything else they get into Clay says they have a big buyer with an urgent need. Luis says he will drop their bodies on their mother’s doorsteps if they don’t make the call.

The leader of the Niners say they can cut him in if he sides with them. Jax says the can not get in the middle of a Cartel beef and to side with Galindo until the smoke clears.

Gemma finds Piney dead at the cabin. She says “I told you “. She knows Cay killed him for the letters and the threats. She calls him a stupid old man. Gemma calls Wayne Unser. Gemma tells Wayne it was Clay, and he lied to her last night and says she burned the letters why would he have to do this. Tara and Piney have the originals.

Gemma realizes this is why Unser has been hovering over Tara. Unser derides Clay. He’s going to rip apart anything that comes too close Including Tara. Wayne says he can’t protect Tara anymore and he will call this into the sherriffs and have them pick up Clay. Gemma says no. Wayne says Clay can not be saved.

Gemma says what kind of wife would she be if she turned on him now. Unser says one that survives. Unser says how could she aid in killing the mother of her grandchildren.

Gemma says they are all responsible for this their hands are just as bloody as Clay’s. Unser says he knows the real reason Clay wanted John Teller dead about the guns. She never knew the details. She thought it was the best thing for the town and the club and the family. Wayne says he will choose to believe that. Gemma sweet talks Unser

Unser says he sees that Clay tried to point this at the cartel with his finger print. Unser can make sure it doesn’t blow back on him. Unser advises Gemma to leave and he can handle it. Gemma says to Wayne to wait, and that she can show Clay there is no threat in the letters.

At the staged drug meet, Jax and the men hide out.

The head of the Niners shows the leader of the Son’s competition three keys of blow, cut and bagged. At a signal, the Sons and Romeo’s lieutenant attack but are quickly and massively outgunned. The Niner’s men blow a hole in a concrete wall and get away. Even Clay is surprised. Jax and the others are outraged that they are outgunned.

The theat was bigger than they thought. The lieutenant is humiliated and starts to line up the men and shoot them point blank military style. Jax says no, and that if they want to move the product they need the relationships.

Jax says he (The Niners captain) can be known to have changed his mind they decided to roll with Galindo. Jax says if you kill this guy you are killing the product.

Romeo’s lieutenant tells the Niners he will wipe 19th street from the map if he makes one more bad decision.

Romeo wanted him to let him  know he has a solution to the doctor problem. He says to him “Call him when you have a time and a place. Once set in motion it can’t be stopped. “ He gives Clay the cellphone with one number dialed in and outside contractor.

 Clays says this can’t blow back on me or my club. Clay needs someone from the outside. The lieutenant observes wryly that soon there wont be anybody left on the outside considering how many elements are getting involved in their drug trade.

Tara meets up with Gemma at home. Tara says Gemma took the letters from her office. Gemma says that Unser took them and they vanished. But Unser says they were copies. Clay is hunting the letters because they describe he killed John before he could close down the gun trade and convince the Irish to quit selling the guns.

The letters really tell about how Gemma and Clay were already together when he was with Maureen Ashby and Clay partially killed John to get Gemma for his old lady. Clay has too many reasons to kill Tara and  end the threat.  Tara asks Gemma how could she let her grand children live this way.

Gemma asks Tara why didn’t she let Jax read the letters. Tara turns away. The truth about Clay is so bad Tara was afraid Jax would kill him. The guilt would push him deeper into the club. Tara would see that Jax would learn Gemma was with Clay before John died. tara would lose Jax to the club, which he would perform prodigies saving.

“Did you know that Clay tried t kill J. T.?” Tara asks? Gemma says Clay brought her back to life. Tara says she will drive up to Oregon to a surgical conference and it will give her time to think.

Deputy Sherriff Marcel sees Delaney again. There were a couple of suspects in his wife’s murder. Munson was trying to make him think the porn king was guilty but he was in Thailand. Georgie is not guilty. Delaney wants to know who killed his wife. Bobbie was sleeping with Lou Ann. Marcelle (Potter) says he is on Death Row for nothing.

Potter says cryptically to Delaney that there is a substantial inequity at play. He says he is just a guy trying to balance the scales. Delaney says a sherriff’s deputy doesn’t have the juice to bug a interview room and wants to know who he really is.

Bobby attacks Jax for getting out. Jax says he just is getting his boys clear of headless bodies just until they get past the cartel problems.

Jax admits to Gemma that Tara is leaving. Jax says to Gemma that Tara is just doing what she would do. Juice is not picking up his cellphone. Jax realizes what this could mean and breaks off with Gemma.

Potter/Marcel meets Juice at the police precinct. Juice sees the inside of the police room where all the relatinships are lined up including the IRA and the cartel and SAMCRO and the Irish. Potter asks does he know what a RICO operation looks like and Juice attacks  a stone faced Potter.

Munson cries foul on Jax leaving and says Jax is supposed to be the next president. He knows Jax is making a run for it and avoiding his true SAMCRO path. Jax says he can’t do it. Bobby says SAMCRO is Jax’s fate and he can’t make a way of life unless it is a club solution. Jax says he can change.

Jax confronts Clay in the clubhouse about him telling Bobby he was getting out and promised him that seat. Jax says the cartel was a mistake. They need an exit strategy and he will come up with one and then he is out. Clay is dismayed. Cay was counting on Jax to close the megadeal with the Irish and Galindo.

Jax lays down the law on Clay. They are going to make the deal with the Irish and get him the Romeo WMD and then sit down and think up a way to get SAMCRO free of Galindo. Clay learns of the leaving with Tara.

Clay says he promised he would stay and then Jax says Clay promised Galindo would be good for this club. Jax says he guesses they both lied. Clay says in a vulgar way that Jax is being led by Tara’s influence (insulting terms) and Jax says if he ever talks about Tara that way again he will pound those half dead hands of Clay’s into the table until he can’t hold a gavel anymore.

Potter taunts Juice and says they will turn Otto Delaney. Potter says he wants the real IRA. He can collect the Mexicans and the local gangs anytime out without the full details he can outwork Scotland Yard and Interpol who can’t do it. He wants to the Irish.

Juice denies everything. Potter says he knows the Irish Kings are accompanying the Kings stateside for a face to face with the cartel for a handshake deal.

Juice laughs. He says it is above his pay grade. Potter says he can extract the Sons from the RICO equation. He won’t use federal law to shut don your entire organization. Juice asks what will happen to the SAMCRO. Saving them might be the psychic balm he needs, Potter suggests darkly.

Gemma admits she knows about Piney, Clay killing him and why. She says Tara won’t tell Jax about the letters and she will get them when Tara gets back from Oregon.

Guilt about Clay killing John Teller would push Jax into staying with the SAMCRO club. But after Gemma leaves Clay punches the (Romeo’s assassin) cellphone button.

She makes Clay promise he won’t hurt Tara. Gemma makes him look her in the eyes and promise. Gemma says Piney going down defending John was a tough way to go.

Clay agrees (but calls the cellphone contact to do it).

Meanwhile Jax tells Tara he will drive with her and the boys to Oregon.

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