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Merlin- His Father's Son-recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 1st November 2011

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Merlin wears the royal red cloak and leads some armed men through the Camelot forest to a trap where Arthur gets the better of the men running ahead. They take the men prisoner and find a unique device on one of the warriors. Arthur recognises the king’s crest.  This is the King, Carleon, who is taken and Agrivain urges his quick death to prove a point. Agrivain says Uther was known and respected but Arthur is untried and his enemies will move quickly to take advantage.

Agrivain urges Arthur to kill Carleon for his attacks and make sure he is feared and make a statement.  Merlin counsels for Arthur to act only as his heart dictates. Arthur beheads Carleon when the man will not sign egregious terms of defeat that would give away half his kingdom. The man scowls bitter words on Arthur before his death. Agrivain is pleased.

Moving to his advantage, once home in Camelot Agrivain approaches Arthur dining and urges on Arthur how inappropriate his match with Guinevere is and how his subjects expect better of him. He must think and act for Camelot now. Arthur ponders these words.

Arthur  sneaks out to Guinevere’s hut and makes sure she knows why things have to be different between them. Guinevere is harshly shocked but understands. News of Queen Carleon’s anger is known and Camelot readies for war.

As Arthur rides out Gaius tells Guinevere she is right to be worried but Arthur has the faith of good friends with him. But Guinevere says Arthur is more alone than ever.

Meanwhile Morgana goes to Carleon’s widow and expresses her dismay. Carleon died ignobly and she can help.  She comes in the name of Garlouis her adopted father but admits she is Uther’s daughter . She can deliver Arthur’s defeat if they march on Camelot now.

At night, Athur creeps unarmed to meet with the Queen, King Carleon’s widow and Merlin sneaks along. The angry Queen captures Arthur and discovers Merlin sneaking too. Arthur speaks to have Merlin is spared and fight the whole of the battle in single combat. He says half Camelot will fall to the victor if the Queen’s champion wins. He wants to save lives.

Arthur tells the army about the single coat and claims the battle right for his own. Many warriors of Camelot are disappointed not to be allowed to fight. Agrivain is secretly pleased his young nephew will risk his life and alow the throne to fall closer to him if he dies. Merlin is not so sure Arthur is moving in the right direction.

Agrivain sneaks up to Arthur sleeping and steals his sword. He brings Arthur’s sword to Morgana  in the forest. She says enchanted words over it. Agrivain watches fascinated. Morgana enchants the sword of Arthur so when he fights in single combat with Carleon’s widow’s champion the weight of a thousand ages is on the sword. He will not be able to lift it for long.

Carleon’s Queen speaks to the mighty warrior chosen to fight Arthur. Morgana speaks to the man, urging no quarter and no mercy to Arthur. Carleon’s Queen asks why does she desire her own brother’s death. Morgana says she is denied her rightful place on the throne.

The champions meet in combat with the mighty armies lying near to watch. The huge warrior steps down from the cliff. Arthur fights skillfully but Morgana says magic words and her eyes light up and the sword falls heavy for no reason. Arthur is confused but keeps fighting. The other warrior quickly gets ahead of Arthur’s strength.

Merlin sees this from afar and realizes Arthur is being tricked and enchanted into losing unfairly. Agrivain watches too. Arthur cannot lift his sword. Merlin lights up his own eyes and makes the battle more fair. Merlin stops the other sword short of hacking into Arthur. The two champions fight on.

Morgana watches in shock. Arthur uses his fighting skill and brings the other man around. With Arthur’s sword unnaturally heavy, Arthur grabs hold of the other warrior’s sword and bests him without killing him. Moving for the unquestioned coup de gras, Arthur emphatically strikes the sword into the ground at the warrior’s head into the grass and not into his body, sparing him.

 Both armies see Arthur has won without bloodshed. The Camelot men scream in joy and call out “Long live the King!” Morgana turns away and walks behind the troops. Agrivain claps along with the troops, unsure what happened. Queen Carleon descends to meet Arthur and honors the terms of the battle.

Carleon’s widow says her army will be gone by nightfall. She learns her champion was spared because Arthur seeks peace not victory. The Queen (Lindsay Duncan) says Arthur inspires her with hope. Back at the main camp Morgana wants to try again but the Queen realizes Morgana’s hate has infected her. Morgana wants Arthur dead at any price, not because of her debt to Gaurlouis. She says Morgana is more like Uther than she realizes.

Merlin marches back to Camelot and calls Arthur a cabbage head and Arthur says this once he was right even if he is the worst servant in the far kingdoms. Once back in his rooms, Arthur gives Guinevere some flowers he picked up by the side of the road. He says he will make his own decisions about who he keeps company with and she accepts  the olive branch.

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