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The Good Wife - Affairs of State - Recap

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Written by : published Monday 31st October 2011

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On a booze cruise a girl named Maya dies. The Dutch Ambassador interrupts the investigation at the scene with Carey to say the students have diplomatic immunity and cannot be questioned. Dana, a cop from the State’s office staff comes along and makes some smart calls. The white student says he can’t be questioned. The new Lockhart Gardner employee Caitlin makes her debut.

Diane applauds Eli as a member of the Lockhart Gardner family and asks Eli for help with the behind the scenes Ambassadorial immunity problem. he says he will help. Alicia tries to speak up for the Taiwanese student but a judge (Peter Riegert) shows up and intones the One China rule. The United States only formally recognizes one China so Taiwanese students cant invoke immunity.

Eli hunts down an ex-wife (Parker Posey) running. Eli wants the lobby of the Dutch Ambassador to back off. She is a fixer for the runner for President. He wants to know who she knows at State for information about the Taiwan diplomatic immunity. Doug Rothstein is the one to talk to. She wants to know Kim Cuzzler and wants Eli’s opinion.

Vanessa wants a special favor in return. This is for her. She wants a referral for professional romance. Cuzzler approached her State Senate. Eli laughs. Vanessa says it is a good time for a woman. She needs a professional pinion kick his tires as a handler and see if he’s real. Eli agrees to meet with Cuzzler.

Caitlin reviews the booze cruise photos. Maya was missing a bracelet that comes in pairs. Caitline says she is showing two different cup color that evening. A stoplight cup says you are in a relationship. The cup in the photo from later an hour after the first pick it’s green. Alicia wonders why hrus later Maya was open to a relationship in a formal way.

Kalinda interviews Maya’s boyfriend. The boyfriend broke up with her on the phone but he says no. She ran over him via cellphone and broke up. Maya left him a  voice mail and Kalinda leaves it and the firm listens it. Carey already has it as evidence. In the voice mail the Dutch guy says to not touch her. Kalinda learns he played it for someone else too.

Matan moves Carey’s office space at his desk elsewhere. Carey says is it from Peter that it has been delegated about office jockeying. The guy at work, Matan, says to Dana that Carey has a thing for ethnic women and every black or Hispanic woman through the office gets his attention. Matan tells Carey a few days later again to pack up his office.

At home Zach and Grace ask Alicia pointed questions about who she sees when he is not with them. Grace and Alicia watch Alicia closely and ask if she sees anyone they know. Zach wants a car.

Will meets Zach sitting in Alicia’s office at her desk. he works on her computer. The IT guy chewed Alicia out for Zach saving files for her network drive at work. The IT guy charged the company for storing his files. Alicia senses Zach wants more.

At the dinner the clown Cuzzler tries to impress Vanessa. She wants Eli’s help. Eli figures out citizen engagement and RTR was a joke and he says Cuzzler cannot be her campaign manager. But Eli doesn’t want to do it either. She wants him to get her started and do some polling. She doesn’t have the stomach for it, he says. Vanessa gives Eli the news from State.

Carey is stunned to learn from Dan that the State department will have a hearing to release the Taiwanese student. Dana the new friend of Carey (a black woman) helps Carey to meet her political position uncle. He works with the Obama State Department. Dana’s uncle asks about her breaking up with her boyfriend. Dana talks about the One China rule and he wants to know more. care impresses the uncle and Dana and Carey kiss in the car although she expects to be fired.

Eli tells Kalinda to vet his ex-wife. Eli says to be as thorough as his enemies would be.

The status of Jin Pin is held by the State department with Carey from the State’s Attorney’s office. Caitlin notes that Carey is smiling. Alicia goes to call Eli’s ex-wife as a spokeswoman for the State Department for Vanessa but she gets a call form her superiors at the same moment. The State department didn’t want to slap China in the face and Alicia moves to get home bail and do discovery.

The trace evidence is found on Jin Pin of a blond hair and he says it is Anders’. The girl Maya was blonde but it is not her hair. But Anders was not held and investigated, and the police didn’t do a suspect exam. Alicia asks if he has a gym locker combination at school. Kalinda goes to get the belongings.

Kalinda goes in the locker of the Dutch man. He has the other seasickness bracelet and Carey is mad she jus happen to have the combination. Matan is there when Carey gets the call. Then Carey is moved to a cubicle at State and not hap about it.

Kalinda tracks th Dubai trips during the trips to Dubai she took during the marriage to Eli. Omar tate is the name she is looking for. Vanessa says her vetting is independent of Mr. Gold. She says Omar was a mistake. Eli does not know she cheated on him with the Middle Eastern man. (Eli is Jewish).

Witnesses from the booze cruise interview with Alicia. They had the GPS from the phone installed  with a panic button. The panic button app from the Internet is one that tracks a rape app. The history shows that Maya pushed the panic button but it didn’t show the location. She pressed the button at 11‘34 p.m. Jin bought a mojito at 11:34 p.m.

Carey realizes from the receipt that the Dutch student did it, bought the drink using Pin’s credit card. Taiwanese people sign their surname first. Carey goes to the university. Diplomatic immunity provides immunity to embassy offspring if they are adult students but since dropping out of classes the Dutch man  not eligible because he is not a full time student. Carey goes to the campus and arm-twists the Dutch man into testifying that Jin Pin went below and killed Maya.

Kalinda meets with Eli and says the ex-wife Vanessa  shouldn’t run. An involvement with an organizing board for Rod Blagovich is the reason. Eli sense there is more. Omar Bin Laden is Arash Tate’s real name, Omar Bin Laden. Eli says in outrage that his ex-wife slept with a Bin Laden. Eli is hurt and incensed his ex-wife slept with a Bin Laden during their marriage.

Eli advises his wife not to run. He says fund raising for Rod Blagovich is bad. Vanessa guesses that Kalinda told him. Eli erupts disgustedly that that his semen mixed with Bin Laden in 2007. He says they were happy. She says it wasn’t fine to fly out. But he says he thought he got 2006 and 2007 right and she says he did but sometimes it is just too late.

David Lee’s niece Caitlin and Alicia drive to the house of the Taiwanese man but see him drive by. They swerve. Carey calls and says that Chin  just broke his electronic perimeter. Carey says she has a legal obligation to report that. Alicia says that the Audi headed to O’Hare just passed her. They arrest Chin  as a guilty and even Caitlin is disappointed.

At the office Alicia winds down from the case. Will wonders if Alicia wants them to meet her kids formally as the man in her life. She says no. He says he was lame with Will. Caitlin falls hard for Will. Alicia says if he had any questions to come to him first. But Caitlin smiles.

Carey finds his stuff boxed up again and is quietly furious. He says to Matan what now but finds his office stuff moved to another place, per Peter. Carey made Deputy State’s Attorney. Matan says he kissed enough butts and he guesses that you must eventually kiss the right one. Carey walks into a sweet new office with a flag and a big desk.

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