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Blue Bloods- Night on the Town- recap

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Written by : published Monday 31st October 2011

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Jamie’s call to save the mobster drug addict has consequences. Noble Sanfino gets a call from “Jimmy’ and he wants to meet after going through rehab. Jamie temporizes but but Noble says his family wants to thank him. Jamie says he has a thing but Noble the mobster says his family wants to meet him. Jamie knows that if he starts down the road as undercover he is committed until a bust.

A young Irish man tells his girlfriend he has a job, but he gets into a van full of strangers and pretends to get hurt in a car accident. The other scammers are shocked to see he is really dead having reached for his cellphone which dropped on the floor during the accident. Danny plans a romantic weekend for his wife after work.

The young Irish man Liam Keough gets killed in a car accident and the scam has Danny on the case. He sees the fake accident victims and doesn’t buy it. the painting crew has no paint on their shoes and a soccer team with no cleats. Danny says it looks more like a date than an accident.

Danny derides the fake victims acting like they are in  pain.Tess is Liam’s girlfriend nd she talks to Danny and his partner. the clinic is on Delancey. Hygienic Medical is the clinic.

They talk to the girlfriend about the medicaid scam from the medical clams. The Doctor from a clinic is supposedly setting these up and using the clinic as bait to get low income offender into the ring. Danny says Liam is not covered by doctor patient confidentiality because he is a corpse.

Doctor Roth is smooth under Danny’s pressure and says they wont let him see the record with a subpoena. Roth says he has lawyers for this, a  lot of them and good ones. The cop in Danny smells a rat but Roth says “See, my waiting room has the left behind, the fallen through the cracks, and the forgotten.”

The cop won’t give him a lollipop. Liam had a rare blood type and got extra money.
but the clinic had a cure for low cash flow. His girlfriend says that he was sucked into the scam because they were low on money after coming from Ireland. Danny recognises one of the nurses who is framing another phony scam.

Henry and the Commissioner skip the kid stuff and try to take the boys for the weekend while the couple gets a romantic weekend alone. But they cant find the tickets to the killer Broadway show and the kids are slightly bored by dinner out with the adults.

Danny caught the case so Erin and her daughter are cooking. Danny’s wife says they are rusty on the boyfriend and the girlfriend thing to forget the job worries and the money worries on queue. Jamie talks to Frank.

Franks says did he call the OCCB and Jamie says no Frank says he cant break chain of command. Jamie says he is talking as the undercover vet to rookie talk they have is not frutiful. james wnats to turn back the clock and never meet that guy undercover ad never take him to the hosptial. Franks ays this is not an option.

He says he wants to step up and his stomach goes in knots. Frank says the tension goes with the territory. Frank says any particular call to duty has to be what he is truly undercover and to hang with mobsters is serious business in anybody’s book. Chicken is a playground taunt.

Jamie calls Noble and takes the meeting for the family and asks for the when and where. Jamie stops by a charity foundation and hears a beautiful girl singing a hymn. Jamie is touched but leaves for his meeting with the Noble Sanfino for a family and friends and family soft opening at restaurant.

Danny chases the nurse he saw in the clinic. Somebody did die and nobody left a paper trail. the girl has scam of her own going. Danny says she will record a conversation with Dr. Roth. The Doctor was supposed to confess he knows about the car accident scam.

Danny twists her arm of a former bust to get it, the nurse is a girl he might have busted but didn’t. She pans for get a rich kid to fall for her as the nurse some day. She says she’s never had a Jewish guy and he is on her bucket list. Danny leaves to stake out from the car. He says her practising without a license in a medicaid mill breaks her parole.

Danny makes  an apologetic call to his wife about missing their dirty weekend. Nikki fixes the food wrong. But the weekend gets stalled. Danny pleads that the young couple is Irish. Erin says they are way overdue for the weekend alone.

Danny’s wife wears lingerie and says for him not to blow this and Danny says he won’t. But Danny sees Roth leave the restaurant quickly after arriving and wonders where he is going.

Danny misses the girl calling and when Roth leaves he finds the girl has disappeared alone out the back. He goes through the kitchen and sees she let by herself and got away. Danny knows the game has been scared. Danny has a dead guy on his hands and wants whomever is responsible.

Jamie meets the Noble gangster family at their restaurant and manages to remain calm. The same beautiful girl is there singing in the crowd and is part of their family scene. She sees Jamie but does not mention where and when she has seen him before Noble Sanfinos father meets Jamie and gives him a careful once over. Jamie;s undercover career has begun.

At the party the singer is Noble’s sister. Noble wants to party and drags Jamie and the sister along. He gets dragged out on a night on the town. Noble shoots th dealer full of LSD and smack and cocaine to pay him back for the bad drug trip that washed him through rehab. His sister gets left in the car so she stays out of it.

Danny finds the girl and force her to smoke to explain why she is gone. Glen got a call about the accident. She liked the guy and Roth lot his money and Madoff. He says he can get it at the Dandridge. Linda has dinner with Danny but knows the job comes first. Henry and the boys enjoy movies at home with Francis and Erin. they watch Westerns on TV. Erin realizes the Broadway is about the Book of Mormon. They dodged a bullet.

At the club Noble says to the dealer he should be a good by and take his medicine. Jamie has to watch as the man purposely overdoses and Noble induces specific hallucinogenic bats to haunt him. Jamie is the muscle on the job unwittingly. Noble says for Jamie to cut him loose. Noble laughs through the whole thing.

Danny arrives back at the hotel just in time for a seduction by Linda. Danny and Linda enjoy a night of fun.Danny gets a voice recorder under the hotel room floor later that night. He arrests Roth in the morning who is checking out of the same hotel. The doctor says his lawyers will make Danny sorry but Danny says his lawyer is under arrest as well. Danny takes the bags.

Jamie talks about his night with Francis. he got the drugged man to the hospital. His father says he can still walk away. Jamie analyzes what Noble is doing and doesn’t think it is necessarily mob style. He wants to stay undercover and really contribute. Frank faces that his son is in real danger this time around.

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