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Spooks-Season ten-Episode Six -Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 30th October 2011

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Mrs. Elena Gavrik (Alice Krige) calls the man in the Russian dacha. They are in league. In Russia the bald young man is notified and leaves with a briefcase. At Moscow airport the man says code words and the gate officer lets him board the plane with a weapon in the scanner.

On board he watches the case carefully on the flight to London. A stewardess gets suspicious and near London airport destination he drags her in the bathroom and strangles her.

Elena calls her Russian contact and says the talks accord signing date has been moved up to that day. The man says their timetable will have to move also to strike that day.

Erin says they need to get Harry back and Ruth needs to be the inside woman. Cullum tracks a CIA flight slotted for cargo transport out of Britain the next day. They posit that Harry will be on it.

At the talks Mrs. Gavrik smiles for the cameras but talks to Ruth. She insists she meet in a room with Harry. She imparts enough detail about Tariq’s death and other details to impress Ruth. She says that lives are’at stake.

During Gavrik’s press interview Ruth pretends Mrs. Gavrik has an interview. The guard is distracted. Ruth sneaks her out but Sasha joins them in the car at gunpoint. Cullum texts that this is becoming a real family affair. Ruth almost winces.

Dmetri and Erin spring Harry from the black CIA vans taking him to the DC-3 flight to America. Harry drily remarks to Dmetri this will come up during his pay review. They get Harry to an abandoned coastal reserve tank. Harry is amazed at the turn of events.

Sasha is there and can barely look Harry in the eye. Sasha says he read Jim Culver’s file. Harry says he knows. Sasha can barely call Gavrik his father and uses his proper name. Harry insists on getting Sasha’s sidearm, which the young man turns over. (Harry is Sasha’s father with Elena).

The Home Secretary is told of Harry’s escape and Gavrik also calls about his wife and son missing.

In th cells, Elena confesses to being a double agent, turning Harry all those years ago upon discovering his lie about her parents’ death. Hary is stunned. She was working for the Russian secret service all along. She was planted in London to catch Harry. Ruth and the group are amazed.

Sasha is not his son. She is a partisan radical but cannot live with the deaths of the London crash though and begs Harry to stop the plane. Elena gives Harry some British land physical coordinates. Harry advises the Home Secretary of the threat.

Erin and Dmetri get to the scene of the land coordinates. It is an office in the back of a warehouse. A shredded bunch of paper and a dead man await them. They find a picture of the bald man. Ilya Gavrik is notified his wife and son have disappeared.

The bald man is found as a passenger on the Russian flight using facial recognition software. It is shown he moves a briefcase through customs.

Harry calls the Home Secretary to scramble jets. Gavrik calls his car and demands to drive himself. Harry calls Gavrik and tells him where they are. Gavrik arrives and listens to what is going on. The plane does not respond to any hailing from London airport.

Ruth suspects Elena. Ruth challenges Elena about using her son as a guilt device on Harry all these years ago.

Ruth advises Harry that Elena is not to be trusted, that he never really knew her. She realizes Elena is a fanatic who is manipulating Harry to start a war and ruin the peace accord by shooting the Russian flight down. She tells Harry.

On board, the bald man watches the nearby skyline anxiously. Ruth wonders why she feels like an audience and telephones Erin. She says to look for what does not belong. They find the shredder deliberately jammed to allow the spooks to find the picture of the bald man. 

Harry walks into Elena’s cell and assaults and holds an unwitting Sasha at gunpoint. He says she is ten times the spy he ever was. Since Sasha is not his son, what does he have to lose? Elena does not break but everyone knows she is lying.

Even Sasha is disgusted. Harry rescinds the order but Sasha is repulsed. Elena used him as a guilt weapon against Harry all these years, even letting Sasha believe he was Pearce’s son and not Gavrik’s for her ends. Sasha shakes off his mother’s embrace. Gavrik is shocked at his wife’s intentions.

Cullum posits the briefcase is a jammer which effects the plane’s ability to contact the British airport. The Home Secretary won’t stop the attack on Harry’s word. Only the threat of Russian response can cow the British forces now. Gavrik won’t make the call unless he is in the room with Elena.

Gavrik wants the key to Elena’s cell in exchange. Ruth gives him the key. Gavrik advises the Home Secretary the threat is not real and he can stand down British nuclear missiles in twelve hours if he does not comply and refuse the order to shoot down the plane.

The Home Secretary orders weapons cold and the jets hold off. The bald man is not happy about this. Harry orders a team to intercept him at the airport.

Gavrik goes into the room and locks the door and strangles Elena while Sasha watches. He throws a chair at the watch window but cannot break into the room in time. Erin shoots the bulletproof glass but not fast enough. Dmetri and Erin get into the room seconds too late.

Sasha is shocked and stunned and Gavrik is also in shock. Erin and Dmetri rush in. Sasha grabs a shard of broken glass and goes looking for Harry. Erin sees his and calls Harry to warn him.

On the marsh coast, the dust settles. Harry feels used and worn out.

Ruth tells Harry she bought that house for them both to live in. She asks Harry to leave the service and come live his days in peace with her. But Sasha runs up and tries to hurt Harry. He tells Harry he knew his father would kill her, but Ruth does not run like Harry advises.

Sasha is upset and aims for Harry. Ruth confides that she is the one who gave Gavrik the key and Sasha knifes Ruth and then Dmetri shoots him. Sasha fals dead.

Ruth is seriously injured. Erin and Dmetri help but nothing can come in time. Ruth dies in Harry’s arms.

Harry visits the house Ruth bought, and it would have been perfect for the two of them. Her words play in his mind, begging him to quit the service and live out her days happily with her.

Heartbroken he leaves and comes back to the grid, where Ruth’s name is etched on the MI-5 halls of fallen officers. Cullum and Dmetri and Erin watch him. The phone rings and Harry winces, then answers it.

The Home Secretary rings Harry and says no rush to be back but he understands he has gone outside the firm for a contract on the Russian mastermind Elena answered to. He then breaks off and says he doesn’t want to know.

In Russia, Tom Quinn knocks on Levitskow’s gate and nods to the guard, and decommissioned MI-5 officer Tom Quinn comes to the Russian mastermind’s door.

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