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Supernatural- Slash Fiction-recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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Sam and Dean rob a bank and crowd the hostages into the safe. They crack wise and raise their machine guns and fire into the group, killing everyone. The security camera footage is shown on TV. The Winchesters were presumed dead but now fascinate news TV.

The Leviathan Chet is under the spell and challenges Bobby Singer to hurt him. Chet calls the Winchesters chew toys and meatsicles. They have been Xeroxed. Chet says they can lift the DNA from the hair and copy people.

Bobby can’t harm Chet. He tries everything but nothing works. Sam continues to pressure Dean about whatever he is holding back. Dean won't talk. Bobby and the Winchesters are stunned to learn the Leviathan Edgar under the car block they dropped walked away and still lives.

Bobby sends them to Frank Deveraugh. On the way they intercept a gas station the fake Winchesters have hit. They look at the map and see the locations are places they already had cases at. Frank tells them how to stay off the grid. Dean is incensed they have to ditch the car. Frank calls them the psycho Butch and Sundance.

Back at the cabin, the Sherriff visits to say thank you to Bobby for rescuing her from the hospital. Bobby is unsure how to act. Chet the Leviathan copies Bobby and becomes him, and swims around in his head. Singer has some secrets. Bobby gets taunted about his past and his problems until a spatter of something from the floor above makes Chet scream.

Bobby runs upstairs to see the Sherriff cleaning the floor. She is using Borax. He kisses her.

Frank butchers Sam’s laptop and charges them $5,000. Chet confessed earlier he used spyware to find them using the Internet. He makes them fake ID’s. Dean notices that Sam is wondering what he is hiding again, the thing that the Egyptian Horus God wouldn’t even reveal. Dean plays innocent.

In Anjany, they catch up with the doppelgangers driving around but then they are arrested instead. The Leviathans grin and drive away. Sam and Dean are arrested for the murders they didnt commit.

The local sheriff says Dean is evil but listens to the phone call to Bobby Singer about the Borax. Bobby mentions keeping the heads separate. The sherriff says Dean is perverted but then sees the Leviathans at work.

Inside the jail the fake Winchesters walk in, and start to kill the humans they call meat puppets and chew them up. They talk about a boss who has a plan they are supposed to follow.

In the interrogation room, the Leviathan Dean taunts the real Sam about what Dean really thinks of Sam. Dean has doubts about Sam's courage. The fake Dean lets Sam know that in the past Dean really killed Amy and never told him. Sam is all kinds of stunned, especially when Dean breaks in and Boraxes the guy. Sam can hardly speak.

Dean convinces the local sherriff to pretend like everything he saw didn't exist. The sherriff and his daughter the coroner pretend to the FBI the Winchesters are dead and their bodies have been cremated and returned per their living will.The heads are gone wth Dean.

The FBI man is a Leviathan and comes back to chew them up. He can’t find the heads.

The FBI Leviathan calls a man in charge, a bigwif named Roman. He updates him and gives apologies that the Winchesters are still alive and that the heads are missing from the two Leviathans posing as them.

Roman sends his driver for a decaf latte with two shots of vanilla and gets in the limo. Crowley appears in the limo. He brings gifts, there are gluten free baby uvulas in the muffins. Crowley wants an alliance. He says, "Dick Roman, you and I control large interests that could meld to the benefit of all." Crowley wants straight talk and to be friends.

Crowley is stunned when Dick turns down the opportunity to be friends. He calls Crowley a bottom feeding mutation. He wouldn't even dip demons in garlic sauce. the demns are whores and lazy. he says to crowley that if he wasn't busy with better things he’d actively wipe his kind from the face of the universe. Crowley disappears.

Meanwhile as Dean goes to dump the heads of the fake Sam and Dean Winchester Leviathan heads, Sam can’t get his head around Dean killing Amy. He confronts Dean about the truth. Dean sobers but Sam can’t face it. He walks off alone and leaves Dean.

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