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CSI: New York- Air Apparent- Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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Hank Frazier listens from prison as his brother plays a championship basketball game and wins it. the coach is called the winningest coach in ADL history. The man coaches as if from one mind the steps and move leading to the final basket.

The next day that he is released on parole, he says to his brother he would have gone another way and he is clean. He shows a picture of his girlfriend Angela. Riley says that the winning game was for him. Hank, the inmate, says only two things kept him sane in that cell. The brother’s basketball career and his girlfriend Angela, a brunette.

Next scene: Angela is dead on the floor, brutally murdered. Knife wounds leave her covered in blood. The word is scrawled on the wall in red blood, “Hank”.

At home, a woman and Riley pray before dinner. Hank comes home late, sitting while still tucking his shirt in. The older woman does not look at him. Soon after the cops come in quickly, armed. Hank looks guilty. He is arrested for the murder for Angela Kelly. His brother explodes in rage.

The cops frame a scene of violent murder. Knife wounds numbering ten killed the girl.  But Hank reacts in nauseated denial and says he was elsewhere. Flack says that a crack house getting high is not murder alibi. He says he will confess and wants first to speak to his brother.

Laminated plastic with a reflective surface shreds are found. The wounds do not all match up. The less force wounds have more hilt impact, which does not make sense.

Riley shows up to talk to his brother. Riley gets in the interrogation room  with his brother and starts to tear up Hank. Their mother wrote the brother off years ago. Flack says they will get a lot from observing the witnesses. Mac sees a contract to help Riley play basketball written when he was 7. Coke was found in Hank’s system.

Hank was a Brooklyn high school basketball player who tore is Achilles tendon. The recovery got him stuck to painkillers. His high school girlfriend stuck with him.

Danville and the forensic examiner have some news. The nerves and use of her fingers were limited due to spinal cord damage from the knife wounds. Angela Kelly did not write her name on the door because her nerves were dead in that finger. Someone else wrote the name “Hank”.

A flashback shows Hank couldn’t stay clean for more than three weeks. Syd says the hilt marks were staged. The same brand of knives were purchased and the missing one tested. The missing weapon is the murder weapon. Killing Angela took time. The crime scene needs to be re-evaluated. Blood stain from a foreign donor is found. Lindsay does the blood analysis.

A low level sample is amplified. There is a torn document. Mac says that Hank may still be connected to the murder. Flack drops by his crackhead sister. he pretends he is just in the neighborhood. She guesses he caught a homicide and a sibling addict is at fault. She says she had been clean and sober as a church mouse.

Getting into his car, Flack sees his sister exit her building and follows her.

Danville talks to Adam. The photo polymer film under the microscope had a three dimensional hologram. A laser show shows a hologram is a business logo of Santo Illuve, an energy supplement company in California.

The epithelial is a pharmacist, Nick Blunt. His place of employment is a barbershop groove Cuts. Angela cut his hair and so her hair is under fingernails. They mention Hank Frazier. The man grabs a knife and grabs a woman. Lindsay pulls a gun and talks tough. They arrest him but have unanswered questions.

Bunt has no motive. They find a kit of key molds at his apartment. There is also another blood type from the murder scene. The torn up document from the murder scene is a letter. The staged murder scene leaves more clues.

Adam has more for Danville. The holistic company is more involved. They just teamed up with Wyandotte sports making bracelets for athletes. The holograms keep up energy and stamina. The I.D. factor links the bracelet to the owner.

Flack shows up at his sister’s apartment. he says that he followed her. She applied for work and lied on her job application. Sam lied about her substance abuse. Flack says she can do whatever she want. She says the Flack men had NYPD in their blood. She says she was a screwup and he says she had her writing. She says it’s too late.

Mac and Danville re-examine the case. A low paid ex-con like Nick should not own an expensive bracelet for no reason. The third person in the room had it. But Adam says only the person in charge of team equipment other than a player would have it, like the coach.

Riley Frazier’s ADL team bracelet would have been accessed by the coach first. The bracelet was made exclusively for Riley’s team. The donated apparel goes to the person in charge of the team. Coach Gavin the legend comes into focus. Danville shares the report from the sports recruiting blogs. Riley wanted to go to Kansas. But now with Hank a dark factor, Riley will change his mind.

Jo says it can go any way with Riley’s drafting and his not talks about what school he intended to enroll in. And schools will pay top dollar for influences to decide the player. Coach Gavin stands to make millions hip-pocketing Riley’s choice of college.

Hank was always the driving force in Riley’s choices and Riley was on record with Kansas. But with Hank out of the way the coach could control what Riley decided. Mac sees that Gavin paid Nick in exclusive sports gear for the assistance.

Mac posits that Hank knows now who did it and that he didn’t say anything about this to them because he plans to do something about it. After a practice, the crowd thins and Coach Gavin meets with the crowd while an angry and tense Hank enters the gym and heads straight for him. His hands are clamped shut.

But as Hank comes down the bleachers towards the coach a commotion is heard and police crowd the room. Hank’s mother and Riley connect the dots as they see Hank present when the coach is arrested.

Flack stops Hank with a knife as the cops arrest Gavin in front of the crowd. Mac goes over his stats and three felonies. Mac says the blood drop matches Gavin’s DNA at the crime scene. Mac guesses it was a bloody nose. Gavin says he hired Nick because he had access to Angela.

Nick will confess when he is conscious and able. he was planted drugs to get Hank’s parole violated. Angela was surprised by nick, who killed her instead. She wasn’t supposed to be home. Nick called and Gavin came to find a dead body. Mac says he fixed things by arranging the murder scene to frame Hank.

A flashback shows that Nick was supposed to plant the drugs to get Hank’s parole broken, but Nick saw Angela come home and panicked and killed Angela.

With Gavin behind bars, Riley and his mother make a new peace with Hank for the journey ahead. Flack sees how things can look wrong and also gives his sister a new perspective and support.

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