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Community s03e05 "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps"

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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Reminder: One of them is crazy and Britta wants to find out which.


The personality tests Britta made everyone take came back with one having all but two of the red flags for extreme personality disorders, and she wants to find out who it is without letting them know that she's trying. So she has everyone tell scary stories and react to them. She starts with a classic two-kids-making-out-in-the-woods story. Then Abed tells a totally logical monster story that isn't scary at all. Then Annie tells a Victorian vampire romance with a werewolf twist. Then Troy tells a mad scientist story. Pierce tells one where they're all stereotypes that's not even a horror story. And Shirley tells what's basically a sermon about the end times. Everyone gets bored and Britta is forced to tell everyone what's going on, and, of course, they all turn on each other.

So Jeff tells a story where the bad guy is none of them (it's Chang), but they defuse the problem before anyone gets killed. Once they all calm down, they realize that Britta put the scantrons through the machine backward--it's really that only one of them DIDN'T have all the signs of mental disorder. They start to talk about figuring out which one is sane, and then decide to just keep the comforting through that any one might be the sane one. The credits, however, tell us that Abed is the sane one.


It's great that Abed, the one who is so often called crazy, is the only one of them that's actually sane.

This episode wasn't as absolutely perfect as last week's multiple-reality story with a similar structure, but it was really fun. Everyone got to show a little of how they actually see each other, and a little of the framework of their mindspace. Jeff got to make out with Britta and Annie, and Britta also got to make out with Abed. Troy got to tell a story that was made to be awesome. The Dean got to be the Devil. And in the end, it turns out they're all as crazy as we know they are.

This season is focusing so much on how nuts everyone is that it'll be interesting if there's a payoff--are they going to have to face the fact that they're bad people? Are they going to have to reintegrate into society? Are they going to wind up going their separate ways to find out who they are? Or are they going to get more and more crazy until they're all locked up in a loony bin? Which might actually be funnier.

Running gags: The taco meat that made them zombies last year, Pierce's racism,

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