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Oh Honey

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Written by : published Tuesday 15th February 2011

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Katy Perry stars as Honey, Zoey's hot cousin. Ted gets set up with her as a way to get clear of his thing for Zoey.

Marshall hears about all this via telephone while at home in Minnesota.

Katy Perry plays Honey, a easy knockout who is Ted's for the asking.

Zoey sets up them but Ted confesses to the group that he can't handle his feelings for Zoey anymore. He lets

Barney takes Honey (Katy Perry) home and scores. But when he tells the story it's different.

Marshall hears abut it via various telephone conversations which sound different depending on whomever was telling the story.

Lily gets blamed when Ted musters courage to tell Zoey not to come around anymore.

But when Barney calls Marshall he says how weird it was that Zoey was so happy that Ted didn't take her cousin home.

But Honey calls Marshall from Barney's lost cellphone saying he spent the whole night crying.

Marshall hears from Lily that she tells Zoey that Robin hates her. Robin is the one who called Marshall in the first place.

Marshall's brother and mother are listening in on the phone conversations and say that Zoey set Ted up with the cousin to get over her own feelings for him.

Zoey is married but we see in this episode she is looking for her own apartment, things with the Captain did not work out.

As Zoey comes back to Ted, they stand in the hall each on the brink of confessing their feelings.

Marshall calls both of them to let them in on the secret and they fall into each other's arms.


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