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The Good Wife - Marthas and Caitlins - Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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The Florricks discuss Grace’s tutor. Grace’s grades have risen. Alicia tell Peter she’ll handle it with a fly swatter not a bazooka. Peter is incensed. Will calls Alicia into David Lee to hire another first year associate.

Will warns Alicia that the new associate Celeste in the aircraft case will try to get close to her and use questions to find out her relationship to  Ceeste later tries to ask Alicia for drinks to trade horror stories.

Diane Lockhart starts the Hammett aircraft plane crash lawsuit. But during opening statements the whistleblower put his gun in his mouth and shots himself. The testimony in deposition is the evidence now. The de-icing in the wings is the system that failed.

Lee tells Alicia she makes more than Peter and he can come after her for spousal support. But Alicia tells David that Eli is chasing the governorship and cant afford to alienate voters.

Kalinda tells David Lee  that Peter is looking for the governorship. Eli finds out the Commitee is featuring another speaker and not Peter Florrick. Eli is nervous that the Committee is pinning Florrick’s candidacy to his marriage. Alicia and Peter being separated is still a secret.

Adam Spellman’s wife is a devout Baptist and contributed to a political committee through his wife. Kalinda is disturbed to be working for Peter in a roundabout way. Kalinda says no. Eli is floored. he also researches all the other possible candidates for Governor.

Mr. Sweeney is the blind copy recipient of the notification of the de-icing wings system. The financier of the IPO was a defendant they put away years ago. The witness has shot himself of the icing mechanics. They can’t cross examine the deceased. The opposing attorney says the suicide note is about the testimony. His wife had accused him of sleeping with the nanny.

Alicia interviews the tutor Jennifer and meets her for coffee. She is 22. The videos are disturbing to both Peter and Alicia. She stipulates that she just wants Jennifer to be a tutor and not make the videos anymore. Jennifer says OK.

Celeste is floored that the only way to get the testimony from the venture capitalist is through Alicia. The witness can’t touch the interviewers and there is a panic button. Alicia goes to talk to the incarcerated witness. He has a tattoo and there is a “Silence the Lambs” vibe. He makes much of Alicia. He asks why doesn’t she like him. Then he agrees to cooperate because of his feelings for Alicia and because it will help her.

Alicia interviews two main candidates who conflict styles with each other. He says he likes her and what can he do for her. Alicia says he murdered his wife. But the witness says there is nothing he can do about that. He will testify to help her. He makes it personal.

Alicia separates Martha and Caitlin and their personal styes versus legal specialty and professional focus. Martha likes old movies and has an offer and works as a team and likes the family spirit. Caitlin likes skateboarding on a trampoline.

Sweeney is on camera and makes remarks that make Alicia nervous. Celeste says they are lovers and Alicia is breaking up with her. The GR6 developed potential problems. He attended the meeting. Sweeney pretends to be flummoxed and having second thoughts. he says he is undercutting the case because he wants freedom. With good behavior he has good behavior.

He has something to offer the state’s attorney. Sweeney the wife killer wants to make a deal. The racial sentencing woman is also present. They tell Carey that the increase in heroin trade including guards is happening at the jail. Diane and Alicia pitch the offer.

Amani advises to make the deal. Two years left on an involuntary manslaughter. Geneva says the deal is bad. Peter wants a wire and more evidence. Eli gets an interview with Donna Brazil. The plea bargain will get a lot of attention. Florrick wants the keynote speech. Eli brings up Kalinda.

Carey and the other lawyer pretend to consider the deal but make small talk instead. Carey makes a counter offer is the most dangerous man in the Illinois county system. Sweeney must testify against him. The last witness was murdered. Sweeney’s deal requirement has mired the case in Alicia’s marriage.

David Lee favors Caitlin and her taste for competition and she finds out that Caitlin is David Lee’s niece. Will says that Alicia must pick and that feels the pressure. Grace asks Alicia if Jennifer says they couldn’t be friends. Jennifer is 22.

Grace starts crying and says she is her only real friend. Grace says that she is at work all the time. But Alicia shuts her down playing the gilt. Alicia is interrupted by the phone ringing and says she will think about it.

Carey finds Sweeney and pitches the deal against Donny Pike. Carey says he wanted a wire. Dane says the deal just got changed. Sweeney will have three hours in the yard. Alicia says it is to dangerous. Alicia says he doesn’t want to do this. Celeste says he cares about him. Celeste says Will is smitten with her. Celeste says she is very vanilla.

David Lee breaks in and says she got to hire who she wanted. David says don’t you dare cross her again. She was given the task because she is unimportant and she’ll take it out of her hands. David Lee makes Celeste looks sympathetic and they go out for drinks.

Alicia says it is like high school how celeste is still trying hurt Will all these years later. Celeste says she will break Alicia and Will up. Celeste draws out the dirt on Will and says that $45,000 is Will’s past guilty action. Celeste says that Will is like her and he will always disappoint her.

At the jail, Sweeney and Donny have their monet alone with the microphone collar. Carey supervises the wire and the session and the lieutennants. Pike must get Pike to admit to the Garfield park murder. Sweeney says the guards won’t get there in time. Alicia says not to get himself killed and Geneva says ‘break a  leg’.

Donny meets Sweeney and gabs. Sweeney confronts the issue and scares Donny off. Carey and Geneva watch as Sweeney watches again. Alicia says to pull him out now. Sweeney needs his help. Sweeney says he has money and he wants the man who did this dead.

Sweeney close the yard visit thinking on his feet. Carey says he only has minutes or the deal is up. Sweeney tries to get Donny to do a murder. He says his VP stabbed him in the back. Sweeney says he has money for the hit but needs to know if Donny can do it and how. He wants to know how much would it cost. Sweeney asks for an explanation since they are in prison how can he effect the hit.

Carey and Alicia move to close the yard stop but Geneva says to wait. Donny mulls the opportunity and says he routes the command to kill to his lieutenant through using his sister. This is on the wire, and will serve as evidence. Alicia gets the order for release signed, saying “A pleasure doing business with you”.

Eli meets with the Committee and Ms. Brazil. She says she is hearing the Florricks live apart. She says the political zeitgeist and the Republicans know they are living apart. They would release it the day he speaks. Eli says what if he promised they would be together. They will consider him for the keynote speaker. later Eli meets up with Alicia at the firm and says they need to chat about the future, sometime.

Sweeney testifies in court. He spills the dirt on the de-icing system just as promised.

Alicia learns that the Committee decided against hiring Martha. When she meets with Martha in the office she learns the girl turned down the other job offer for the job Alicia can’t give her.

David Lee hired his niece behind Alicia’s back. Alicia tells Will why was her illusion of power given. The Celeste passes her by and smiles at Will. Alicia says that she was the Caitlin when she got hired. Will owed David Lee for hiring Alicia herself. Alicia does not know what to think. Will says that Caitlins often surprise you.

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