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The Vampire Diaries- Ghost World- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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Damon is held prisoner by the werewolf Mason. His ring is on the floor and Stefan visits. But Stefan frees him because Damon is under his protection. Then Mason looses the sunlight on a  sizzling Damon...

The town prepares for a celebration. The werwolf’s mother announces the ceremony of the town’s founding. The head of the history department gives a speech. Elena shows up with Alaric and Ben talking.

Anna appears next to Ben, saying the town of Mystic Falls was the founder’s after the founders stole from all the vampires. Vicky’s ghost makes sarcastic comments and Elena sees Jeremy laugh and hold hands with nobody.

Bonnie is told by her summoner she went against the balance of nature. Damon is sure his tormentor is Mason Lockwood’s ghost. It’s news to Damon that ghosts can interact with the living.

Elena learns that Stefan’s old journals show an old friend Lexie that always saved him is now on the other side. The supernatural purgatory leaves Lexie all alone. Anna is doing it all herself. Bonnie suspects to Caroline that summoning the dead people is wrong.

They discuss the physical foothold the ghosts are getting. Caroline feels sorry for Jeremy because his sister. They find a recipe for a manifestation spell that reveals failed matter. Caroline’s grimoire falls open on the street. Bonnie sees the spell.

More than one person wonders about if maybe all supernatural spirits are finding peace. When Elena has lunch with Jeremy. Vicky appears. Stefan visits Elena reading his journals and says he remembers that time but no longer cares. Alaric says he doesn’t have to be there. Stefan says that since people will be arriving for the celebration there will be lots to eat.

Caroline is shown by Bonnie where the witch spell was performed. Bonnie wants to give Vicky her foothold. Jeremy demands of Vicky she swear she isn’t any danger to her or anyone. Vicky says only Jeremy can send her away. He is thinking of her. He kisses her. Bonnie performs the spell as Elena and Alaric arrive at the bar.

Alaric and Damon argue. Mason appears. Alaric is stunned.

Bonnie performs the spell as Caroline objects.

Elena comes to the back of the bar and sees Jeremy and Anna.

Stefan sees Lexie. She says he is off the rails. She says he never wants his help. She snaps him into

Bonnie’s mother appears Mammy Sheila. The consequences of Jeremy cracked
send Vicky Donovan going made a portal for unfinished business. The duty for Bonnie to set it right is to close the door. She is told to stay out of the vampire revenge going on.

The talisman is a power source Bonnie needs. Damon has the necklace. Jeremy bes Elena not to tell Bonnie. Damon gets the text while Mason gets drunk. He is there to help Tyler. Mason says there is a weapon that can kill the hybrid. Mason demands an apology and asks him to meet him alone with a shovel.

Lexie distracts Elena with appearing. A stunned Elena is brought to the dungeon for Ripper detox 101. Klaus compelled to Stefan turn off his humanity. Lexie and Elena dry him out. Starve away the blood lust. Lexie concentrates and Stefan contorts in agony. He asks what she is doing and he say what she does best, saving his life.

Mason says there is an old Lockwood family legend about the weapon that can kill the original vampire. Klaus can be killed. Like other secrets they kept it buried. Damn asks how come they know so much and he says there isn’t much to do on the other side but wth other people screw things up. Damon fears a trap when mason says for Damon to go first. They dig thrugh a wal.

Stefan is being contained in the dungeon Hallucinating three moths without any blood, two years, five.Elene gets a call. Elena begs Bonnie to get Caroline to hold off. She has to choose between boyfriend. Bonnie hears boyfriend dramas plural. Jeremy was kissing Anna and Bonnie learns from Caroline.

Annabelle sees a horrible ghost at the town party. Frerderic and his unfinished business with the founding families as the ceremony gets lit up. Jeremy sees Anna in the crowd. He comes up to Frederic speaking to Annabelle and asks if there is a problem. The man says “Ask your ancestors”.

They murder the history speaker and he is hung skewered on a tree. The body is gory. As people in the crowd scream, the ghost Frederic looks pointedly at Anna.

Lexie tells Elena not to listen to Stefan. he says he loves her over and over. She says she doesn’t believe him. Lexie sticks him with a knife. Stefan tells Lexie she will rip him apart. Elena can’t watch and goes outside. She sees police lights and hears sirens. She learns of the deaths caused by the vampire ghosts.

Caroline and Bonnie search the mansion for the necklace. It’s gone. They suspect Anna, so she can stay in reality with Jeremy. Elena learns from her brother Jeremy about the murders and that he can touch Anna.

The ghost vampires are attacking the founding families. Anna tells Jeremy she didn’t take it. Bonnie is horrified to hear Caroline tell Jeremy off.

Elena asks Jeremy about being able to touch Anna. Elena says it isn’t real. Anna holds up the necklace. Elena begs Jeremy to get the necklace to Bonnie and send the ghosts away.

At the building, Damon can’t trust Mason. But Mason says they have the same agenda. They go through a underground tunnel and makes Damon go first. Damon asks questions. He says he is a ghost, not God. Damon is suddenly skewered by massive opposing lances that shoot from the walls.

Mason comes back. He frees Damon. He says he ripped his heart out. Mason he wathed the people he left behind and regret it. Mason says he wants to spare Tyler pain and find’redemption.

Mrs. Lockwood’s car is seen by Caroline as Bonnie drives.

Caroline sees Frederic, who senses her and passes on. Her boyfriend’s mother is in danger.
Annabelle says she doesn’t know where her mother is. There is no peace. Jeremy holds her and says that she will never be alone.

Lexie taunts the Ripper in Stefan as Elena returns. Stefan is resisting. They have the necklace and can close the door. Lexie says they are close and that Stefan is still in there. Stefan says the necklace represented hope. Stefan comes out a bit.

Damon and Mason find a blockage in the underground cavern. he thinks he may need to be invited in. But as Mason is about to tell Damon the next stage he vanishes. But Damon sees the Viking hieroglyphics.

Bonnie starts the spell and Jeremy brings the talisman necklace. Bonnie’s apparition joins hands with her mother for the spell. Anabell walks to her mother's ghost ( Kelly Hu) as they have a final last embrace.

After the transformation, Bonnie takes the originated talisman from the fireplace after a huge shock of light. The power is now hers.

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