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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Ka Jakaka MaiKa'i - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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As Steve oils up for a big boxing match, William and Weston wonder why they dont throw in the towel. Steve looks good but his opponent is bad news. Meanwhile a man is thrown in the pool taped into a chair to drown.

Kenzi Bligh meets Commander Joe at a picnic bench in the park and up comes McGarrett. Steve owes Sam a steak dinner. Kenzi is reviewing the footage. Steve is shocked. Steve brings an island delicacy. Joe has broken their bond of secrecy. Kenzi works the laptop. The audio file is unrecoverable and sicne nobody has evidently been working on it, the Commander flew her in from Los Angeles.

Joe got Kenzi out of a sticky situation in Jakarta. On the video, the party of the late Governor and Wo Fat and Steve’s father make pleasantries then Steve’s father asks ““I want to know about Shelbourne”

Wo Fat says “Who told you about Shelbourne?”. Steve asks if it means anything to Joe but it does not. Kenzi ran it through the Naval Encryption database. Joe ponders Mikoto’s role in this. Mikoto hired his father to investigate Governor James. Steve says aloha to Kenzi and leaves.

They watch Steve leave and motor off. Kenzi says something tells her he won’t let it go. Joe agrees.

Jake Griffin,the famous restaurant guy, is found dead. The coroner finds the chlorinated water is confusing the time of death. The muzzle burn and entry wound from the gun suggest it was a 38 caliber.

Chin Ho says a robbery gone bad. Laurie says the struggle was contained because the victim was duct taped to the chair. Danno wonders why he was shot. Paintings and jewellery were taken, and small electronics. The victim was duct taped to the chair and shot.

Other home invasions with the same modus operandi happened this week. The man was divorced and had one kid  Danno realizes that school let out fifteen minutes ago and that th son is walking home into the crime scene of his father’s murder. Williams intercepts the son and gets the mother and stepfather to fly in from the mainland for him. Chin Ho notices how Williams cares.

Chin Ho analyzes that the home invasions were all in common with recent electronic work by one company. They interview the people from the company at a restaurant and the one young man seems nervous about the questions they ask.

The Hawaii 5-0 group track the personnel involved and find the staff coincide with the dates of the thefts. Kono says the men were not around the day of the murder. The team goes to their homes and Steve detects that men are taking impressions of the keys they make on the job and using polymers to forge fake access keys..

They look at the last house the company worked on. At the house in question men in black disguises wrap the home owners in duct tape. They wear masks and one says to the other to kill the family dog. The woman screams at the menace. The team use infrared radar and Laurie and Kono work with the team. They eavesdrop on the robbers and what they say to the hostages.

The thieves tape a man to the chair and demand to know where the valuables are. The crew invade the house. They bust up the ring. Danno decides to tie up a thief and then hears the one breakaway thief run. He runs and tackles him. Williams tackles him flying and lands an unnecessary punch. Kono says “Nice work”.

At Police headquarters Williams goes over the thief in questioning. The man says he didn’t do the murder. They say that Jake connected the dots. Jake was onto him and asked him not to talk to the cops. They say he kicked the sister to the curb and she ran the whole operation. They didn’t take anything from Jake Griffin.

The coroner says to Weston that the olfactory senses are the best forensic weapons. The duct tape had exotic oils on the adhesive sides. High velocity blood spatter shows Jake was dead before being strapped to the chair, it was made to look like a murder by the thief compatriots. The thieves did not execute the murder. They take another look at the financial motive.

Samantha Martel, Griffin’s sister, was dropped from the Griffin Enterprises to run the family charity enterprises. It is not a tax shelter. Jake Griffin ran a charity organization of gyms. The youth weight gyms all over the island got kids off the streets. Jake Griffin was rich and his entire estate goes to Josh after he turns 25 and until then the sister is in control of the money and the restaurant business until then.

Steve gets a call from Joe who has left Kenzi at the airport and says they will meet Mikoto the next day. Steve says Kenzi and he had quite a rapport and that she reminds him of wife number two, intense and deadly. Joe laughs that Kenzi is old enough to be his daughter and hangs up.

Joe comes home to his humble abode and senses movement. Commander White grabs a gun from the freezer and turns and sees Wo Fat. He says that he wants to know why Joe is asking questions about men who are no longer with us. Joe says he will stop asking if he will tell him about Shelbourne.

Wo Fat sobers and says Joe has done more work than he could have imagined. Wo Fat says “Tell John McGarrett that his son will be there soon enough.” Wo Fat attacks Joe, who defends himself and lands quite a few blows and punches in martial arts style. They fight all over the small kitchen.

Joe stands his ground but Wo Fat has amazing moves. But after an intense karate fight at close quarters Wo Fat throws Joe against the wall and reaches for the knife block and tightens a string around Joe’s neck. Joe almost strangles and gives one last try and gets the chopping block in his hand and throws it at Wo Fat’s head. Joe makes it to the kitchen floor and turns the grabbed gun on Wo Fat but the man has vanished.

Danno and McGarrett go to the house of Josh Griffin, the dead man’s son and interview his aunt. She got control of the money. Mrs. Martel says she was at the charitable foundation during the murder. Steve asks what blowup got her fired. She did not quit the restaurant and always wanted to work at the charity waiting for an opening. She says she did not kill her brother.

They ask about her access to a gun. Jake had a gun, she says, but Steve says nothing was registered. Jake’s sister says he found out that one guy at one of the gyms got hold of a gun and Jake took it away. He was a fighter and wanted  a pro sponsorship. Mrs. Martel takes the team to the gym. Steve smells the powder for the post workout rubdown and it smells like the oils the forensic office quoted were under the gym’s duct tape.

Mr. Martel comes into the gym office while the men work out. When the detectives look through the gym office desk for the gun she gives them the keys. Danno unlocks the desk and it is gone. Mrs. Martel is nervous and upset and says she saw the gun four weeks ago. Mrs. Martel’s husband walks in. She says just Jake and she and Berrero knew about the gun, Jake said if he wanted to train he had to give up the gun.

Weston researches Berrero from the HQ. Steve and Danno drive in search of him. Berrero went away for armed robbery. He drives a black jeep. Steve and Danno go to his address and find a black jeep parked. They search it and see a 38 caliber in plain sight.

Berrero comes around the corner and asks what are they doing. Steve pulls his gun and says he is with 5-0 to get on the ground right now. Berrero runs. Steve runs after him. Weston says not to engage him in hand to hand combat. But when Berrero runs they chase him.

Williams bawls at the effort and the chase gets intense ovr the rooftops and then Williams circles back and gets his car. Steve jumps down off the roofline when Berrero descends, and he and Williams both chase Berrero into a deserted shaping shop with surfboards everywhere. They sneak in but Berrero pursues Steve by crashing a surfboard on top of him and jamming his gun away, and then engaging in hand to hand combat.

Berrero wades in but Steve plants a body lift in response to a front kick and the fighter is lifted off his feet. Steve throws the fighter on the ground and his shoulder blades crack. The man Berrero yells for him to stop because he is fighting tomorrow. Steve backs off when Williams approaches with a gun.

The man asks what are they after him for and they say the murder of Jake Griffin. Steve says he had the gun. Berrero says he didn’t do it. He says they planted the gun. Steve sees Berrero’s wrist and asks Danno what was the time of death is and then says this is not the killer.

In HQ interrogation, Steve slices off  a hospital wristband from Berrero that places him away at the time of a murder. He says he can’t fake a CT scan at the time of a murder. The man says anyone could have planted a gun. Williams cites his record and says old habits die hard. Berrero says Griffin helped him and he respecte him. he wanted a sonsorship too, but it was his brother in law Mr. Martel who wanted fighters to go pro.

He says that Martel wanted a 20% cut of the pro fighting sponsorship but Berrero turned him down.  Kono researches online and finds Martel’s credit card was used immediately before the murder. He shopped and spent money at a hardware store near the crime scene. He bought duct tape and cleaning supplies shortly before the time of death. (This was to frame the murder victim as a theft)  

Martel gets cornered by Williams and McGarrett at the gym. Mrs. Martel is shocked.

She said that it was an accident and he wouldn’t give him money so they wouldn’t have to come to him hat in hand. He says they were arguing and he went for the gun and Martel panicked. He tells his wife he is sorry and is dragged off in handcuffs.

At the fight Kono and Chin Ho watch Shaved Ice hog the popcorn. The corner there also. he cites the statistics on Berrero. Steve has volunteered to fight for Berrero on the charity card. In the ring, Steve gets chewed up and gives a little back. But in the dressing roo, Steve gets a text from Joe about going to Mokoto’s right now.

Joe s there an announces that Mikoto is dead. Joe says that he was tortured. Steve learns about Wo-Fat’s visit last night. Joe says Mikoto must have known. Joes says they did this, and that their questions got Mikoto killed. Joe asks Steve how many more lives is going down this road going to cost?

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