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The Mentalist- Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?-Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 29th October 2011

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The chief of police is found dead in Fairmont. Jane and his boss Lisbon arrive at the public park to find a body and a car. Fairmont is a resort town with modest residents. Lisbon shares her condolences. Lisbon asks about the Chief’s active cases.

They are looking for the others at the other end of the gun. Drugs and vacationers and spas are their problem.  The chief is a woman and short and Simon notices that the drivers seat is set for someone his height.

They find a blood stain in the trunk. She was shot somewhere else and alive and opens the escape hatch. The woman was bleeding so she was alive and out of the trunk. She was alive when she gets out of the trunk. So they look for where she went.

They look at a nearby house. A man and a girl show up and the young girl has a gun which she trains on the staff. He commands her to put down the gun and she says no.

Andra and Tommy are Lisbon’s little brother Tommy and her niece Annabelle. Lisbon has to ask her many times to put down the gun. Lisbon recognizes them and then

Tommy says that she knows not to touch the guns in the field. Tommy says she is sorry and she wont admit tit.

He is looking for a fugitive skip. He  is a bail enforcement agent now. He brought six guys in the past four months. Lisbon busts his chops. The thirteen eyar old for backup is a problem. She is fourteen. He says the psycho ex dumped his daughter and says she looks good.

The stiff is Carmine ‘Brian nd he bought  abus ticket. he called Chief Green got shot. He found O’Brien nd he killed her. The door was open. he went  into find out about O’Brien. He is an accuntant from St. Louis. Tommy says she will get him first. Tommy asks

Ivy league with no priors he spent his summers in Fairmont. Lisbon orders a background check. Oficer Price form the scene apologise and didn’t check the trunk. The chief;s files has  a Russian guy wit DUI on a breathalyzer. The chief arrested him anyway. He says that is not like her. He says he wants t help out with the interviews.

Andra picks Simon;s pocket. He likes her and gives back her stolen cellphone. Jane and he have to go to work so Lisbon tells her to hang out in her office. O’Brian says that

Jane says she really wants to talk about her brother. Lisbon had to learn by accident her brother for

The bolo for O’Brian. Andra tries to pick on Price and talks about his gun. No prints on the cruiser. They look through O’Brian’s past and the ex-girlfriend.

At the Ellington Inn, the trade conference. They interview the Russian. It is a hot day and he offers her a drink.

The Russian Zuloff cannot remember any contact with Chief Green after the arrest. But last night he had lot to drink but no driving. Jane calls him a sex fiend. Jane says the masseuse got his blood pumping. Jane thinks the Chief stopped Zuloff answering another complaint.

Jane asks and he says he got scratches on his neck hiking. Jane gets the ascot off his neck because it is so hot the neck handkerchief is ridiculous.  The Chief hung the DUI on Zuloff to get the victim to file a complaint. Jane says Zuloff is an opportunist and where did he have the opportunity to commit an assault.

Jane and Lisbon meet Chad the Ellington Inn office manager. Lisbon talks to the property manager about a crime committed to the guest. they need  a list of all the staff who visited Zuloff’s room. The man says that is a valeud guest. jane says it is cold in here. his own personal air conditioner.

The father comes into the office and the son is embarrassed. The father tells the son to show them out. Jane calls the old man a tyrant. Jane shakes the son’s hands.

Outside where the GPS finds O’Brian the detective comes in but Tommy is there. Distracted by the appearance the man sees the cop and runs off. He gets out to shoot but gets run over.

The cops find Sophia Chavez on the tape. Lisbon says t her brother he shouldn’t have been there. Tommy says O’Brian is a Type 1 diabetic and he bribed the pharmacist to see where he picked up his medicine.

Lisbon interviews the maid of the Ellington Inn but she cleans the room and she thought she was alone. The man came out of the bathroom and ripped her uniform he grabbed her. She fought. She told a friend who told her to confess to the Chief but she did not change her mind.

The maid says that the rich get anyway with everything. At the station Tommy admits he might quit. The manager of the Inn says there is no victim.

They call the Russian into questioning. Zuloff says that his masseuse was a little bit ugly. Jane asks is he regularly assaults his masseuses. He says that he went to Chief Green’s home. He wanted to find a resolution. Some big woman arrives Jury. She was upset about something and he left.

Jory is interviewed by Green and the cop. She says Chief Green was there and she wanted to talk about her son Stephen who has some drug problems. Chief Green said that a fugitive might be hiding at the Fairmont. Jory asked the Chief to get her son into a treatment program and she knew he was in a cabin in the woods he uses drugs.

Jory says she had not heard from the son since Green was killed. Chavez won’t testify. Pell hunts the cabin. The cop says that drug buys happen in the woods. Pell notice that leaves were being raked. They find a dead body.

At the Inn pool, Jane watches Price pretend to be a poolside masseuse. She beckons Zuloff, who notices the attractive woman and goes to the poolside tent. Jane watches as several minutes later loud cries and expostulations from the Russian sound out. Clearly heard is him being arrested for solicitation of a police officer. Pell calls Jane as she leads him in handcuffs from the tent.

The boy was dead of a gun blast with a cocaine overdose. The involvement of a Inn contact is surmised by Lisbon. The cop says cocaine is a step up from the Fairmont city trade. Only vacationers and visitors can afford it.

Lisbon finds her niece shooting a game. Anne says she wants to be a cop. They met her brother Tommy, who winks at his daughter. Tommy has bugged his sister and listens to her telephone conversation about the suspect ad the case t find O’Brian.

Chief Green discovered Stephen buying coke and was put in the trunk. The Ivy league accountant is off the list. He is not a drug user. The owner of the cabin is researched. It is the manager of the Ellington Inn.

Jane goes to the cabin and eats apple pies. He moves the mattresses. He strews sugar free snacks around. He makes sure the mattresses line up with looking at the crime scene outside.  He sees the cops coming over and splits. The cops and the owner of the Ellington Inn, who owns the cabin, come in. When Pell and Price see the snacks they think the diabetic accountant was hanging out and saw the crime.

Sell gets over his car accident. Chantel asks a bout Pell’s girlfriend Sarah. Chantel says she is thinking about marriage. Pell ponders what “I love you” means.

They come upon Tommy at the road intersection using a gun on O’Brien. They tell him to put the gun down. At the station, O’Brian won’t tell them what he witnessed. Tommy gets grilled by Lisbon. She knows how he tracked the guy. The tech guys downloaded spyware and piggybacked on her computer.

Lisbon is livid her brother lied to her and broke the rules. Tommy asks Lisbon for a favor. He says the alimony and the rent are killing and the eighth grade prom. She says she is doing him a favor not arresting but to learn how to live his life.

Jane bums into a man at the precinct and picks his pocket. Jane unlocks the accountant and beckons him yon. Jane gives Tommy the bounty. The accountant is confused by what is happening. He says to take the accountant to a motel and meet Lisbon at the Inn, and Tommy is confused but Jane says to follow his orders.

Lisbon wants to talk to O’Brian but Jane gets Lisbon going. They are  taking a shortcut. Lisbon calls Chad. Jane watches smugly. Lisbon calls Chad at Ellington Inn hotel security to get the bounty hunter detained. Tommy arrives following Jane’s instructions and walks into the building to collect his daughter.

Lisbon thinks her brother is coming to collect O’Brian and follows him in. Chad comes up and asks if he is th bounty hunter. Tommy is unsure how to handle this. Chad runs to the man and gets him in his office. Tommy is stone faced as Chad offers him triple the money to duck the bounty for O’Brian and takes him to Mexico. Tommy catches on and asks for million dollars.

Lisbon and Jane break in, having overheard the offer. Jane says that Chad is obviously a coke addict because his pulse was racing when he shook his hand and he needs special air conditioning to suit his overheated metabolism. Chad says that he needed to get rid of the Chief because she noticed the drug trade was growing from his dealing across the city. He dealt to make enough money for his habit.

But Chad grabs Tommy at gunpoint and drags him into the main hotel lobby. Lisbon is flustered but tells Chad to put down the gun, drawing her own. Jane watches warily. Chad drags Tommy toward the door. As Annie walks into the lobby she sees her father held at gunpoint and Chad glances aside and only sees a girl.

Annie thinks fast and pulls the fire alarm. Chad jumps nervously and Tommy belts him aside, while Jane rushes him. Chad crashes to the ground in shock. Both Lisbons subdue the man as Jane shouts “Good Job, Lisbon family!”.

Lisbon brings Chad in. The father says the attorney will be there. The night of the murder he was dealing to Steve about drugs. The Chief stopped to talk to Steve and Chad needed to get money and freaked out and shot her and Stephen. He couldn’t lift Stephen but tried to plant the Chief in the park. The accountant saw it from the house.

He started using drugs a year ago. The need grew. The Chief caught him dealing at the cabin and Chad lost his nerve. Stephen was killed and the Chief too. Chad talks like a maddened fiend. He had to kill them.  His father watches sadly and Jane says ‘no you didn’t”.

Lisbon gets O’Brian out of holding for her brother. Tommy is surprised she is giving the bounty to him. She says she is proud of him. The daughter shows he is doing something right and she is always there for him. Tommy and Anna leaves on a good note as Jane smiles knowingly.

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