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Written by : published Tuesday 15th February 2011

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This episode is about flashing back to the past.

Susan begs for a new kidney but can't get above 6 years on the waiting list. An old high school friend, a guy she barely knew,  happens to be nearby.This guy had a thing for her in high school. He says he asked to be her Friend on FaceBook over a dozen times. When Susan turns around he is signing the papers for the transplant and she is overjoyed. He is a match.This is a flashback to a different Susan.


Lynette's father in law comes to the house poses for a family picture. The new husband (Larry Hagman) is impossible to deal with. He dies on the couch before they are done. Her mom says he's dead and Lynette says "of course he is". Her mother says to wait until the next day or the  new will won't be in effect. Lynette tries to call the police but then her mother hints that with the money she would be all taken care of. Lynette lets the body stay on the couch and the next morning they take the body away. The mom buys everybody rich presents.

Meanwhile Gaby ducks out of a bad shrink session and tells Carlos she is attending 3 days a week. He finds out she is going to the spa instead.  Carlos catches on and finds her on the massage table. Gaby reveals that the shrink wants to talk about her past. It turns out Gaby was protective of Grace because she was molested as a child by her stepfather. Carlos and Gaby refer to her past as something they once discussed. Nobody knows about Gaby's past.

Meanwhile Keith's ex haunts around because the check won't clear for five days. Bree gives her a cashier's check in a pizza place and the ex girlfriend goes to cash it. Keith spots her car and comes in. Keith meets his son and bond instantly over video games. Bree is really concerned she did the wrong thing. Bree later gives the picture of the son to Keith and tells him the truth. Keith stares in shock at the picture.

Lynette realizes her mother is using the money to control her again and her family gets owned by all the presents. The dead man had a Bentley , which Lynettes husband wants. Lynette's freedom from her mother is at an end. When her mother asks them over for Sunday dinner, Lynette's refusal falls on deaf ears. The money controls the Sciavos now. Just like in the past, Lynette is under her mother's control.

Carlos gets Gaby to talk to the shrink about her problems and fears from childhood. Meanwhile Paul Young asks Mike about where Zach is. Mike blows Paul off but is surprised to hear about the gun. Mike visits Zach who is stoned and living as an addict.  Paul has gone to the mansion which is in foreclosure.
Zach asks Mike how screwed up his life must be for him to be there. Mike gets on board as after another visit shows him how crazy addicted Zach is. (Mike as shown as being the one who shot Paul). Mike goes to get Paul Young and they both show up at the hotel to get Zach sorted.

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