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Suburgatory s01e04 "Don't Call Me Shirley"

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Written by : published Saturday 22nd October 2011

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Reminder: Sheila's dolls are stolen and Tessa wants to go back to New York.


Tessa is starting to go stir crazy because of how quiet it is here, and she's excited when she suddenly hears sirens--but disappointed when she finds out that the most sensational crime they've seen in the suburbs in ages is that Sheila's Shirley Temple dolls have been stolen. Noah tries to get George to leverage the hysteria to get people to buy panic rooms and flood his contracting business with work, but George doesn't want to prey on people's fears like that. dallas is so upset that she and Dahlia move in with George and Tessa for a while until it all blows over.

It starts out with Dallas taking over George's room and rearranging his stuff, and ends with them eating off the same plate in the kitchen the next morning, planning all the great things their two families will be doing together.

Tessa and Dahlia hate sharing a room and to get them both back to their own spaces, they hatch a plan where Dahlia will accuse Tessa of being the thief, and then she can go home and Tess can go back to NY. It of course backfires. George doesn't believe her for a moment, and when she goes to appologize to Sheila, Lisa won't let her take credit--because she was the real thief. She did it because her mom pays more attention to the dolls than she does to her.


Asside from the fact that they totally missed the chance for Tessa to investigate the crime for the school newspaper--and then maybe cover it up because two thirds of the staff were involved in it--it was a pretty good episode. We'll just assume that this ep was filmed out of order or something; Malik is there, and they're friends, but there's no mention of the paper, and the little continuity ticker in my head sighs.

But the whole thing with Dallas and George talking all night was kind of sweet, if entirely inappropriate, and perfectly Dallas-like, since she's nothing if not inappropriate. It was great seeing Lisa fight back a little, because so far, we have no real reason why she's treated so badly in her own family, and it's unfair. And Tessa's attempts to get back to New York are funny, if not at all realistic.

Of course, at some point, she'll have to get back only to realize that she misses the 'burbs, but that's a long way off, and there's a lot of stuff that needs to happen before then. It's fun watching her making those connections, don't you think?

This week's running gag: All the different festivals available to suburban residents.

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