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How I Met Your Mother s07e06 "History vs Mystery"

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Written by : published Saturday 22nd October 2011

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Reminder: Marshall and Lilly don't want to know what the baby is and Ted doesn't want to Google his new date.


Marshall and Lilly have decided that they don't want to know what the baby is, so they haven't opened the letter their doctor gave them when she found out. They invite everyone over to paint the nursery gener-nutral colors, and Barney and Robin want to know--Robin, because she can't not know, and Barney because he thinks it's mean to not assign a gender-role early, and is convinced they'll get lame presents.

Kevin tries really hard not to psychoanalyze everyone and winds up getting mad and diagnosing them with all sorts of mental disorders.

Meanwhile, Ted meets a pretty new girl at the bar and agrees with  her that they won't look each other up online before hand, because he wants to get the old-fashioned experience of just getting to know someone from scratch like his grandparents had. But Barney and Robin look her up and keep trying to get Ted to see what they found. We're led to assume it's something awful like what they found on all the other dates they looked up, but it turns out to be that she's some sort of saint...but that leaves Ted with nothing to say to her because she's obviously way out of his league.

In the end, he says he'd rather know after all, and Lilly and Marshall look and see that they're having a boy.


They're having a boy!

This is one of the episodes that remind us that Ted, though basically sweet and definitely a romantic, is also kind of a putz. He's the reason he hasn't found anyone yet--he lets the world intervene, and even when it doesn't, he ruins it for himself. Everyone else, however, is equally as unstable. last week, the world was a nice, idealized place where anything could happen; this week, we see that maybe they only think it is because the group as a whole is nuts. Which is also a fun idea. It plays along with the self-awareness that this show has, and it gives us, through Kevin, a chance to sort of see everyone from a little outside where we usually do. And people look different outside their own context, don't they?

But it always comes back to the fact that this group loves each other and is always there for each other, and that baby is going to be so loved... even if he's also going to have a totally bizarre childhood. And that's really what makes TV fun-- they can mess up a kid's childhood and still have everything turn out just fine, whereas real people don't always get that.

I wonder if they'll age the baby up suddenly like Growing Pains did...?

This week's flashbacks: Robin's dad wanted a son and left her in the woods to survive on her own for her fourteenth birthday. Barney and Robin ruin several of Ted's dates by looking them up.

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