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2 Broke Girls s01e05 "And the 90s Horse Party"

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Written by : published Saturday 22nd October 2011

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Reminder:The one where hipsters will pay anything to feel special and Han wants a girl.


Caroline answers the wall-phone she didn't even know they had and learns that only creditors and people looking for the apartment's original tennant call on that phone. Max brushes off her debt, but Caroline likes solving problems and is good with money, so she convinces Max to let her take a look. She discovers that Max has unpaid school loans, which means that a) she once had dreams, and b) they need to get that off her credit score since Caroline's dad ruined her credit and they might need it for the cupcakery.

Meanwhile, Han wants to be hip so he can meet girls and has a failed flashmob and a failed karaoke night before they come up with a plan that will fix both problems. Hipsters will literally pay piles of money to do something new, so they have a 90s themed party and charge $100 a head for people to ride Chestnut. Han gets to be the center of the hippest party around, which gets him a girl, and the riding costs pay off the schoolloans in one night and still leave 50 bucks for the cupcake fund.

And there's also a minor story about Caroline's jerk ex and how he's taken a liking to Max because she's "not a good girl". Caroline realizes that she has nothing to be ashamed of because she's making her own way in the world now, but he's gone before she gets to tell him off--and then they choose to run away before they get another chance.


This episode was fun mostly because of the side-stuff. The girl who took a liking to Han is strange and random and fun, and I hope we get to see more of her. Chestnut got to have a purpose other than just hanging out in the back yard and being a walking poop-joke. The thing with Caroline's ex showed just how much Earl actually likes her (and wouldn't it be fun if he really is in love with her?), and sets up what could be a slimy recurring role for him. And we learn that Max was an art major! Maybe she'll get back to making things and won't just become a cupcake queen, but will find success doing what she really wanted to do?

This episode was fun and had a lot going on, but it felt mostly like laying groundwork. We now have more things to keep track of, and there's the chance that Caroline's rich friends will find out what's going on with her now, which could be both hilarious and devistating, depending on how the writers handle it.  And we got more character-revealing. Sitcoms tend to eventually forget that characters need to have development and growth, so I'm fully enjoying it while it's still early days here.

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