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2 Broke Girls s01e04 "And the Rich People Problems"

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Written by : published Saturday 22nd October 2011

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Reminder: Caroline and Max go back to Caroline's townhouse for supplies.


Caroline realizes that her teeth are starting to migrate because she doesn't have her bite guard. She tries going to a dentist in the subway because it's all they can afford, but it's really scary, so they leave. Max suggests that she just use some of their savings to get herself a new one, and she says that it's a slippery slope and they can't start doing that--but she knows where she can get the bite guard she already has. it's just sitting on the sink in her old place!

So they head back uptown and Max gets to see the world Caroline left behind. She takes a bath in Caroline's huge tub, they gather all the supplies they can, and then they decide to take whatever they can sell...except that the "furs are wired" and it sets off an alarm, so they have to flee. They do so by wearing everything they can't carry and go home on the subway looking like really rich hobos. They find two hundred dollars in one of the purses, and instead of putting it in the account, Max decides to take Caroline to her favorite sushi place as a treat. She even admits that C's done an amazing thing, giving it all up like that. And Caroline gets to talk to her dad for a minute.


Once again, Max is being all closed-off and pointy, but it doesn't take as long for the shell to crack as it did before. She's supporting this idea that she and Caroline have nothing in common, but they like the same music, and that's something. By the end, they also both like sushi, so they're closer and closer to admitting that they have things in common, and Max has to admit that Caroline is stronger than she gives her credit for--which really just proves that Max has a good heart under there somewhere.

This show is fun and silly and irreverent, but the best part is often watching these two girls figure out how to be friends. Especially since max seems to have so few, really. It's supposed to be about a rich girl learning to survive in teh real world and a poor girl learning to dream a little and believe in herself, but I think it's really about making friends. And how friends make us better.

This week's total: $543.25, and who knows how much more in all those pockets?

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