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Sons of Anarchy - Food for the Crows - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 20th October 2011

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Juice says a prayer to God over the unmarked grave of the man he killed to cover up for the sample Linc Potter demanded he take from the cocaine load. Juice’s threat from the Sherriff of a black father being made known to the club torments him.

Gemma finds the death threat Unser put in Tara’s car. Gemma wants to call Jax but Tara is scared and wants to call the police. Gemma reminds Tara she doesn’t have a normal life. Gemma says that is she is with the club now and to get the Sherriff involved everyone will get hurt. Chips and Opie take Tara to the compound by Gemma's order.

At the Mayan compound there is a drug den and SAMCRO arrive to inspect the operation. Women in underwear manufacture cocaine and Romeo's drug smugglers hide massive amounts of the stuff in tortillas. They are wide eyed to find an underground cocaine operation. Tig says they are embracing the stereotypes about Mexicans (tortillas) to smuggle the cocaine. Alvarez, the ringleader and Romeo's lieutenant, says the police and neighbors keep their distance.

Jax gets a call and hears word about Tara’s note. he is incensed and says SAMCRO must return to the compound to deal with the new threat. As they go up top to the surface and the parking lot, they near the cars to see about the threat to Tara. A car comes barreling through the fence barrier and shoots at everyone. Clay and the others duck behind a car. Clay and the SAMCRO gang are unhurt but Alvarez is wounded with a bullet.

Jax checks who got hut and takes off on his chopper. He gets the driver and when he is out the other man in the car drives over him and takes off. Jax follows. He calls later and says he followed the shooters and shot the driver. He says to all the clubs that LeRoy should come, they might need some back up. Juice passes the phone to tara so she can talk to Jax.They speak.  Jax says she does not leave that compound. They say they love each other and hang up.

Tara sees the shot man they bring to the compound and says to get him into the clubhouse. Gemma hands Clay the note. Clay is not pleased. Clay says he will dig into it. (He organized the hit on Tara). The shot man requests only weed for the pain. He watches Tara. (She clearly does not know about the cartel drugs despite Cay claiming to Romeo that her access to their operation earns her a kill hit.)

Gemma tells Happy to go get Lila. The wounded man Alvaraez notes the group's concernaand notices the worry. The doctor is asked about why they were all leaving for her. He hears of the note. The death threat is odd because the other cartel might have come over the border but Romeo should have warned them. Juice says talking in families is what drug cartels do.

The Sherriff shows up just then at the Samcro clubhouse to check on Tara. They are all surprised. Tara says she is safe there and does not need any of the Sherriff's men. She says she had a rough surgery this morning. The Sherriff says he hope nobody got hurt and demands that Juice come in for an immediate drug test. Juice fights back but Clay says they can’t afford trouble.

Happy and Opie go to the porn set. Happy sees the other porn actress has been roughed up. She says Jax did this. She denies playing the death threat. Opie does not notice she got roughed up. He tells Lila about the death threat note and that they must circle wagons before they can see if the threat is real.

Juice is ushered into the precinct by the Sherriff and the sample is demanded. He says he needs more time. Juice is told to bring the sample to an arranged meet. He smells a setup. Juice realizes he must betray the club to keep the secret of his negro birth from them. Tig and the others are all racists and white supremacy has a long history in the club leadership.

Jax gets met by the Crows and says he saw more weapons in the car. They wait for LeRoy. Jax wants to move before they split or backups arrive.  Jax says they have to move in quiet. SAMCRO invades the apartment.They move in on an apartment with a bunch of Spanish family people. The mood is tense. Jax says to get the kids out of here. One man is there, Jax says he was the driver.

None of them speak English. Clay is disgusted any of them didn’t pick up any Spanish in Stockton. Jax threatens the woman and the man. people scream. A woman comes out of the bathroom and sees the guns and screams. They demand she translate. They are from Sonora and their family was threatened. The guns blaze when another man comes out of hiding. He was in on the hit.

They realize someone with Mexican muscle powered the hit. They say to Clay, “Better call your friend Romeo”. Jax says they have to go. Children and babies scream throughout the raid. They find out the man is from Sonora and the gangs are leveraging them to act. Jax makes them talk.

Tara comes from Alvarez' bedside and asks Gemma what she knows about a cartel. Gemma says they are selling them guns. Tara asks if there are drugs involved. Tara is shocked. Tara asks if the note is the (other) cartel threatening her. Gemma doesn’t know and Tara is disgusted. Tara says her family is threatened because of the drug deal and she is furious and adds she didn’t sign off on that. Gemma is curious what she means.

Eli is ordered by the fed Potter to entrap Juice. Sheriff Eli Roosevelt tries to resist but Potter gets nasty. A formal complaint from the United States District Attorney’s office will be on his jacket unless he does. Eli realizes he is ordered to break the law to get SAMCRO.

Juice is amazed Tara is getting death threats and secretly informed the Sherriff. Tara realizes from hearing Alvarez talk that the cartel is involved and she is a target. 

Gemma tells Clay that Tara knows about the  drugs. Not from her, she says. Clay goes to see Unser, and Gemma is already there. He kicks Unser around for playing games and warning Tara off. (Clay was trying to make an excuse for Tara to disappear with Jax).

Clay invites Juice into the SAMCRO clubhouse. He offers Juice a promotion beyond mere gang member prospect. The way he handled the Russia men and other matters earned Clay's respect. The thing with Miles makes Clay proud of him. He says he needs to put it behind him. Juice is torn and conflicted by the pride in Clay’s eyes. He tells Juice he has earned this patch and gives him a hug. Clay says “I love you son”. Juice is wracked with guilt and emotion.

Opie comes over to pick up his wife and the kids and finds that his porn wife has left him. Jax says he is sorry.

Clay reviews the situation at the SAMCRO clubhouse. Munson pulls an officer challenge. He says Clay's leadership is compromised. Clay asks for the officers to be returned from assignments and their proxies. Munson wants a new president. The motion is seconded by Clay who angrily taps the gavel. Jax is uncertain about organizing his future to leave with Tara if a new president comes in.

The crew reports in. They talked to the other of Romeo's men. The guns are expected. This ain’t the Mayans. Clay is unhappy with guards down at the stronghold and sends Juice to organize it. But Juice goes and says a holy communion prayer over the grave of Miles. Juice tries and sews on his full member patch colors while ignoring the ringing phone.

LeRoy ignores his phone and locks and loads his gun.

Unser brings a copy of the death threat note (which he wrote) to the hospital and buttonholes Tara’s boss. He asks if he can walk her to her car and bend her ear a little bit.

Jax and Tara meet up. Jax says they are safe. Tara grills Jax about the current situation.

Juice can’t sew on his patch. At the clubhouse they go to vote but can’t find Juice and Clay curses and sits down for the vote as Happy and Tig go to see what is going on.

A “Bitter Fruit” cover plays as Juice gets the towtruck chain and hangs himself over the unmarked grave of the dead man Miles.

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