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Gossip Girl - Memoirs of an Invisible Dan - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 19th October 2011

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Beth (Elizabeth Hurley) gets the phones left over from the party and identifies one who does not have an owner, belonging to ‘Ivy” with no text details. Nate puzzles over who it could belong to, and Beth wants a juicy story. Nate is tasked with getting the goods on Ivy.

Dan’s book gets published and his agent calls for a party where his authorship is announced. Dan is dubious about the identity reveal. His father is delighted that the band is having a good year but claims bringing up the kids was his real dream job. Charlie can’t find her phone.

Blair has mood swings and Louis is delighted to become a father. Blair tells Louis she needs to tell one person about the pregnancy before the news gets out. Blair meets Chuck dog walking and they  go up to the penthouse together. Chuck asks Blair how she really is and Blair sidesteps the question with a joke about being a princess.

Serena and others show up at the apartment at the same time after getting Dan’s text.  Serena says this how murder mysteries start out. Blair is angry she can’t get Serena on the phone. Serena claims work is taking over. Dan brings them all together at the penthouse with copies of the mystery book and announces he is “Unknown,” the author.

Blair is incensed Dan used them for the story and makes light of it. Serena is not sure what to think. Meanwhile the book is taking Manhattan by storm. Chuck enjoys this with Nate knowing about the book too, ahead of all their friends. But Chuck’s suicide attempt is included. Chuck leads a very isolated existence from all of them now. He later expresses regret about this to Serena's mother.

Nate mentions finding “Ivy’s” phone and Charlie cozies up to him later, pretending she met the woman at the party. Charlie comes to the office to look over the party photos and point her out. Beth is furious anyone else is there and Charlie overhears her telling him this and leaves after stealing her phone back.

At the film office, Serena finds her junior employee reading the book and spreading the word she is the fabled flighty character. Jane is quick to see the advantage the celebrity gives her office.

Serena is exposed in the book as Sabrina, the vapid selfish and sexy Upper East Sider. This happens just as she is getting ahead at work, making Jane a movie deal with Daniel Day-Lewis. In the book, Sabrina is a tease and a It-girl. The conference call with Daniel Day-lewis fizzles after he gets word that Sabrina is really a party girl. Day-Lewis hates fad media crazes.

Louis and Blair had plans to tell her mother and his family about the pregnancy that night. But after reading the book, Louis makes up a story about bad weather and cancels their trip. Blair tells Dorota she knows Louis is lying because her very special shoes for the night can’t be worn with mist in the air and she checked the weather. Clear to Monaco.

Blair’s fiancee Louis gets the book is not happy with what he reads. Blair is not indulgent enough to read the book but there is a fantasy passage about Dan’s lightning affair with Blair’s character. When Blair confronts Dan at the book party Louis shows up to say how much he mistrusts Blair. Louis storms out and Blair angrily flashes at Dan that he has messed up her life and engagement with his fairy tales. Louis is angry he helped squelch the Vanity Fair article excerpt for Dan.

Nate is so miffed after reading the book that he does not rate as a major character he does not go to the book party and calls Dan to let him know how disappointed in him he is. Serena’s mother and Dan’s father leave the salon where the agent is hiding Dan to make a late entrance when Prince Louis makes a scene. Louis announces their engagement is off.

Serena angrily tells Dan that her character is costing her credibility at work. Dan says he has to go because he is worried about Blair. Serena says she is more important and then Dan says maybe his character is right about who she is after all, because what Blair might lose is so much more important. Serena says that above all Dan was the one who understood her best at high school and knew most about how she had grown and changed. He made the escapades look tawdry instead.

Dan says his character is sad. Serena tells Dan off after saying that his words sound an awful lot like the book character he pretends to reject. But the antics from the book get chewed over at work like the cases of champagne delivered. Serena is annoyed her past actions overshadow her current abilities.

Blair is miserable that Louis does not return her calls all night. Serena comforts her and then Louis appears and forgives her. After the party, Louis got talked to by Chuck. Louis believes the book, but Chuck points out that he is the one who gets strangled by himself and that loving Blair is too big a lucky gift to pass up on.

Beth guesses that Charlie is Ivy and calls her on her newly recovered phone. Charlie is stupid enough to answer it and Beth demands she meet her. Charlie confesses all and Beth strong arms her into working there and gathering more secrets from the elite. Nate is startled to find Charlie working at the newspaper when he returns. Beth is watchful and tells Nate to give Charlie the tour.

Dan bluffed his way through the party. Dan is caught reading his own reviews the next day after the party and there is a big picture of all the insiders and him at the book party. Dan is starting to believe his own press. He tells his father about giving over to complete artistic license in writing the book. Despite admiring the writing, Dan’s father has placed a wall between them.

Dan is stunned when his father comes in and makes grim statements. His father believes in his portrayal as the trophy second husband living off his rich wife. In a stroke, Dan’s father goes from being his highest hero to his arms-length detractor. Dan’s publisher calls with news of a new party and when asked how many tickets to reserve for friends and family, he says “None”.

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