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Spooks - Series 10 Episode 5 - Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 19th October 2011

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Sasha calls a private meeting with Harry in his car. Sasha challenges Harry to reveal his relationship with his mother and turning her. Harry struggles not let Sasha understand how personal their relationship really is. He reveals to Sasha how the Berlin extraction of Elena was a loss but caused by Jim Culver at the CIA. Sasha plants a bug in Harry’s car.

Staff detect Culver is leaving the country for Rotterdam. They decide to stop him. There is no authorization from the Home Secretary. Erin is nervous. Ruth is now  security advisor to the home office. Colin suggest goodbye drinks and her leaving do although she outranks them. Dmetri calls the cover name and they trap Jim Culver in a car.

Ruth gets wind of the operation through observing Callum in the grid. But she hesitates to tell the home Secretary. At the center, Harry says to Culver he ruined the Elena operation.

But Culver says he has kept Harry’s secrets and in their business that makes him a saint. Harry and the grid gang take Culver to a concrete safe house for debriefing. Harry wants to know want Culver’s game with Elena is. They produce the photographs of the woman who tried to kill Gavrik’s wife. Culver says her activities following their meeting are unknown to him and he is upset to learn she tried to kill Elena.

Then Dmetri says they have a problem. CIA agents have arrived at the questioning house. Harry says Culver is helping them with an enquiry. Harry motions to Erin to let the man out. Culver meets Agent Glenn and says to Harry it was a dumb move.

They find out that Ruth pulled rank on Callum and found out where Pearce had Culver. Then as they leave another agent shows up and they realize that rogue agents took Culver. Agent Glenn is astonished. They track the escaping car. Harry orders Erin to take the shot.

The agents throw Culver from the car. he has been roughed up and dies after confessing to Harry he left information on a laptop in his hotel. Culver admits he would never have shot him in Berlin all these years ago. Culver dies just before Agent Glenn arrives.

Agent Glenn commands Harry at gunpoint about killing a CIA officer. Harry commands him to stand down his weapon and go through established channels. Harry orders the team to get to Culver’s hotel. But the laptop get to CIA HQ first. Harry asks Ruth to get it using her new job as a cover.

Sasha and Gavrik and Elena chat about the discussion to sign the agreement ins even days. Sasha tracks the recording from Harry’s car between Ruth and Pearce. Elena says she will go shopping. Elena meets Harry at a safe house.

 Erin asks Harry why they are stealing evidence from the American Embassy. Harry says that the laptop is the only lead on the people that killed Jim Culver. Erin questions Harry’s direction while Dmetri remains loyal.

At the safe house, Harry informs Elena Jim Culver is dead. She says that he tried to kill her. Elena realizes through harry that someone else was running Elena. Harry asks about Ilya Gavrik to see if his mood has changed as a husband. Elena says she saw Gavrik was her captor. But she feels his duty has also made him a prisoner. Elena tries to kiss Harry but he declines intimacy.

Erin and Dmetri track the rogue team. Serbian mercenaries for hire have been gathered. They have bought vehicles and work in a secret house with bomb materials. Ilya Gavrik has a personal past employee in the group who was once a bodyguard. This man is the head of the team that came to get Jim Culver. The  men posed as an unknown elite squad sent to rescue top CIA men in trouble. Culver was killed by them.

Sasha puts on headphones and listens to the heart to heart chat that Ruth has with Harry. Ruth never knew about Elena at all. Harry confesses he wanted to bring Elena and Sasha to the U.K. Sasha learns all of this. Harry says the reasons he didn’t tell Ruth about Elena was shame at his own cowardice. He says Elena  is  stranger to him now. He feels a sense of duty to protect both Elena and Sasha overall.

Ruth steals the laptop from the American Embassy but questions working for Harry with such risk and tries to decode the laptop in her car. Sasha gets to her in the car and makes her decode the password and gunpoint. At the same time the rogue team with the van drive up and run up to the Home Secretary’s car and blow up the nearby van. The news make the headlines.

Harry suspects Ilya Gavrik of being the mole sending the notes and Elena and is shocked. That would be a modern setup with political implications contrary to the accord motivations.

 Later Gavrik shows up at the safe house to have a drink with Harry. Gavrik says that he has a son and a house and a tortoise in the yard to show for all his years of duty but Harry has a thin shell of a life. Harry can’t tell Gavrik that Sasha is not his son.

 But at the hotel Sasha goes through the CIA laptop. He reads Culver’s file about how Pearce is his father. Sasha destroys the laptop in a rage. He remembers too much about how his mother waited around for Harry to doubt the veracity.

Harry throws out the last of the milk and tidies up, going to a meeting on the Strand with the Home Secretary and Ruth. Several CIA men stand by hovering. The Home Secretary says that the Americans want Harry because of Culver’s death and they have to hand him over. Harry says he will go quietly only if the peace accord with the Russians is brought forward and signed that day.

Ruth is upset but the Home Secretary accepts the deal and walks off. He tells Pearce first he will step in to help if they out him in an orange jumpsuit and make him listen to country music. Ruth is very upset that this is the end of Harry. But Pearce urges her to have a normal life if she can. After everything she has lived through a normal life for her is a victory.

Harry is taken into a dark room and hit very hard by a uniformed American in custody. The man says Jim Culver served with his father and he appears to have suffered from a fall. The man sneeringly asks if Harry needs medical attention.

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