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Community s02e14: "Early 21st Century Romanticism"

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Written by : published Monday 14th February 2011

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Reminder: The one with the Valentine's Day Dance.


Troy and Abed both like the same girl, a cute librarian. They decide to each make their case, and let her pick which one is better for her, and so they both take her to the dance, agreeing that they'll be fine with whatever her decision is. She picks Troy, but she tells him that it's because Abed is weird-- which he doesn't like. He dumps her, and goes to find Abed, saying "there's someone out there for us."

Jeff doesn't want to participate in V-Day, and goes home to his terribly grey and depressing appartment to watch soccer with Oliver instead, and it becomes a massive party when Chang shows up and calls a few people. We meet Magnitude, automatic life of the party.

Pierce is all hopped up on pain pills (which is probably part of why he was so awful last week) and keeps hallucinating a tiny Andy Dick, which really should be cause enough for an intervention by itself.

Britta and her friend Paige start hanging out with each other, each thinking the other is a lesbian and thinking they're cool to have a lesbian friend, and things go way wrong when they make out at the dance and then both discover that they're wrong. Paige dumps Brit, and neither really learns a lesson.


Another great ep with another Very Special Episode trope worked in and de-heavy-ized by the silliness of the show. It's weird, but even with last episode happening entirely in the study room, this episode, I missed that classic setting. This show is built on really tight "bottle episodes" as Abed calls them, and whenever they're let loose on the world, things sort of unwind. Everyone goes off doing something else. The show never feels fractured and manages to cram a lot into such a remarkably small space, wasting not a single moment of screentime, but they do their best work when they're just in a room talking. 

This episode, Britta continued to be confrontational for no good reason, and while a lot of people on the web seem to hate her for that, I think that's what makes her so funny. She's that girl in college, the one who gets onboard every protest without really knowing what she's talking about. We've all known one.

But the real heart of this episode is the Troy-and-Abed arc. They're perfectly suited for each other, the way little boys are with their first best friend, and it's immensely nice that the writers didn't let a girl come between them. In fact, it'd be awesome if they never did-- polyamory and polygamy are all over TV right now, and this would be the perfect time for people to accept that they could both date the same girl. It wouldn't be any weirder than any other idea on this show, right?

Other things of note: Oliver is just making stuff up now, but "gravedigger's biscuits" is probably the best name for a specific time of day ever. Chang must've been surgically fused to his backpack lately. Maybe Magnitude will come back and join the cast?

Bottom Line: Somehow simultaneously not a Valentine's Day sappy episode, and a really sweet approximation of one.

Watch Comunity "Early 21st Century Romanticism" right now!

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