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Supernatural- Defending Your Life-recap

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Written by : published Monday 17th October 2011

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A terrified man gets chased down the street by a black car which eerily appears behind him and then he sees it once more right behind him, inside his tenth floor apartment. Dean and Sam show up in suits and ties and Dean says they are due for a little “cut and dried”. They say if anything happens on the Leviathan front they will be advised. the monitor goes haywire monitoring something spectral.

AA gives Dean the heeby jeebys but Sam goes after the tortured soul with ten years sober. A witness says something was eating at him. She got a call from a tavern and talked him off the ledge of drinking. Dean informs a flower shop worker that the man is dead. He placed a three year order before he died for flower delivery. The flowers are delivered to Elizabeth Durham, a stiff Dean digs up.

This was a little girl he backed over in his driveway. Maybe he was drunk when he ran her over (the ten year AA chip).

Later that night a man is chased by a  dark German Shepherd. He flees into a diner and calls 911. The dog follows the man into the diner bathroom and rushes at him (just like the car). The report is read by Sam as the boys return from a burger run. But the operator says no dog was heard. Dean wonders is dogs have ghosts. The victim has a history of running dog fights. The man has a photo in the paper for raising money for dog shelter.

Sam says to get suited up and let’s go check out the body. Dean is spooked and Sam is gung-ho. there is red dirt just like the car crash man. Sam and Dean ride the Charger into a field of apples to find the body when a black man runs into the road. He is badly spooked and slowly talks about is past crimes. He says he was running from the trial and the next he gets jumped in a courtroom.

The man says that the trial turned into a courtroom in the barn. The red barn has the people he killed in it. Neil’s Tavern was the same place Neil Hammond went before his accident. They research the symbols on the judge and courtroom in the tavern “case". Sam draws a circle o salt and tells him to stay put he is trying to help. Sam calls Bobby and texts him symbols to look up.

Dean says he is having a hard time rooting for the ghosts on this one. Dean chats up the waitress while downing Scotch doubles. A dark skinned man at the bar keeps a tight watch on the room. Sam scours the apple farm for the red barn with red dirt in it.

Bobby says the chicken scratches are from the Book of the Dead. He finds more than a feathers worth of guilt and the guilty ones died. Bobby says Osiris hones in those who feel guilt strongly. Just as Dean gets the call from Sam with the alert the phone goes flying. Dean is missing. Sam comes to Neil’s tavern and tracks the phone to barn where torches burn and Osiris sits in judgement of Dean.

In the hotel, the man guilty of murder steps outside the circle of salt and flees into the hallway. he gets killed in a similar type of murder.

At the barn, Osiris sneers at Sam when he comes in. The bar is a drink haven and the guilt comes pouring out. Osiris says he can be Dean’s lawyer. Osiris says the list of witnesses he can call is endless. Osiris says he can call three witnesses. Sam says he saw that on the Good Wife and Osiris says he can move it along or he can kill Sam.

Joanna Beth Harvel is called to the stand. Winchester recalls how he killed her. Osiris says Dean was a mentor. Osiris says that she had feelings for him but Dean is shocked to know. Dean realize that he exploited Jo’s feelings in his line of work. Dean says Osiris is putting words in his mouth Osiris says he will remove Deans tongue if he interjects again.

Sam questions Jo and she admits to her Daddy issues. Osiris vanishes Jo because she obviously wont testify to Dean’s disneglect. Osiris calls Sam Winchester himself  to the stand. Sam has to face the fact that he was happy pursuing the law and living with his girlfriend until Dean showed up in the gas guzzler. Osiris says none of that is on Dean directly (going to hell, the cage, etc.).

Osiris asks Sam is Dean pulled him back into the family business to keep Dean not alone. Sam says if Dean believes he is innocent, then he is. Osiris says he brings up the past to see if he wants to talk about it. Osiris says when the heart is heavy. Sam says he calls Dean to the stand. Osiris says he will allow it.

Sam says that since Dean isn’t psychic he cant feel guilty about how event turned out. Osiris admires Sam’s technique. Sam says that Dean has a heavy heart but not because of guilt. Osiris say does he want to call the last witness. Dean’s guilt is triggered and Sam is astonished. Osiris pronounces judgement and suggests Dean gets his affairs in order.

Time spins by and Bobby calls. They have a spell to give Osiris a dirt nap. They need to stab him with a ram’s horn. Dean jokes about stealing a ram’s horn from a Jewish Temple. Sam says he must hurry while Dean smirk about having to kill Jo again to get rid of her coming to kill him for Osiris. Wen Sam leaves Dean tells Jo’s ghost she can come out now.

Jo says it is a twisted eye for an eye. Osiris sits at the bar weight the latest guilty soul. A red head talks to the waitress.

At the Temple a Jewish man nervously watches Sam loot the ram’s horn. Jo closes in on Dean. She says Osiris is making her kill him. Dean explores his guilt as a hunter killing Jo. He says he didn’t want to do it alone and he is guilty of getting Sam and Jo involved so he wasn’t the lone hunter.

Jo says it is time and she moves at light speed to explode the gas burner. Dean sees it in a mind flash and yet stays inside the salt circle. The window glass crystallizes and the breeze of death fills the room. He doesn’t yield to the power. Jo says she used to be a hunter and knows all the tricks.

As Osiris hunts a bar victim on the street, Jo moves to extinguish Dean. The redhead woman goes from the bar and to her car. Osiris watches and grabs her. But then Sam attacks Osiris mid-attack from behind, stabbing with the ram’s horn and then Osiris gasps and fills with blue light and mummifies, and explodes.

At the hotel, Jo fades out and disappears after touching Dean’s cheek.

At the lake, Dean and Sam share a beer.

Sam asks who was Osiris talking about the final witness. Dean says he doesn’t know. Dean observes how mellow Sam is. Sam says he doesn’t have a secret stash of happy pills but he did a lot of stuff he should have felt guilty for but he paid a lot of dues too. A lot of things are gone but he does see Lucifer sometimes. He is finally moving on with his life.

Dean says he doesn’t know whether to be jealous or weirded out. But Dean says since he is happy then Sam will be a pleasure to ride with. They get in the car and drive.

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