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Grey's Anatomy- Love, Loss, and Legacy -recap

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Written by : published Saturday 15th October 2011

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Avery’s famous mother (Debbie Allen) comes to Seattle Grace. Avery discovers April is Facebook friends with his mother. Avery sends Lexie out of town. Avery dreads his mother. She gives a lecture and invites a lucky few to participate in the country’s first penis transplant. Sloane suggest a penile reconstruction.

Meredith folds the clothes their baby is growing out of and Derek can’t face it. He thinks the baby Zola is not coming back and Meredith says the process is just taking too long. Derek pulls away even more.

 The penile implant is a risk. But Avery’s mother says the patient wants full penile working order. Mark is interrupted in the surgery preparation by the baby Zola being rushes in with a seizure.They can;t tell Mer and Der.

Mrs. Avery wants to find out abotu Lexie and is upset to learn that Avery dropped Derek to work with Sloan. She also wants to know why Meredith dropped neuro. Mrs. Avery is very bossy.

Avery shudders when Sloane tries to scrub in on his mother's road show and Lexie is sent out of town. Sloan says it will be the micro surgery Olympics stuck in the E.R. with his mom. Avery groans. April pops up on Mr. Avery's radar as a virgin which ruins her technique.

Chicken surgeries will qualify the two surgeons to get in on the penis surgery. The surgeons compete. Ryan wants a normal life and his brother eggs him on to get a real penis organ instead of  fix-up. Sloan urges to the patient that reconstruction is less risky.

At home, Cristina makes a musical breakfast with Owen that involves cooking with both hands for ambidextrous utility. They get ambidextrous on the floor. At work, Avery’s mother hones in on Meredith as Lexie’s sister.

Avery and Meredith are chosen for the transplant. Cristina practices the surgery using her left hand and is disqualified. The patient’s brother Chad is very gung-ho about him having a working penis. Social services is present and says Meredith and Derek can’t be told. Alex is rushed to Robbins for Zola's checkup and is nervous. Karev hides Zola’s bowel x-rays from Derek because of the custody problem. Cristina is told.

Teddy and Henry are throwing a dinner party. Teddy invites Bailey and others. Bailey and her nurse Eli are invited but Ben catches Bailey watching Ben’s behind. Ben tells Bailey he sees she is no longer held together with tape and wire so he will not be bribing Pierre to stay out of her surgeries. Ben is upset with Bailey for starting with the nurse instead of him.

Ben is angry that Bailey told him she was through but he heard that she wnated him to wait for her. In the operating room they start arguing about it. She says the relationship she has with the nurse is more of a fling than a serious romance.

Sloan is not invited to the dinner party because he is  the babysitter for Callie;s baby.

In the surgery Avery’s mother asks April why she won’t have sex with a man. April is a ninny about handling the male member. She says he keeps looking at the patent's penis like it’s going to bite her. Avery’s mother greets Weber with love. She tried to hit on him and asks is he is still married. Weber sighs and says he is.

She says how could he let Avery go into plastics. She says plastics is for ordinary people. Weber says she has to let Avery go his own way. In the surgery Meredith stops making history on the penile transplant because Cristins interrupts and breaks confidence to get her to come to Zola’s surgery.

Bailey and Eli draw blood from Henry. Henry says he has to get out of the procedure to finish marinading the meat. Eli is stunned to learn he is not invited. Bailey is flummoxed.

Avery and Mrs. Avery and Sloane argue about Avery’s career and the penile surgery.  Mrs. Avery says plastic and boob jobs is the easy medical concentration choice and Mark gets insulted. Avery says he is talented enough to make his won choices.  The argument gets heated.

But during the surgery April is distracted and wrecks the artery involved. Mrs. Avery wants a bad vein but Mark suggest a superior genital reconstruction, and Avery gets to show Mrs. Avery the better technique. Mark has Avery do it. The three work together successfully. Karev works the chart for Zola with Derek nearby who offers toconsult.

Derek is angry that the CT was Zola's and he wasn’t told. Hunt tries to be involved. The social worker says a team of nurses are involved. Meredith and Derek can't go near the situation. The social worker will bust them. Derek insists on doing the surgery.

Arizona tries to get Derek to calm down. Karev says Pre-Op 1608 is where his baby is. The shunt Derek put in is the problem.  The couple can't make contact with thebaby without screwing up the adoption. The social worker is prowling.

Arizona plans to unkink the shunt or convert to another type. Derek probes Robbins’ intended  techniques and decisions. Derek says it is all Meredith’s fault. Hunt says he and Cristina just went through something. Derek can’t stop blaming Meredith. But Hunt sees Cristina handle Zola with love for Meredith's sake.

Meredith is in bad shape with the surgery worry but Weber is still  trying to get Bailey on the trial. Bailey sas no way. Meredith and Cristina wait for news. There is a message from Karev they had to resection a small part of the bowel.

Weber says Bailey is the moral compass of this hospital. He says he promised Ellis Grey on her deathbed to take care of her but Bailey says that Meredith can’t get on the trial Weber set up. Bailey realizes she is using Eli for sex but wants to safeguard a deeper relationship with Ben later.

Karev and Arizona operate tensely. Karev points out that Robbins doesn’t have the rights over Sophia that Meredith and Derek lack over Zola. Karev touches a nerve. Robbins says that everything would have been fine if Karev hadn’t felt so guilty about Meredith that he had to tell them. Meredith and Derek sweat it out.

The penile implant patent Ryan gets to see his operable penis for the first time. Sloan, Mrs. Avery and Avery smile together at the successful procedure.

Cristina interacts lovingly with Zola while she suggests Hunt go to the party. Hunt watches Cristina interact with baby Zola and is haunted by their recent abortion of their baby. Cristina talks to Zola like an aunt of Derek and Meredith. Hunt is upset she loves the baby Zola but not one of their own and hides this and leaves.

Bailey gets picked up by Eli and he picks up on the breakup. He says she has been saying she wants a no commitment relationship and he hasn’t been picking up on it for weeks. He says to enjoy the party and Bailey sobs and stares into the distances.

Bailey waits in the rain to tell off Ben. But she tells Ben Warren about the breakup. Ben smirks and walks off. Bailey stumbles after him trying to tell him off. At the party Bailey drinks heavily when Henry asks where Eli is.

April continues to apologize well after the surgery. Mrs. Avery buys a young man a drink for April to her into bed with someone finally. Mrs. Avery says for Avery to tell her about plastics.

At the party Robbins confronts Callie that she wants a piece of paper that says she is hers too. Callie says OK. but at the hospital when Zola is out of the woods Mereith cris and derek cofrts her. they go to the elvator togethr with one last uniformity but the elevator door opens onto the nosy social worker, who stares at them and realizes they know everything. They lose their joy because they are busted and close the door on her face and go home.

At home Cristina calls them on cellphone and they sing the baby to sleep.

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