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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation-Maid Man-recap

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Written by : published Friday 14th October 2011

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The Mayor hosts a mob remembrance event complete with photographs, posters, and dressed up characters walking among the party guests. This is the launch of a Mob Museum, a tourist draw with the high level crime and political figures present in the room for the party.

Large mob murals of Lucky Luciano and other great Las Vegas crime figures show the impact of Las Vegas history on organized crime. At one point a re-enactment of a famous mob shooting is planned. D.B. and Catherine and Greg Sanders watch the goings on.

Impressive guests attend but then the night gets eventful when a shooting breaks out using old style machine guns. Someone in the enactment actually used real bullets. One of the important participants, a Mob man, falls injured to the ground. Catherine and Greg assess the impact while watching their new boss (Ted Danson).

Eads and the new girl investigate a murder at one of the big hotel penthouses. They find a suite full of party favors and narcotics.The guests have checked out but the maid Maria Garza is dead on the floor. Something is stuck right in her eye. It is a valuable gold pen.

Ryan tracks the party scene at the Mob Museum looking for slugs with a flashlight while his new boss D. B. looks on. They correlate the bullet impacting so many glasses raised for the toasts to hit the speaker that the bullet fragment might have richocheted into the carpet at a low level. Greg is doubtful.

Back at the hotel penthouse, the new girl questions an obvious scared maid named Mandy Webster who worked with Maria. The VIP rooms got everything they wanted and a very important man was staying in that room.

Nick Eads packages up the hotel room evidence and finds an auxiliary cable box under the TV. Whatever was going on in the room was filmed and the tapes exists somewhere. The sex acts the maids were forced to perform were filmed and later used for blackmail against them. They were afraid of  getting fired so they didn’t tell anyone. They wonder who could have done it.

Greg Sanders finds refuting evidence for the glass smashing technique but gets mocked by the other new lab tech. D. B. thinks that is how it was done. The victim was an old mob lawyer and former Las Vegas mayor named Oscar Newman. It is politically important that department clear up the shooting fast. Phillips works the body. D.B. works the motive.

Brass questions a high class lady of the mob family (Frances Farmer). She denies being involved in the shootings. She was noticed by D.B. and the others as significant personal companions of the Mob men in their past active years.

The fingerprints on the black box belongs to a valet at the Eclipse hotel. They question him but he is afraid to give up his boss. The pen in the dead woman’s eye belongs to a famous polo player profiled in a Las Vegas magazine. His picture is on the cover. He won’t stand for being blamed for a murder he didn’t commit. He doesn’t deny having sex with the maids.

The detectives review the requests of the men in the penthouse suite where Maria Garza was killed. The maids kept records of the call they made and what services they provided for the bill.

Extra towels were brought but from th other hotel, the Eclipse. They question the other maid again. She got caught by Maria raiding the safe to pay the blackmail money. She grabbed the en and struck the other maid down in a flash. The woman says she couldn’t have the tape be shown to her strict grandmother. The female detective comments that a murder rap won’t be easy to take either.

The team of D. B., Catherine and Eads find the crash pad of the person who started the Mob Museum shooting. It is  disguised woman. Her bloody body is on the bed still dressed in gangster clothes.The pillow has been used as a silencer and feathers are everywhere.

The polo player returns to the HQ to get his pen back. He hands over an anonymous check to the family for $100,000. The detective feels he is not such a bad guy after all.

Ryan and his new boss D. B. debate the guilty party in the Mob Museum shooting. The new boss and Ryan visit a mausoleum with flowers. The Mob Madam is there, having blasted the crypt to smithereens to get inside it an find the loot. She has feathers in her hair from silencing the contract shooter who killed the mob boss.

Brass questions the Mob madam, (Frances Farmer) who masked her real shooting with the blanks the participants were using. The party was the closest she could get in years to her ex-lover and the opposing crime boss of her dead husband and main client. He put her lover away and she decided he needed to have the hammer pulled on him old style, the Mob gangster way.

The Mob Museum shootings come down a security guard who saw a man reach to toast a glass and then saw the figure from behind and then the toast started. The guard saw the man look up with his hands in front of his chest as the man got shot (while standing in the gun exhibit of th famous mob gunmen).

Thinking the man had drawn and fired the weapon, the guard then drew his gun on the man whose front he couldn’t see. When he saw the broken glass and realized there was no gun, he kept mum, especially when the woman’s gun had drawn blood across the room, making it look like the work of a gang of killers in plain sight.

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