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Sons of Anarchy- With an X- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 12th October 2011

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Clay and J.T. stumble around when a 1 kilogram package of the Mexican blow goes missing.They were guarding it tight. Only 29 bricks are left. J. T. says no way this was Juice. Clay says Phil or Ratboy although the room was locked and they knew the room was worth protecting. The cartel won’t forgive the loss. This is the first delivery muling for Romeo.

The men dispute where the missing drugs disappeared to. Juice pretends he stuck it down his pants (this is in fact what he did). Clay says Miles is too stupid to rip them off. Juice hid it in the bushes for the Sherriff.  J.T argues with Clay and calls Happy. They debate with the Mayan gang leader and he says whether the guilty party was  Mayan or Son, he is dead. Clay is under pressure because Romeo is coming down to see the operation.

Clay knows about the John Teller letters. Clay says that the history of what Tara and Piney know is dangerous. He says he will protect them both.

Tara has a new nanny, Aleda. Gemm and tara walk along the clubhouse gravel. Dawnny shows up in a cab in front of Gemma and says her name is now Margaux, with an X.The cab needs paying. Her mother asks where her sister is and the woman says that is why she’s here and she is real bad.

At the woodhouse, Phil and Ratboy get worked over. (inside the garage, Tig and the gang leader pretend to torture him while smiling and acting it out). The guard men are newer members and they protest their innocence.

At the woodhouse, the men get roped up for the missing kilogram. Clay says we’ll get to the truth.  Tiggy gets going torturing the guard men Ratboy and Phil for the missing drugs before Romeo can find out the weight is missing. Juice nervously watches how it all pans out.

But then Tiggy gets the call about Dawnny showing up and he tells Clay he has to go. Tig goes out and Clay calls them all into the gun room. Tara has to leave. Clay organizes a round of Russian Roulette.

Opie’s old lady comes to the SAMCRO clubhouse but the extra girl Opie brought home is still there. She comes into the main room of the clubhouse where Tara sees her and gemma also hates her guts, and they want to tear her apart. Gemma and Tara try to leave but meet Opie’s old lady walking up into the clubhouse looking for Opie. (He slept with the porn girl).

Gemma pretends the club had a rough night out late, but Opie’s old lady goes inside and sees the other porn girl there and calls her out and asks the girl (whom she knows)  if she spent the night.

The hooker pulls the gun and tells Opie’s old lady to go ask her husband why he is sleeping around. She waves the gun around to Piney and Gemma and Tara who are stunned.

Back at the garage, Clay gets word from Gemma of trouble at the clubhouse. He sets the cage match and it is on for the guilt of the missing brick. Clay has authorized this. Juice is troubled but  plays along with the interrogation.

At the clubhouse a concerned Tig meets with Dawn. He is surprised about is daughter eating disorder and learns it will cost him $12K to stop his daughter from throwing up on anorexia. Dawnny paints a dramatic picture of losing the girl if she doesn’t get help. Tig is wide eyed.

There is a program in Orange County and apparently the girl has long standing issues with food. The mother does not have the money and is suportive in other ways that are not helpful. The daughter says it will only be the crazy daughter Dawnny who can check her in. Tig wants to help but says that he needs time for getting together the money.

The men return from the interrogation in the gun room where Clay led a game of Russian Roulette to test their innocence. Walking into the clubhouse driveway, Piney sticks Opie a boot in the gut and he falls to the parking lot sand.  When he gets up in shock, Piney says ‘your dick almost got people killed today”.

The porn star pulled  a .38 on the group of them in the SAMCRO clubhouse. Tara is upset and pulls J.T. aside. She says the way the club treats women is a deal breaker. Gemma says for J.T. to calm Tara down regarding their past and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Clay follows Wayne and wakes him up in the car because he is keeping tabs on Gemma. Clay says that he he goes down Wayne goes down. Oswald brings footage from the warehouse. Nobody but Sons of Anarchy came in or out. Clay doesn’t like this.

Opie and his old lady Lila have a  talk. Opie told J.T. he thought having another baby would get her out of the life. But he says maybe he doesn’t care about having any more kids with her anymore. She asks if he was drunk. He says no and she asks why. He says maybe he thought getting away from her getting with somebody else might be the answer, maybe to move him on.

He says maybe she doesn’t want another kid. Lila confesses to having had a recent abortion. Last year. Before the guys from the club went inside. It was his child. Opie is shocked. Opie starts talking about making childcare arrangements with the kids. He asks what she wants to do. He will stay at the clubhouse.

Meanwhile the man responsible for the missing brick must be determined. Juice asks if he ever pushes back against the rules. He says he knew the weather when he signed up. He asks about the  the black thing and did it ever bother him with Fiona ?  He says Fiona was an old lady so it didn’t matter.

Clay reports Alvarez is indicating that Romeo wants to come and get the drugs. Clay evaluates the returns of the questionings and says it had to be one of the prospects. They arrive at a solution. He says he gave them a chance. Clay says to call chips and let him know. J.T is upset. Clay says sometimes the herd needs thinning.

At the garage, Chips announces one of them will be killed to deliver to Romeo to explain the missing brick. Juice is astonished that one of them will be killed for it. Miles finds Juice unearthing the brick. Juice shoots him but Mile turns the gun on him and shoots him in the leg. Then the others come running. They are shocked Miles took the brick. Juice’s face is covered with blood. they shoot Miles dead several times.

When Romeo comes for the pickup he is impressed with the efficient drug delivery and the oil barrel operation and the next dropoff is underway. Alvarez tries to imply they are light and Jax insists they are not.  

Clay asks for a minute alone with Romeo. He says he need to take out Tara because she knows too much. Clay says her level of access is critical because she is their doctor. Romeo is shocked that his V.P.’s old lady must die. Romeo says it will be expensive but he will take care of it. Clay says he is troubled that this had to happen.

Wayne visits the sheriff and says that Tara is in danger and the sheriff says unless he says more he will come to him for answers if anything happens. Wayne says his agreement with Clay was for the good of charming. Wayne writes a hate note for Tara and sticks in in her car.

Back at the SAMCRO clubhouse Dawwna is charmed by the man with the fake hands. Gemma spoke to Colleen. Dawn is playing Tig for the $12,000 but the other girl is in Chicago and fine with her boyfriend. There is no bulimia.

Tig gives his daughter the money anyway and sends her off in a cab. Opie comes to live at the clubhouse which Gemma fixes up for him. Gemma and Happy watch Tig see off Dawwna/Margau with an X in a cab. He knows he is being used but enjoys old pictures of the girls when they were younger.

 Happy drinks alone in his place, looking at old pictures of John Teller when he was much younger. Opie hangs around at the bar instead of being at home.

At the clubhouse Tara stitches up Juice while they bury Miles in the back bush ground. Meanwhile they help Juice into the towtruck from the emergency surgery. Clay walks into the clubhouse office to be alone while a bemused Gemma and Opie wat
Jax gets interested sexually in the actress who slept with Opie at the porn set. He entices the porn slut (the one Opie slept with) into a makeup trailer alone and then throws her against the counter, and roughs her up, spitting in her face. He tells her not to come near their place or their people and calls her a whore. Then he leaves her crying on the ground.

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