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30 Rock s05e14: "Double-Edged Sword"

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Written by : published Monday 14th February 2011

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Reminder: The one where Liz is "just Airplane Folk" and Jack become a dad.

Quick Recap:

Liz is going on a trip on Carol's plane, but weather delays them. For the first time, she sees him in his element, and things start to unravel. As they're delayed more and more, she starts to see him as a petty tyrant and he starts to see her as a needless rebel. The people on the plane develop a society of their own, and she starts to foment rebellion, and in the end, it comes down to him holding a gun on her and her shielding herself with an old man. And they realize that they just broke up-- in the wildest TV breakup in ages.

Meanwhile, Jack and Avery are in Canada on some official business and she goes into labor. They spend the rest of the episode trying to get out of the country so their baby can be born American and one day become President, which endangers Avery and the baby's health, but they're both too stubborn to back down. Eventually, after trying to cross the border with a group of Canadian meth-makers, Jack realizes how ridiculous this is and calls an ambulance, and Avery won't let him live it down.


This is one of the few episodes that isn't set on the TGS set or in the offices around it, and it seems to have done well for the show. Liz's whole arc is surreal not just because she's part of the founding of a new sort of society and then the rebellion that reunites them with the rest of the world, but also because no one seems to worry that she's been stuck on a plane for what looks like a week. Jack's arc is a perfect microcosm of why Jack and Avery are perfect for each other-- "We aren't even making our own METH? What is wrong with American manufacuring these days?"-- and also what they need to get past if they aren't going to kill each other before the end of the season. It's beautiful and, as always, bizarre. 

Other things of note: That baby that Avery successfully hid the bump of for nine months? Frikkin' HUGE outside the womb. She birthed, like, a four month old. I'm going to assume that they did that on purpose because that's what TV does, because it's funnier and less creepy that way. It'll be even better if the kid is suddenly six and able to deliver snappy one-liners next season.

Bottom Line: Exactly what makes this show so great.

Watch 30 Rock "Double-Edged Sword" right now!

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