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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Mea MakeMea- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 12th October 2011

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Vacationing swimmers find a hand floating in the water. The body is nearby. But McGarrett meets with the Commander Joe White about what the video discussion between Wo Fat and Steve’s father. He says the Department of Defense is working on it.

The coroner extracts the hand and uses it like a glove to extract the fingerprint. They get a hit. Blake Spencer has a local address. The bar he lives over has a place with a bartender who considers him a friend. He fills in the 5-0 people about his diving career. Spencer has a salvage diver whose mom got sick. Steve examines his files. He was going after a new wreck.

McGarrett and Danno examine the apartment. It looks like Spencer sold everything of value. But the bartender got a sword to pay the rent once. They find receipts for the boat and equipment rental. The encoded notebook has navigation coordinates that are estimated to be of great value. They hear bubbling and find gold coins in a aquarium.

Laurie Weston visits Blake’s mother. Sylvia is friendly and helpful. Weston is confused. She says that her son comes home after school. She has advanced dementia. The woman thinks Blake is five years old. Weston realizes she will be no help.

Danno bring the coins to the Museum. The museum curator is very attractive and Danny is tongue tied. Williams and Steve find out from her about the Princessa Del Mar ship lost at sea. This is a wreck with coins worth several thousand each. They giver her a coin to examine. Steve says Danno should just ask her out.

Weston and Steve catch up n the case when he sees a woman. McGarrett meets Katharine in the park who is his Navy Intelligence friend. He puts a flower in her hair. He asks her for a favor and then another before planning their next date.

Max finds traces of deep water gas in Spencer’s lung tissue. There is more evidence to process. There is a fifty year old wallet with bills in it. This didn’t come from the salvage of gold coin boat.
Weston reports about how the mother has Alzheimer’s. But at the tech lab, Chin Ho says that someone hacked into his account. He wants the Hawaii tech to find out what VPN got in his account using that Internet address.

A man named Billings (Peter Fonda) is selling shares in finding the Princessa. Spencer is in the video is that is used to drum up money for the project. McGarrett thinks that Spencer took the coins from Billings. Williams get a call from the Museum  and finds out that the  coins were fake.

Mcgarrett and Williams meet with Billings and accuse him of a scam, planting the fake  coins. he says he has sated a few shipwrecks but he says he didnt know that Blake knew it.

The tech gets back to Chin Ho about the bills. He traced the IP address of the missing login on Chin Ho’s account. Kono used the password to access HD files.

The Hawaiian overprint node was used t change Hawaiian currency. Blake was diving another wreck. This would be a ship from World War 2. Weston suggests that Spencer’s credit card was used to rent a boat. McGarrett says the boat is now a crime scene but the tracker has been disabled. The transponder isn’t working.

Steve gets the coordinates and a description of the boat and the Coast Guard finds it immobile. calls Commander White to help dive the boat.

Kono says that he wanted to see her case file. The Captain drives up at exactly that moment. Ray  comes to the house and Kono says she does not want him to leave, stunning Chin Ho. Inside Frank (Billy Baldwin) says she used his password to get her the HPD files. He says that was either really resourceful or really stupid. She says he got what he wanted and Chin ho wont be a problem.

At the diving boat Steve asks if he heard anything back from the D.O.D. and voice suspicions that something is wrong. He says Steve will need all his concentration for the deep water dive. They go to look for what Blake found. They dive in the water below and find the wreck Spencer found. Steve sees a skull. They find a military ambulance.

Max reports a skeleton from the car about fifty years old. The corpse is about six feet tall with broken bones. Th team lays out the evidence from the wreck scene underwater where the old body was found. Max and White visit the JPAC death evidence locker from all underwater deaths.

Steve finds that a navy transport vessel was sunk with a 1939 Army ambulance. Spencer salvaged the car. The body for burial was a Captain Robert S. Murphy. This is the man from the picture at Spencer’s mother bedside in the nursing home. This was her father and his body was missing forever. McGarrett impresses the ailing woman with her Naval background. McGarrett stops Weston from telling the woman about the son Blake being dead.

White identifies the body from JPAC and says Private Miles Brodick with 27th Infantry out of Scofield. His file has been classified for about 70 years. he was down on discharged in 1941 for petty theft. He worked at Kailani cemetery. He was there when the $2 million was siphoned off.

Shave-ice serves up shrimp on his truck as well as the shrimp flavored ice cream. Chin Ho drives up and the malfunctioning dive computer and two boats at Blake’s dive sites the night that he was killed. Remo Julian tracked him to his dive site and killed him for the loot in the discovery. They find fresh blood and the body of Remo Julian.

Cause of death was blunt force trauma with an indentation on the victim’s skull. The killer ears a very unique. Weston identifies it is the crest of the HMS Pegasus. Jimmy Cole, the diver Weston met at the bar, is responsible.

Remo and Cole didn’t like the story about the grandfather and wanted the money. But Williams tells Cole the story was genuine and he was only trying to set his grandfather to rest. Weston and Steve discuss alerting the woman Sylvia about the events. Weston says she will be the one to tell her. Then Weston sees Katherine in Steve’s office.

McGarrett sees his formally dressed girlfriend Katherine and fins out she got notification of leaving TAD for NavSat. This is a permanent posting elsewhere. Although they take a raincheck on their date, she has bad news. The D.O.D. has not received any request from Commander White. She says she is sorry and has to go pack.

Detective Williams calls his daughter and says goodnight. He says the mother would kill him if she knew he was keeping Grace up that late. He then gets out of his car and asks the museum lady if she wants to have a cup of coffee with him. This is his first date since Rachel and she says yes.

Chin Ho gets to Kono’s house. She is annoyed but he says he is there to apologize. He says everything she is going through right then he has gone through. the disappointment, frustration and anger. When she wants to talk he’ll listen. Kono watches him go.

At the Army service for honorable burial of the long dead Army captain, the body is loaded onto a Naval craft. Commander White and McGarrett stand in uniform and salute. Steve accuses White of lying about the video being submitted and says it was about his father, to stop protecting him, he has a right to know.

White says Steve is not the only one he is protecting and if Steve knows the real price he might pay for the truth coming out. Steve says he wants to know no matter what.

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