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Weeds- Do Her/Don't Do Her- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 11th October 2011

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Jill arrives to astonish Nancy. Her sister says she will take away the baby and sends copies of the drug customer database files to herself. As they leave to get the weed Halia comes in with a black armed man to stick up Nancy for the MILF weed. Jill likes the little green boxes. Nancy arranges to get the weed to the hospital because she thought Dmetri already did.

Silas has serious second thoughts about involving Jill while with Andy. Doug attends Wilson’s funeral with a blue man group silent mime and a transvestite giving the elegy. Silas says she sent armed hit men to jack the weed supply. But Silas knows he drove her to it.

The Pouncy House scheme is up. The Police Detective threatens Shane. He says using his sonw as a master stroke. Detective says Botwin is dead to rights. But Shane says he can give him something he needs.

Halia blames Nancy for Silas taking the drugs. She tells Halia that Silas is different and Halia says Silas needs to leave the city. Jill threatens to furnish the drug dealing proof to get full custody of Stevie. Nancy says cowards have a funny way of getting awarded custody. Nancy calls her sister mustache and Jill calls her sister Bug eyes.

Foster Klein has been seen in Bali talking about selling out. They need to reach out to investors and a selloff. Jolene gets distracted by Doug. The press get an interview with the hedge fund convincing them everything was copacetic. The FDC doesn’t want to suck Journal parts or continue brown nosing.

Jolene learns she was used by Doug. Jolene says someone in this from will admit the certain improprieties and take the fall. Jolene says it will have to be one of them and lets the message fly.

Nancy Botwin goes to Dmitri’s apartment. the rest of the guys from the crew are there. Dmitri has been busted for stealing. They play juvenile mind games debating which one they might sleep with (Do her/Don’t Do Her). then realize Nancy is Dmitri’s partner.

Nancy waits then realizes it’s not 5 minutes to wait but 5 to 10 years. Dmitri is in jail. This is because Dmitri had videos of them screwing. Nancy is angry and must unveil to prove he is the other party and leaves with a Teddy bear full of weed that reeks of Drakkar Noir. On the subway Jill cites some of Nancy’s colors of the rainbow sexual choices to the interest of the multiracial crowd.

Andy sees his dream girl miming at the funeral. She is pregnant with his baby. He hears she is having a baby and a new family from her therapist. The mood for Charles is somber and the funeral well-attended and tastefully done. Andy says Charles was a visionary. He says their family is breaking apart.

Her sister says Stevie is better off with her sister. She says that Stevie is better off. Nancy and Jill debate which life is better for Stevie.

Jill and Nancy arrive home. Jill is adamant. Nancy can’t get the kid back. Andy pulls Jill aside. Silas apologizes to Nancy and says she is angry. Then Nancy says she knows the feeling. They kiss and make up and Nancy asks Silas is he is happy here in the city. Doug asks Jill what she wants.

In Connecticut two months later Nancy shows Silas the beautiful white Colonial house. She says he is an adult she wants to have his own life and the house is here for him. Shane drives up as an enrollee in the Police Academy his compromise with the detective.

Nancy toasts to the spirit of compromise and both Nancy and Jill are called mom by Stevie. Doug has channeled the Wilson inheritance for a joint family home where they can all live together. The entire family breaks bread and laughs. As Nancy enjoys the toast at the head of the table the family laughs.

A gun barrel in the corner takes aim on all of them and shoots.

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